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Good Little Subby Slut

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Master knows all of the best ways to punish his little pain slut! Yesterday, master caught me flirting with an other dom online. He was soooooo angry. He said he didn’t want me to be pretty anymore, and took the whip to my face. He whipped all over my body until I was left a crying, shaking, mess on the ground. I liked it at first, but I knew it was a punishment. I wasn’t supposed to like it, so he beat me to the point where I couldn’t like it. Once he got to 1,000 lashes he took a break long enough for me to get a drink, and stop sobbing. After I calmed down, master bent me over and forced his cock into my ass without lube. I could feel my ass ripping. I screamed and cried, but I knew that I deserved this. He pounded my ass so hard I could feel the blood. That just made him more pleased, and made him go harder. He came in my ass, and decide that he still wasn’t done punishing me. He forced me onto my knees. He yanked my hair and jaw, so that my mouth would be wide open for him. He shoved his blood and cum covered cock deep into my throat. I gagged and gagged, but that just encouraged him. He pushed as deep as he could go. He pulled my hair and forced me to suck all of the blood and cum off of his cock. He jizzed down my throat and all in my mouth. He knows that I love swallowing his warm creamy cum, so he made me spit it out. I was so sad then he made me clean the whole house on my hands ant knees. I will never cheat on my master again I will be a good little subby whore.

Spanking Machine

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I can not orgasm without at least being spanked, but that really isn’t an issue with master around. Unfortunately, master had to go to work, but he got me so wet before he left. I had to do something to relieve some of the built up tension in my stomach. It had been a long time since I had to masturbate, but I would never be stupid enough to cheat on master. I have an entire room full of toys, and in the center sits my favorite toy, the spanking machine. The only thing that can spank me harder than master. I blast music from the stereo so that the neighbors won’t hear my moans and screams. I grabbed my big black dildo and got on the bench in front of my spanking machine I turned the machine on and started working the huge plastic cock into my pussy, that master already got dripping wet for me. The spanking machine hitting so hard my body lurched back and forth. I didn’t even have to move the dildo in and out, the machine did all the work. Right when I was about to indulge in the feeling and orgasm, master walked in. The garage must have been slow because he came home early. He looked pissed, and he broke my spanking machine. He screamed at me that only he gets to pleasure me, and only he gets to punish me. He is in complete and total control of every aspect of my life. He was very clear that I don’t do anything without his approval, and I never asked him if I was allowed to masturbate. He was furious, and he ripped the dildo out of my pussy. He used the dildo to beat my already sore ass with. He came all over me, and threw me in the shower. Little does he know I love when he punishes me, and it was enough to make me orgasm.

Master’s Little Bitch

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I love when master strangles me while pounding my pussy! Me and master went to a fetish club together, but he made sure to keep a leash and collar on me so I wouldn’t stay from his side. It wasn’t long until I noticed an older uglier subby slut staring at my master. One thing you should know about me is I don’t take shit from anyone but my master. He had a tight grip on my leash, so I couldn’t attack right away. But she made the mistake of coming closer, there was nothing he could do to save her. I jumped on her, and began beating the shit out of her. He tried using the leash to pull me away, but it was too late I was in attack mode. When he finally managed to pull me off of her using the leash, she was nothing but blood and bruises. I couldn’t quite figure out how master felt. On one hand I wasn’t supposed to attack her, but on the other hand I know my master loves a girl fight. He walked me home on my leash in silence. Once we got to his house, he told me to take everything off but my leash. I did as I was told, and he told me to get on all fours. He explained to me I was being punished for not stopping when he told me to, but I was also being rewarded for entertaining my master. He got behind me and slipped his cock into my pussy, and I knew this was the reward because it is my favorite position. I love being fucked doggy style because I am his little bitch. He began pounding me the way I like it, but then he grabbed the leash. He pulled impossibly tight, and I couldn’t get oxygen into my lungs. He choked me until I passed out, but I deserved it. My master is so fair to me he knows the best ways to reward me, but he also knows the best ways to punish me.

