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Come Spoil Yourself When The Wife’s Away

Creampie Phone Sex

You know what I think is a really amazing idea? YOU getting some time with the slut of your wet dreams on the line while your girlfriend or wife goes for those sales Tuesday. So you will be sitting there all alone and more than likely horny, I mean you sit and take care of everyone else. So who is there to take care of you? Me and many other sluts that will be available to talk with and have the best orgasm of your life. There will be so many to choose from all day long, don’t wait around make that call. We even have specials, I know there is something for everyone. What the wife won’t know won’t hurt. You probably didn’t get your happy ending, so take advantage Tuesday when you will have  that time to yourself to indulge. We will look forward to hearing from you.Cheap Phone Sex

Hot Phonesex October

Hot Phonesex

Today is one of those days where I woke up and I knew I had to be dominated. I don’t have a dom in my life, but, I crave and obsess over what it would be like to have one. I am defiant and I would need a lot and I do mean a lot of discipline. I am lying here on my bed wishing my hands were tied up to the bed and a powerful man with a nice juicy dick was standing over me. Holding my face straight, spitting into my mouth like the pig I am and then just taking this pussy. Even my ass, that is what I want someone to treat me like nasty pig and use and abuse my holes but can have some patients for my bratty ways. I guess I will have to lie here and keep fantasizing about it. Maybe I will get lucky, I mean wouldn’t you want to have me as your dirty secret fuck pig?

Creampie Phone Sex October

Creampie Phone Sex

I had an appointment with this photographer that I go see, because I would like to get into erotic modeling. He suggests to start out amateur. I went to his house, which I had never met him at by the way it was always his studio. I couldn’t believe my eyes, this house was huge. I want to have a house like that someday.

I met him at the front door and he asked me to come in, I was wearing my favorite black heels and my pink sheer panties, with my black dress that is sleeveless. I walked around for a few, he said his wife was out of town, I found it kind of odd that he invited me to his house instead of the studio but I wasn’t going to question anything. This man could help me get my career started with modeling. I saw he had a pool and I looked around, I didn’t see any body so I walked in and took my heels, panties and dress off and jumped in the pool.

It was kind of chilly but it felt good soon after, I got so caught up in the moment that I didn’t head anyone. When I put my head up he was in the water with me and I was like uh, he said “October it is okay, enjoy yourself”. He came closer and pulled my hair to the side and said “you are so beautiful”. He kissed me and started feeling my breasts. Inside I was thinking yes finally, but, I pushed him away and said you are married.

I got out of the pool and went into the little shower room they have in the area and got in and turned on the nice, hot water. I felt some hands running up my back to my shoulders round to the front and he turned me around and kissed me. He is so handsome and I didn’t want to disappoint him so I kissed back and he put up against the wall and was caressing my breast and flicking my nipple. It felt so good, I let out a moan in his mouth and he started kissing down neck and down my shoulders.

He made it down to my stomach and starting kissing down my belly and made it to my hotbox. His warm tongue felt so good. I started moaning and moving my hips. He came back up and put me on the edge of the stool they have in there and opened my legs and starting rubbing his hard prick up and down my pussy. I was so wet, he entered me and I almost came his prick was so thick and throbbing.

He was thrusting in and out of me and I was moving hips up to meet his thrusts. We were kissing with passion and it felt amazing. We then got out of the shower and he had told me he has been wanting to do that for a long, long time. I said maybe we should meet at your studio from now on. So I go see him next week, I am excited to get this portfolio out.

I Was Out Of Control With That BBC

Biggest Cum Shot

I did it again, I have found the juicist BBC ever. A friend of mine knows this young man and introduced us, of course me by nature is this nympho who can’t get enough cock. I didn’t know what to think until he came over to where I was sitting and and pulled out that delicious chocolate treat. He grabbed the back of my head and put my lips and mouth on it. Let me tell you, I am out of control and acting like a nasty slut. I sucked on his knob like there was no tomorrow, I can take it all the way down without gagging and it was getting so juicy. I was playing with his balls and they were bouncing off my chin. I could tell he was going to cum and I was thinking yes give me that fat load. He started coming and it shot out of my mouth all over my face and was dripping down my chin. I need control in my life, can anyone help me?

