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Love Licking And Fucking Your Dirty Pink Hole

Rim Jobs Phone SexI love cock but there is something I have a kink for and that is licking and tongue fucking that dirty pink hole. I love getting a guy over and sitting him on the couch and  bending over showing my cute bubble ass. I love wearing no panties and having you rub on my soft, smooth skin. I love then getting on my knees and putting my head in your lap and rubbing around fast while running my hands up your shirt and running my nails down your chest. I get up and take my top off and have you play with nipples and make them erect. I take your cock out and start stroking making it hard, pull your pants off and spreading your legs and move my fingers from your ball sack to your ass with the hand that isn’t stroking. I scoot you down and spread your legs real wide and I think it will work better with you on your knees. So, I get behind you and open your asscheeks and spit on your asshole, licking gently at first and stroke your dick. You take over the dick jacking and I rub my tongue faster along the rim and then dart just the tip in while making my tongue as rigid as I can. I grab your hips and start tongue fucking your ass deeper and harder. You ride back on my tongue like a hard dick and I feel your balls so tight and I make my tongue go to the tip of your dirty pink hole and thrust in deep. I come up and kiss you making you taste your own ass of my lips and I feel your jizz shoot up at my tits.

I Want To Slob On A Knob With You

Bisexual Phone SexI am a cock hungry whore, I love all kinds of cock. I love my bisexual men, I love seeing who can take the dick better and longer. I love when we are both on our knees and when we are slobbering all over a fat dick. I like to have that thick spit all over while sucking on the head. I want both us to have the back of hair pulled and treated like total cum dolls. I bet I can suck cock better than all my bisexual men. I have been doing it for what seems like forever. I love massaging balls while I am making swirls around the head and then going all the way down and gagging. I know men love it when I make that choking sound like I am about to throw up. So where are my bisexual men that want to suck cock with me? I want us to lick a load off of each others faces.

I Want To Be Your Slave In Training

Slave Training Phone Sex

I have said this before but it needs to be kept between you and I. I have this obsession with being dominated and I of course need extensive training. I am so new to the lifestyle or am trying to be. I know a lot of doms don’t have the patience to train a little bitch like me. I need it, I sit in my room and fantasize what it’s all about. I want to be chained up in the bathroom like a dos and made to clean the toilet with my tongue. I also imagine while being handcuffed different guys throughout the day will come and use my holes at their pleasure and I would need to be ball gagged. I know my tiny, tight pussy would be so raw at the end of the day. I would be trying to fight it and of course instead of ball gagging me seeing how many cocks you can put in my mouth, even making me puke and then eat it up while I am being fucked. I know you would put my pussy on display and whore me out. I need someone to take me, anyone out there willing? I have no limits and I would need you to tell me my punishments if I were to get out of line.

I Want That Black Cock

Black Cock Phone SexI have always been a little cock hungry slut, but right now I am craving that big black cock. I want it so bad, I think I found my friend who is going to satisfy me. I can’t handle a little pin prick dick right now, I want my pussy hole gaping open from this dick. I will do just about anything for some BBC right now. My friend is coming over and I am so wet already just thinking about it, I greet him at the door in nothing but my high heels. I pull him in and start kissing him the real wet sloppy kind of kisses. I couldn’t wait, I undid his buckle and he was like woah, woah. I groaned and begged please, I got on my knees and pulled it out. I grabbed it and was stroking a little and I spit down on it. I was so happy to have this chocolate love stick in my warm, wet mouth. I love going up and down and coming up making swirls around the head of it with my juicy tongue. I felt like I slobbered on it enough I wanted to fuck and feel my hole stretch open. I brought him to the couch but we fell on the floor and I got on top and started rubbing it on my pussy that was wet like a water bottle. I put it in and I was sliding up and down, reaching back playing with his balls and then going all the way down just bucking my hips back and forth really fast. He was moaning and I could tell he was going to come. He did right inside me and I came on his dick, the thing about black cock is you can see a girl come on it.

