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blow job phone sexDaddy has been going out to the bar lately to hang out with a friend of his. One of his friends is a porn producer Daddy says. He also said that he has his own T-girl too, his daughter. Dad told his friend that we could have a play date and become the best of friends. His friend suggested that we make it into even more fun and make out very owndaddys girl phone sex creature feature. I was okay with that if it would make my Daddy happy. I would love to play with another T-girls pretty cock. Dad invited them over and made me get all prepped for my night of fun, I was anxious. When they came in I noticed how beautiful she was right off the bat. Her blonde hair was long and tits were big and perky. My little cock began to throb slightly as she walked over to me. She grabbed me by the back of my head and shoved her tongue into my mouth dancing it with mine. She certainly was not shy; she lifted my shirt up over my head and began to play with my tiny perky nipples. I let a moan escape from my lips as she led me to the bedroom which had already been prepped for filming. Her father carried a video camera behind us. Daddy and he stood off to the side as she began to use me in ways she felt fit. She pushed my head to her tits having me suckle on them, she moaned and that made me even harder for her.

She moved me to my knees spreading my ass checks apart. She began to lick my rosebud, and then penetrated my ass hole with her tongue. Her saliva began to drip down my balls and I moaned out so loud. I reached under and rim job phone sextook her cock into my mouth. I sucked her for a little bit before she began to pound me in my tight ass. Her cock felt so strange since it was not my daddy’s but I liked it. I loved the way her nuts felt as she rammed into me doggy style. When she was ready to bust her load she came all over my tummy so that it would be a good shot for the camera crew. When they left Daddy told them they could come over anytime and she kissed me on the cheek. I hoped that we were going to hang out more. When we shut the door Dad slammed me to my knees and pulled his big throbbing cock from his pants. He told me that I was a good ol’ T-girl and that I would be making him a lot of money. It made me happy to please him and happier that I was going to be taking his full load inside my mouth. I never got enough of my Daddy’s cock. He fucked me until he came and then I sat on his lap while he jerked his little creature.

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