Teen Phone Sex With October

Teen Phone Sex

I am one of the nastiest teen sluts you will ever come across. The only problem is I have a secret, I obsess with the idea of being dominated by a strong alpha male. I am defiant, so I am that little bitch that you would need to tie down and hold my face. Just thinking about that makes my kitty moist. You know you want to be that one to tame so me and make me your subby slut.I have a sweet, silky pussy, I want you to come taste give me that pleasure with that wicked pain. Pin me down and shove things up both my holes while making me choke on a BBC. I have to lay here and can’t get enough I am addicted to making myself get off while thinking about choking on a juicy, fat cock. Can you be that man to make choke? Make me submit myself completely. I wonder if there are any men like that out there. Until then I will sit here and fantasize.

I Was Bad Again

Fetish Phonesex

I have been bad again, this time real bad. I can’t believe how out of control I really can get. I am a slut and I secretly desire to be completely controlled by a strong man with nice, fat dick. The thought of it makes me moist. I can be a bratty girl, but in my room when I am alone I can’t get my mind off of how much I need to be bent over with bare ass showing and spanked.

Is there really no Master out there that can fuck me till my pussy is raw? Surely someone wants to take me on even though I need a lot of discipline. That should be the fun part for you, my punishments. I say I was bad because I have been doing a lot of anal with a juicy BBC. I will resist but someone, and I know you know who you are can break down my walls and make me that obedient subby slut you have always wanted.

Need To Be Controlled Phone Sex

phone sexI don’t know why it’s hard for me to admit what I am about to admit. I have this need, very strong need to be controlled. It is a secret, I have always been that girl to get her way in life with everything, it has turned me spoiled and into a bitch. I am begging for someone to grab me by my hair and force me down and treat me like a rag doll. I want all of my holes to be used and raw. I will resist at first I am not used to being treated like this but that should make you even more forceful with me. I want to have the best, no limit phone sex!

BBC baby

Black cock phone sex   Putting your black cock inside of me? Please. Choke my ass with that cock, put it right down my throat and make me gag. I love pain I live for it. Dominate my little pussy hole. I cant stop thinking about how much I enjoyed some black dick in my life. The other day a tall, dark and handsome business man walked up to me gave me his business card. Yes sir I had to call and flirt. He came over and he ate my pussy unstill I squirted all in his mouth. Then he squatted right over me and chocked my throat with that huge cock. When I got it all wet and ready he got me from behind pulled my pussy apart shoved his dick in and made me hurt, hurt so good. Leaning me against the couch he blew my pussy right up he had so much cum I could fil it just coming right out. Not having black cock in awhile really made me not ever want to go back. He knew how to dominate this pussy. Would you?

Anal slut

Anal phone sex  The feeling of his fat cock in my ass hole is just what I need. Anal days are the best days. Do you agree? If so lets get to it. When Tevin drives his cock so far in my ass I make the best moaning noises just for him but he’s not always here. So its great to talk dirty over the phone when cock might not be right in your face. My shit hole loves to be filled and licked all up. Being a naughty little submissive whore for men that want it just as much as I do makes my day. Tevin fucks every hole in my body and licks my pussy and ass hole clean. Are you getting freaky as much as me? Kinky boys are on my side. Pain is pleasure. Fuck with me?


Master gets me on my knees

Fantasy phone sex

  I get down on my knees and do whatever you ask. You can spank me, make me bark, suck your cock whatever you want me to do. Master says I’m a lot of help not only do I get him off but I walk around on my hands and knees looking for things he has misplaced he loves to watch me sniff around to look for things a little cute pup he says I am. I have every color collar you could imagine. Must I say how cute I am in them. Do you feel like having a little whore like me do whatever you want whenever you want? I’m here to always do what you want. I’m in the mood to ride a big cock and to be told what to do. Can you?

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