Breeding Phone SexMy niece Clara has been wanting a wee one for a long time. Her mother is dead set against this idea as she feels Clara is too young to start thinking of such things. I don’t think she is too young at all. My brother’s wife is a big prude! I set up a special night for Clara with a sexy guy named Stuart. I had put a “please help me breeding my niece” ad on the internet. Within hours I got a lot of responses. I knew I would she is a hot little thing and who wouldn’t want the chance to get between those sexy legs. The ad specified that they could try any hole they wish but they needed to finish in her pussy for breeding. I picked Stuart out of all the guys because he was the cutest and I knew Clara would enjoy him. Clara was already at my house when Stuart showed up. She immediately was attracted to him and knew he would be the perfect match to make her a little brat of her own. After a few drinks, a bud of weed, and a line or two of coke Clara took Stuart back into my bedroom and spent all night with him. It does not matter what Clara’s mother thinks once things are said and done there is nothing can she really do about it.

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