Bondage Nights with Master

Master beats me so hard while pounding all of my tight little fuck holes! I am his dirty little submissive whore that needs to be punished. Instead of date night me and master have bondage night, and we see what household items he can tie me up and abuse me with. My favorite so far has been the lamp, intriguing I know. He ripped the cord out of the wall, and tied my hands behind my back using the cord. Then taking the metal lamp in his hands like a baseball bat he struck my ass with it. My whole body shivered in a sensation that’s a cross between pain and pleasure, and it is a feeling so good that words can’t describe. When the lamp makes contact with my ass the light bulb shatters. Master pulls me in his strong tattooed arms, and puts little cuts all over my chest using a shard from the light bulb. I love this, I would bleed for him, hell, I would even die for my master. His big strong arms turn me to face him, and he pulls my body tight against him. He takes my face in his hands, and tells me that I am his forever, no one else can have me. He kisses me passionately, and takes my lip between his teeth. He bites down hard until we can both taste my blood. He tells me he loves the taste of my blood, and he uses his rough sand papery tongue to lick all of the blood off my breasts. I love my master, and he is the only man that knows how to beat me right. Our bondage nights are my favorite things in the whole world. I would do anything my master wants me to do, and I am his property for the rest of my life.

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He Doesn’t Call Me Trouble For No Reason

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I love being masters little pain slut! Me and my strange love have taken our relationship to the next level, I get to call him master now. I have gotten to the point where I will purposely piss master off just because I know he will punish me. The other day master wanted to introduce me to his family, but I have already known his dad for years. His dad, Gary, has been my mechanic for years because he will fix my car for free if I wear a short enough skirt. Anyways, his family was having an end of summer get together, and master thought it would be the perfect time to introduce me to his family. He introduced me as trouble, which everyone agreed was an adorable nickname. Everyone was so nice to me, but his one cousin was extra nice to me. I could tell master noticed his cousin flirting with me, and I knew this was the perfect opportunity to get punished. So, I twirled my hair and giggled at everything. I made physical contact with his cousin as much as I could because I knew master was watching, and I knew he was going to be pissed. I was right, and it didn’t take long for master to grab me tightly by my wrist. He dragged me out back and behind a bush. He instructed me to take my dress off, and pinch one nipple as hard as I could. Using my other hand I was to put as many fingers as I could into my pussy. I waited for him to touch me, spank me, whip me, pull my hair, something, but instead he laughed and said he could tell I was trying to get punished. He told me the best way to punish me was not too. My master is to smart for his own good. He was right so I got dressed and went back in. I was a good girl for the rest of the party, and when we got home master rewarded me. He tied my hands to the ceiling and whipped my ass bloody. It was the best reward I could imagine.

Phone Sex Date Night

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I don’t really go on dates because I would rather be beaten and fucked hard in private. My strange love is so different from what I am used to though. I am used to being used, it kind of comes with the title submissive, but he seems like he wants to beat me and fuck me forever. Since we met I cannot get rid of him, not that I am complaining. He is super fucking hot and he knows how to beat me right. Last night he called me, and told me to put on a cute sun dress because he was picking me up for a date. Him telling me instead of asking was such a turn on! He picked me up in his mustang and drove so fast that my adrenaline was through the roof. We pulled up out front of an art gallery, and I asked how he knew I was an artist. He told me he stalked my social media, and to me that showed me he cared. I was so turned on by how perfect he was. He told me not to forget my purse, and for a second I was confused, I didn’t bring a purse. When I looked in the back there was a huge black purse, so I grabbed it. He told me not to look in it, and I followed instructions. We went in and looked at the art for a while, but I could tell he was bored. He pulled me into a room filled with beautiful windows with gray skies painted on them. He instructed me to hand him the purse and strip. I did as I was told, and he came up behind me and handcuffed my hands behind my back, the metal biting into my flesh. He told me to bend over and pulled out a long leather whip. He brought the whip down on my ass and back at least 50 times. Then he slid his cock into my soaked pussy, and continued whipping my back as he drilled into my cunny. We both came when we were caught by security, and we had to run out naked with me still hand cuffed. Best date ever!

Phone Sex Strange Love

phone sexI am a very bad, disobedient whore, who needs to be punished, he doesn’t call me trouble for nothing. Kobain was such a blast I had to give him my number, and I definitely cannot get enough of him. Last night he drunkenly messaged me his address and asked me to come over. I told him I was busy with a hot blonde, playing hard to get has never failed me before. He then proceeded to call me. He growled in my ear that if I disobeyed him I would be punished for it. I loved the sound of that, so I hung up. It was about 20 minutes until he pulled up out front of my house. I love a man who means what he says. He bangs on my door, and I answer it already in my lingerie. My door leads right into my kitchen, so I sit on the counter. He stalks over to the counter like a predator stalking his prey. His eyes never falling from mine, he grips my hips so mean. There was definitely going to be fingertip sized bruises there. He pulls me off the counter, and forces me to bend over the counter. He wonders over to the wall where he finds my phone charger, and he rips it out of the wall. He bends the chord in half, and brings it down on the counter next to my head. I feel the wind hit my face as the charge slices through the air like a whip. Next he brings the charger down hard on my soft ass. My toes curl and I can’t help but moan I love this shit. After he feels he has had enough using it as a whip he uses the chord to tie my hands behind my back. He makes sure the chord is as tight as possible, and I bite my lip to try to contain how excited I am. He pushes my thong to the side and rails his hard cock into my dripping wet pussy. He grips my hips so tight his knuckles are white as he pulls my seemingly tiny body hard against his. We climax together, and he kisses his knuckles and then brushes them against my cheek. No one can punish and please my like my strange love.

