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mature phone sexWant to have mature phone sex with a dirty mom? Guys call me for all sorts of reasons, but mostly they want to fuck a mommy with no limits. I can’t image being a vanilla housewife. My husband married me knowing my dark side, knowing I trade my pussy for drugs and I fuck young boys. He was out of town this weekend for a golf trip with his friends. He took the boys with him, so my mommy and I were bored. We wanted to see what kind of trouble we could get into. I called up my dealer and said we were willing to do anything for a fix. He was feeling dark too. He showed up with a bunch of gang bangers and told us to put on a show. He wanted a milf and a GILF to entertain him and his friends. My mommy sucks BBC now because of her whore daughter. She may have a second addiction to BBC. My mom has never had a gangbang. That is no longer true. Marcus and his band of brothers ran a train on us both. My mom and I were next to each other on all fours getting black dick up our asses. Damn, Marcus was in a hardcore ass fucking mood. My mom is not the seasoned anal whore I am. I can take two big black dicks crammed up my shit box at once. My mom could barely handle one! I gave her some coke and a shot of bourbon as she muddled through the pain. Marcus was so impressed with how we handle his friends, he gave me the biggest bag of blow ever. A bag big enough to make Pablo Escobar jealous. I am taking care of my mommy’s swollen holes with my mouth today. Her grandsons are helping too. My youngest son said he would push her asshole back in with his dick. My boys are so cute.

Phone Sex Party Mommy

phone sexI love being a phone sex party mommy. I often get on super long calls with my party boy callers. The other night, one of my favorite party boys called me. He loves hearing about my dirty incest ways. We partied together while talking about incest. I didn’t just talk about my naughty summer fun, I was engaged in super nasty family fun. I can’t help it. I get high and I must fuck. I need to taboo fuck. When my caller caught me, I was already pretty fucked up. My mother and I had been binging on coke and cock since the Fourth of July. We were holed up in the house for days with my black drug dealer, his horny teen nephew and my two sons. Occasionally, the neighbor lady and her son joined our freaky drug fueled incest party. I was high as fuck. Honestly, how I was functioning is a mystery. I guess I am just a seasoned party whore. My sons were rabbit fucking my pussy trying to get me pregnant. My mom was watching and assisting me. She wants to be a great grandma. She was fucking my drug dealer, I was getting two boy dicks, we were both doing lines of coke and I was having incest phone sex with my party guy. It was a fucking taboo orgy. Moms fucking sons. Grandmas fucking big black cock and grandsons. Women doing lines of coke and me begging to get knocked up by my sons. Honestly, I don’t care who knocks me up. I just want to get pregnant while I still can. I am taking fertility drugs since I am no spring chicken. I am hoping for twins-a boy and a girl. Around 5:30 am, my boys had passed out from fucking me, my mom had passed out, my dealer had left, and I was out of blow. I am going to have to fuck for some more drugs to get me through the week.  

Mommy Phone Sex Orgy

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex fills my day, but mommy sex fills my nights. Now that my sons are home for summer they have no curfew, which means we can stay up fucking. That is exactly what we did last night. Only it wasn’t just family last night. Me, my two boys, my mother, my neighbor and her son and my drug dealer had group sex. I thought orgies like this were just for swingers, but my coke brought out the kinkiness in more than just me. Mary is my neighbor lady. I have corrupted her into the family way. She loves fucking her son now and my sons. She is a single mom with a full-time career, so I play mommy with her boy often. She had today off because of the holiday which meant she could stay up late and party with her phone sex slut neighbor and her brood last night. I saw a side to Mary I had never seen before and both her son and I were aroused. Not only did she blow my sons, she blew lines of coke off Marcus’s big black cock. She has never had coke or a black cock. She has needed a party whore like me in her life to show her how much taboo fun she has been missing. Marcus loves white milf pussy. No woman over 35 needs to pay for coke with him if she will suck and fuck his big black cock. This was a taboo fuck fest. You had a sexy GILF fucking young dick and black dick. You had two dirty moms taking on each other’s sons. And you had a black drug dealer fucking three high white women in front of 3 young boys. Marcus had the biggest cum shot out of the boys there, but that is no surprise. He has the biggest cock. I love summer nights.