Let Me Be Your Playboy Bunny

Fantasy Phone SexI love being your ultimate fantasy, I love playing a role that gets a man off and going places not even your wife would go. I have a cute little homemade playboy bunny outfit that I would love to wear for someone and tease the fuck out them. I have my bunny ears, black satin panties that go up my ass crack, and a matching bra. I love when my favorite man comes over and I answer the door like this and he immediately has to adjust his pants. Lol so funny this is easy, we go into my place and I ask if he will get me a bottle of water and he comes to find me bent over showing off my ass and I tell him I am an extra from the mansion and today is his lucky day with one hot little bitch. He came up behind me and started smelling my panties, moving up my ass crack spreading open my cheeks. He pulled out his dick while smacking and pulling on my ass. He wanted me to pinch my nipples, I did and then I rubbed my pussy back to my ass over the satin panties. He was stroking it right up against my panties and he came. The white thick load was dripping down to my cunt and down my leg.

You Work All Day So I don’t Have To

FInancial Domination Phone Sex

Hey weakling reading this, I know I have a secret obsession with being controlled but, I also have a thing for draining you of all your money. You work all day so I can reap the benefits of that. Money and dick are two things that make my pussy so wet. It cost money to look as good as I do and I shouldn’t have to lift a pretty finger to pay for one thing. I love parading around, teasing the fuck out of you in my sexy panties and bras. I even love sitting across the room from you and showing you that I don’t have any panties on. I can see your pathetic ass getting your pin prick hard if you can call it that. I mean your oversized, the only way you can satisfy me or any woman is with those 16 digits. I also love gift cards and I won’t settle for less. I don’t want a sugar daddy because there is responsibility of obliging to companionship and or sex. I just like fingering my cunt to your money and all the things I am going to do with it. So paypig get to do what you should and what you are in existence for. I might let you cum if you are obedient enough then again I might make you suffer as you punch into my paypal and give it all to me while I have my cute, wet pussy right in your face just away enough where you can just barely touch the tip of your tongue to it. I will make you watch me fuck alpha men who have are real men and have a nice, big fat dick. You should feel lucky that someone at my stature of beauty would even let you glance my way.

Cyber Fucking

Cyber Sex Phone Sex

I love surfing the web when I know I am not going to ge laid. I went to the local sex store and had sent the control to my vibe to this guy I have been talking to off and on. Tonight is one of those nights that I know I will be alone. I go over dressed in my skirt and bra to my laptop and I open the chat we use and we don’t turn our video on but we do turn the mic on. I think it makes it more fun like this. I can hear his lube bottle open up and I insert the toy into my bald pussy. He started typing how if he was here with me he would make me sit on his lap and out the toy up my dirty pink hole and make me grind while he starts on a low vibration. So he started vibrating my toy and I was moaning. He turned it up higher and higher and told me I am not to come until he says so. I was describing to him that i would grind hard on his cock and he was cranking it up as much as he could, I was slapping the table trying not to orgasm. I could hear him stroking it hard and I heard him jizz and he was laughing and he turned my off and said maybe next time I will be better and he turned it back on and was teasing me and right as I was about to orgasm he turned it off. I closed my laptop and wanted to get off so bad I had to fuck myself with my fingers.

I love When Men Cheat With Me

Cheating Phone Sex

I love when men cheat on their wife with me. A lot of men are not ashamed to admit they aren’t exactly getting what they want from home. I think your wife should be for making dinners and cleaning the house and a hot teen slut to give you the pleasure you desire. Just because someone is young doesn’t mean they are naive to what goes on in the bedroom. I have a couple married guys I fuck, I love coming over while their wife is out shopping or doing whatever it is she does. He has a nice big California king bed that has a canopy, with red satin sheets. I know when he calls me over I come to the door in my black open toed high heels with a trench coat and under that trench coat is sometimes nothing and sometimes a hot matching bra and panty set.