Adult Phone Chat With Trouble

adult phone chat

Ugggggg! I hate car problems…. But I love mechanics. Before I take my car to the garage I put on my super small school uniform from 2 years ago. I look super-hot in it, very hit me baby one more time Brittney Spears. I pull into the garage, and cue the damsel in distress act. My normal mechanic, Gary, isn’t there today, but his super-hot super bad tatted up son is. When my eyes locked on his I was instantly attracted, if I was a popsicle I would have melted. He was the very definition of tall dark and handsome. His name is Kobain, seriously how hot is that!?! He came over to me, and towered over me. “What seems to be the problem?” I frantically reply, “I don’t know my car keeps making this ticking noise.” He says “you can stop the dramatics I can tell you’re faking it…. I think I’m going to call you trouble.” A little shocked, but a lot of flirty I reply “me trouble look at you. You could ruin a girls panties just by looking at her.” With his eyebrow raised he tells me, ” oh really, lets test that theory.” He reaches his hand up my skirt and smirks. He simply says, “can’t really tell when you don’t have panties on, huh?” I smoothly say, “guess not.” He gripped my hips tight and slammed his body against mine. He whispers, “I should warn you I’m a bit rough.” He really is the perfect man. He picks me up and sets me on the hood of my car, and walks away. He comes back with a tool box. I get really disappointed and hop off the car. I go to walk away, but he grabs me by the wrist and pulls me back. He bends me over the hood of my car and lifts my skirt. He slams a huge cold wrench down on my bare ass. Once my whole ass is bruised, and I’ve already cum from the beating, He finally sticks his huge hard cock in my dripping wet cunt. He groans, “oh my god, trouble,” as he shoots his warm cum all over my ass.

Beat Me Right

rough sex phone sexSometimes men are boring. No man knows how to beat me right, they are always scared they will hurt my fragile little body…… boring! A woman on the other hand definitely knows how to handle me. I am not made of glass I swear you will not break me, and other women just get that. The only issue is you have to work harder for women. To get a good woman you have to dress up and curl your hair and do your makeup. So, I spent hours getting ready then I was off to the bar. When I walked in there was a tall blonde eyeing my up. I pretended to be shy, and she came over and bought me a drink. I pretended it got me drunk. We made out in the corner we eventually made our way to her apartment where she hoisted me into a contraption that hangs from the ceiling. She secured my wrists and ankles so I was lying face down suspended in the air. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion I just wanted her so bad. She took a big black case out from under her bed that said punishment box. I loved the sound of that. She started with the whip lightly on my ass, and then really cracking down on my perfect ass. She pulled out a huge black dildo, bigger than any dick I have ever seen, and she shoved it in my ass hard. While riding my ass she gripped my hair so tight I was actually scared it would come out. It was incredible, and we both climaxed at the same time. I wish I would have got her name and number.

Pain Slut Phone Sex

pain slut phone sex

As you all know I am a daddy’s girl. Well, I also can’t help but misbehave sometimes. The other day I went over a friend’s house, and I got caught fucking her brother in her parents bed. He was no good in bed, but he’s my age so I wasn’t expecting him to be. I did it and got caught on purpose because I knew daddy would be sure to punish me! My friend’s parents freaked out and sent me home, but they also called daddy to let him know what an awfully bad girl his princess had been. When I got home daddy had the punishment room already set up. He grabbed me by my hair and forced me on my knees. Next he had me put my hands out, and he began cracking a whip down on them hard enough to leave a mark. Then he pushed my head down forcing me to bend over. He brought the whip down on my soft tight ass causing me to cry and moan at the same time. Daddy then proceeded to slam his rock hard cock into my dripping wet vagina. Gripping my hips and ramming his dick into my pussy he growled into my ear that I am his dirty little whore. He told me I am his property, and I better not pull a stunt like that again. When he shot that warm gooey daddy cum into me, he kissed my shoulder, and told me he only punishes me so that I will learn. I love my daddy, and I love it even more when my daddy punishes me!

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