Naughty Secretary Phone Sex with a P Mom

naughty secretary phone sexNaughty secretary phone sex is not something I do often, but I am readier for it now than ever. My husband was in a jam at work. All the secretaries were out sick with some sort of food poisoning from a luncheon. He has a big merger about to happen and not enough hands to help. I helped fill in Wednesday. My husband, of course, told me I had to behave. I didn’t think he really meant it. He knows what I am like. One of the partners has a teen son who was also helping. Teen boys are my kryptonite. I would like to say I was good, but you have read my phone sex blogs. You know I can’t behave around young boys. I pushed him into a closet for my version of 7 seconds in heaven. I sucked his cock like my life depended on it. I was creaming my panties slurping on his young rod. He was as hard as any boy I have blown in the past. He could barely talk. I was giving him his first head while his daddy was in a room nearby. I told him if he could keep a secret, he could fuck me too. My husband would kill me for molesting this boy of all boys. It wasn’t like I knew he would be there, but he was, and I was weak as fuck. I ended with a mop in my mouth trying to stifle my moans of pleasure getting banged by a teen virgin. He came to work to help his daddy a boy, but he was going to leave a man. Maybe I didn’t help my husband as much as I could, but I did help that young boy become a man and that is more important than some merger.

Prostitution Phone Sex

prostitution phone sexProstitution phone sex is not something I do often. Think about it. How hot is it that I sell my body for coke? I don’t need cash; my husband is wealthy.  I need coke because he won’t let me spend his cash on coke. This is my loophole. I trade coke for sex. Guys love fucking a hot MILF for a bag of blow, especially black dealers and white truckers. Marcus is my dealer. He has been for decades. He is grooming his nephew to take over his business and part of that grooming is fucking me. His nephew has a young black cock. He is a teen boy who dropped out of school, so he could become a young entrepreneur in the drug world. He is loving this white milf cunt. I am his first white milf pussy. He makes me work harder than Marcus does, but then he is half his age and twice his size. He wants to fuck me until his balls are drained. I went over last night to score some coke for my mom and me and he had me walking funny when I left. I am still walking like I was horseback riding too long. I guess cowgirl style on a big black cock is the same thing, right?

Drugs Phone Sex: Coke is Mommy’s Helper

drugs phone sexI am known as a drugs phone sex addict. I am always snorting coke on calls. It is mommy’s little helper to be a nasty incest freak. I spend a lot of hours talking dirty and fucking dirtier, so I need a lot of blow. My coke use would make Pablo Escobar worry. I can’t afford my habit. Not many folks could, but when you are a sexy mommy, you don’t need to pay for drugs in cash. Pussy and ass are the preferred currency. Marcus is my dealer. He has been for decades. I paid for my stash in cash before I was a momma. Now he says, I have something more valuable than cash. I have wet mommy pussy. Even black drug dealers from the hood have mom fantasies. First, he just gave me a deal if I fucked his big black cock and let him call me mommy.  That graduated to fucking my boys while he watched and masturbated. Now, I fuck his teen nephew and let him call me mommy. I do it all the time. Confession. I love the taboo fucking as much as I love the coke. That is my second addiction, boy cock. The coke allows me to molest all those young boys. I have no sensor when I see a young lad. So, one addiction fuels the other. Last night, my mom joined me. She is as big as a coke head as I am. She gave me my first taste for it. She told me a little toot would open my mind to all sorts of possibilities and she was right. It also opens my pussy for young black cock. My dealer’s nephew had a few friends over who had MILF fever. My mom and I were such dirty whores for those young black cocks. This phone sex mommy is full of young black sperm and coke. We can talk dirty all night long. Fuck all night long too.

Bad Babysitter Phone Sex

babysitter phone sex Babysitter phone sex is never going to go well with me. Who in their right mind would let me oversee their brats?  I placed an ad on a babysitter site months ago. I was looking for ways to earn some extra cash for my coke habit. No one called me. I guess a thirty something year old woman wanting to take care of brats was suspicious. Well, it should have been suspicious. I forgot about the ad, until I got a call earlier in the week. A couple was desperate for someone to watch their boys overnight. Their normal sitter was unavailable, even their back up babysitter was not able to help them out when they won tickets to see Elton John. They got an overnight trip to NYC. I get it. I would leave my boys with a stranger if something like that came up for me. This couple had younger boys than mine. I tried to be good, but I was doing coke and watching porn. These boys made me reminiscent for my boys when they were younger. I love hairless cocks and balls. Of course, I molested my young charges. I had to give them each a prostate massage to get that boy jizz out of their tiny dicks. I gave them a little Benadryl cocktail. They won’t remember a thing. It is the parents’ fault. I mean who leaves a phone sex whore like me in charge of their little ones?