I went up to his door to his mini mansion and he was waiting for me, I walked right up the stairs and he told me we had a couple hours. I was wearing blood red lipstick on my lips, he pulled me close trying to kiss my neck and I resisted and he pulled me tight and turned my neck and starting kissing while taking off my coat. He felt down my back to smack my bare ass and he couldn’t take it anymore. His fat dick was so hard and he tossed me on the bed on those satin sheets and started rubbing my wet pussy while we kissed and he spread me legs wide and went down kissing and pulling on my lips.

He laid on his back and wanted me to get on top of him and he loves feeding his cock into my hungry puss. He always tells me I am so much tighter than his wife. I start bouncing up and down while holding my heels and and then I go all the way down and rock my hips back and forth. Both of us moaning and breathing harder, I went back to going up and down but when I went up I squeezed my pussy on his fat mushroom head and then slammed down. He brought my hips down all the way and started thrusting, he was coming deep and I felt it squirt up inside of me and it was so warm.

I Love Volunteering

Fantasy Phone Sex

I volunteer twice a week at a local hospital, I do genuinely like helping people. All kinds of people come through and I love my outfit to stick out that I am not a patient there. It is striped and I am allowed to wear cute hosiery under the dress of it. I always wear high heels, I am a very dainty female. It was a weekend and they were getting pretty busy so I was the one helping the subject in their room. I would walk by the rooms and see if anyone needed anything. I noticed there was this one good-looking gentleman. I knocked on the door to announce my presence and he let me come in. He was very charming and the attraction was very magnetic.

I could feel myself being pulled in, I asked him if he needs anything and I could hardly hear him so I walked closer. He reached his hand up and felt my bosom and I was quite perplexed by this. I walked out and went into the restroom, splashed some water on my face and couldn’t believe what had just happened. I was starting feel a sexual urge, it felt so good with his hand on my chest and how masculine he is. I went back to his room and I closed the door behind me. Again I was completely hypnotized  by this man, whoever he was. I walked up to him and started unbuttoning my dress and pulled it down exposing my bra and panties. He pulled me in and pulled down the bra and starting kissing my breasts and up to my collar bone, that felt so incredible. I had to have more, I got on top of him and I pulled my bra down so he could suck on my nipples as he was doing that I reached down and played with his schlong and it was thick.

He pulled covers down, I got on top by his face and had him lick my pussy and I could feel his tongue darting out. I leaned forward and starting sucking on his manhood, it was pulsating. I couldn’t take this I had to be fucked by this magical human, it was so wrong but there was no self control here at all. I got on top of his dick and starting rubbing it in a very suggestive manner against my oh lord I came so hard without even putting him inside. That wasn’t fair to him so I inserted him right in, he slid in easy and he grabbed my hips. Thrusting up with me slamming down he came soon after. I got up, got dressed and walked out as if nothing had just happened. I need to volunteer more at this hospital.

Biggest Cum Shot

Biggest Cum Shot

I am for sure what you would call a big slut, I love cocks of all sizes. I can’t get enough I suppose you could say I am a nympho. When I’m not sucking cock or fucking I am fucking my own tight pussy. I have quite a few fuck buddies that I have and of course they don’t have any idea about each other ha. I love it, it is a thrill but, it isn’t like I am with anyone. I would still do what I want even if I was. I called my favorite buddy over, he is so handsome, tall chocolate lover with gorgeous eyes. He came over without hesitation when his wife was out getting pampered. He walked right in and I said come to my bedroom he found me naked in just my red heels with blood red lipstick. He came over to me and took his big black cock out, I moaned and squeezed my thighs together. He put it in my mouth and while I was sucking, he had spread my thighs open and start fingering my cunt real rapid. As soon as I was wet enough he got between my legs and fucked me soft and deep and then a little faster. His balls were getting tight and I could tell he was going to nut. He put me on my knees as he was pulling out he started coming and instead of my face it went all over my breasts. It was so much almost like a fountain, I thought he was never going to stop.

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