Mommy Phone Sex and Blowjobs by Blowup Barbie

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex with me can get extremely kinky. That is because this mommy whore has naughty boys. My experiences with them, plus heavy cocaine use make for some kinky stories. Last night, I was drunk and high. My mom bought the boys a sex doll. Not just any sex doll either. One that gives blowjobs. Blowjobs by a blowup sex doll? I didn’t believe it until I saw my horny boys blow banging blow up Barbie. She had a big gaping mouth. Both their boy dicks fit inside her mouth. As I was watching in awe, it hit me that I am a blowup Barbie that gives blowjobs. My mouth gapes open like that. I can fit both boys’ dicks and balls in my mouth at once. So, can my mother. Blowjobs phone sex by blow up dolls could be a new phone fetish. My sons dumped their seed in their new friend’s mouth. I was drunk and high and jealous of blow up Barbie. What did I do? I French kissed blowup Barbie. I wanted to scoop out my sons’ seed from her mouth. My mom was a bit jealous too. I snowed balled the cum I sucked out of blowup Barbie’s mouth with my mom. My boys were watching me snowball their jizz that they gave a blowup sex doll with their grandma. I bet you can image what happened next? Their cocks were hard again. No way either my mom or I were letting blowup Barbie get that boy jizz again. She doesn’t even appreciate it like we do. We told the boys blowup Barbie was just for blowjobs. She was the foreplay. We were the main meal. My sons had no objection to that. We made the sex doll watch as my boys filled us up with jizz. My youngest filled my ass up with his seed and my eldest gave granny his cum. No way this cocksucking phone sex mommy is being out down by a blowup sex doll.

blowjobs phone sex

Drugs Phone Sex with a Hot Milf

drugs phone sexDrugs phone sex is what I look forward to on the weekends. I visited my friendly neighbor dealer Thursday night. It is a regular Thursday gig. I need to earn enough coke to get through the weekend. I am a hard party girl too. I do lines of coke, talk dirty and fuck my boys. My mom is living with us now and she parties harder than I do. I need a lot more coke for three days than I used too. I took her with me to see Marcus. He likes GILF pussy as much as MILF pussy. My mom is becoming a black cock whore since I introduced them last year. Marcus has been my go to guy for over a decade now. I never pay for my coke, well I don’t pay with cash. My momma and I got tag teamed by Marcus and his teen nephew who he is grooming to take over his territory. I watched my mom get a chocolate cock up her pussy and the ass at the same time. Damn, it was hot. I thought Marcus had the biggest cum shot, but his nephew made his cum shoot up my mother’s pussy and come out her mouth. I am exaggerating a tad, but she told me when he came her body shook. The boy has a jet stream with force like a bottle rocket.  I got my turn on his chocolate joystick too and it was like an earthquake inside me and that was load two. We worked hard for the coke and were rewarded with a huge bag. It’s Sunday and we still have some left! We have been doing a lot of boy fucking. Boy fucking is fueled by coke, but its been a gang bang weekend with very little down time. Not complaining. Boy cock and coke are my favorite things.

Phone Sex Mommy Whore

phone sex I’ve been a phone sex whore for many years, but I have been a dirty mommy whore much longer. My husband thinks I was a P mommy before I even had my boys. He is likely right. My mom was training me for this day when I was just a school girl. In the 80s my mother was fucking my brother. Think about that. I was a young school girl. The Internet was not around. The term MILF wasn’t even used yet. I had no idea how prevalent mom fantasies were back then. Now I know. I would not be a high in demand mommy phone sex slut if it was otherwise. I am grateful my mother instilled in me a strong since of P family values. School is out for the summer, which means boy cock when ever I want it. Now that my mother is living with us, I do have to compete with grandma. She is the queen of cock sucking.  She can entertain my boys while I am entertaining you. Last night I was on a 7 hour party call with forced intoxication. I was drinking shots of whiskey and doing lines of coke. I loved every minute of it, but I could hear my boys moaning upstairs as my mother fucked them. I was a bit jealous. The higher I get, the more I need boy cock. I am a P mommy without drugs, but I get my freak on the higher I get. After my call, I stumbled upstairs and woke the boys up from a deep sleep cause by a good ball draining. They could smell my intoxication. Women don’t get drunk dick. I sat on one boy’s face and sucked the other boy’s cock. When my mom woke up to join the fun, she found me getting a hardcore ass fucking from both boys at the same time. I am such a mommy whore.

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