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Forced Intoxication Phone Sex with a Dirty Mom

forced intoxication phone sexForced intoxication phone sex calls are something I don’t get enough of sadly. Saturday night I had the first one in months. It was like he knew I was drinking already! I had a rare night to myself. My sons and my husband went camping and my mom was visiting my brother for some incest fucking. I was just drinking wine, getting high and talking dirty when Alex called. He asked me if I had any booze on hand. I was like I have it in my hand as I’m speaking lol. I had been drinking wine all day. I think that sold him on the fact that I was the right woman for his phone sex fetish. We would talk about my family incest experiences and every time I talked about fucking a young boy, I had to chug some wine. He made me mix my alcohol too. I was drinking beer and whiskey too. I think Alex was hoping I would puke, but I am a seasoned party girl. I love to talk about boy dick. I mean I am a mommy whore, so you know I chugged a lot of liquor talking about all those boy cocks I have had in my life. This was a long call too. I was sloshed when it came to an end, but I never puked. As drunk as I was, I was alert enough to stumble over to the boy next door’s house and suck his cock.  I didn’t remember molesting him. He stopped by my place on his way to school this morning for a second round. This time I was sober and I remember every moment. In fact, I can still taste his cum on my breath. I much prefer cum breath to wine breath but drinking past my limit is always fun too.

Hot Squirting Pussy in the Principal’s Office

hot squirting pussyThe principal gave me a hot squirting pussy today. I can’t believe as a MILF, I got sent to the principal’s office. This is what happened. My oldest son got in trouble at school. He was looking at dirty pictures on his phone.  Luckily, they were not pictures of me. It was his math teacher who caught him. She called me to come get him. I was like what is the big deal. He is a normal, healthy teenage boy looking at nude women. I got a little rude with her and told her to take the stick out of her ass.  She sent me to the principal’s office like I was one of her students.  I tried explaining to him that boys have needs and that they are visual. I told him I was a nude model and that it might be my fault that he likes to look at naked pictures of women. He wanted to see me nude, so I showed him my phone sex pictures. He got an instant boner in his pants. Of course, I was down to fuck the principal, especially if it meant my son would not be in trouble. I felt like a naughty school girl again, only this time I didn’t get spanked. I got pounded. I was hot for the principal and his hard throbbing cock. He was young for a principal, but I didn’t care about his age. I just wanted to fuck him, and it had nothing to do with my son being in trouble. I bounced up and down his shaft as he called me a bad girl. I started squirting on his cock as he pounded my mommy pussy. He came deep inside me. He promised me he would make sure my son never got into trouble again. I am kind of hoping my youngest boy will be a delinquent when he starts high school. I want to be sent to the principal’s office more often.

Prostitution Phone Sex for Drugs

prostitution phone sexI am a suburban house wife. You would not think I would be into prostitution phone sex but making money off my body is how I get my medicine. I can whore myself out to my drug dealer for drugs or on street corners for money to buy drugs. Either way, my sons love hearing all about my druggy whore taboo fucks. They prefer to watch, but often they are at school and I need to get our supply. My regular drug dealer is in lock up for a few weeks and he is laying his operation low until he is out. No other drug dealers in town will take my old mommy whore pussy in trade for drugs. They won’t even settle for a hardcore ass fucking. I put on a slutty outfit and went to the local truck stop. A lot lizard skank can always raise a few bucks with truckers. My red hair and suburban looks make me the cream of the crop. I was sucking and fucking every trucker with money in his hands, which was pretty much all of them. I had to swallow a lot of cum to get enough cash to buy a bag of coke from a competitor dealer.  I came home drenched in cum. I smelled like diesel oil and sweat.  I got home, and my boys were waiting for the details. But before I could speak, they wanted some sloppy seconds.

Drugs Phone Sex with a Mommy Whore

drugs phone sexDrugs phone sex is what I do best. I always have a bowl of coke, a mirror, a straw and a razor blade handy for calls. I am an old school 80s coke whore. I partied with my drug dealer and his friends last night. I needed to refresh my coke stash before the weekend approaches. I thought I was just going over to party with him. When I arrived, his posse was all there, and they looked shocked to see a white MILF at the door. Marcus lives in the hood. He makes a good living dealing drugs, but he says if a hood rat like him was to move into a gated community like mine, eyes would be on him and questions would arise about how he earns his income. He said in the hood, everyone leaves you alone. He said the big Italian mob bosses lived modestly for the same reason. I guess I was drawing attention to myself being a white upper-class woman in the hood. His posse knew I was there for cock or coke. I was there for both. Before I could get my bag of coke, I had to earn it as always. This was the largest crowd at his crib before. They looked like they were jonesing for white pussy like I was for white powder. I got naked and earned my weekend fix the old-fashioned way. They passed me around like I was candy. I was a black cock gangbang whore for the night. I was covered in jizz and my holes were gapped from the thick rods that penetrated me for hours. My sons would be disappointed that they missed my taboo gangbang. They love it when their mommy is a whore. I don’t know how to be anything else. I love being a phone sex mommy, but nothing beats being a real mommy whore for my sons.

Nasty Fetish Phone Sex Slut on Instagram

fetish phone sexI love fetish phone sex calls. I have a lot of fetishes. I get high and my freak flag flies. It flies high too. Just like me. My drug dealer wanted to see something kinky last night. I give him kinky all the time but fucking my sons or taking his nephew’s big black dick in my ass just was not kinky enough. He gives me free coke, so I need to work for it. I get it. Luckily, my mom was with me. She is the Queen of freaks. She enjoys Marcus’s big black cock too. She never had black cock until I introduce them. She was high as fuck too. We gave Marcus a kinky mother daughter show. One of my fetishes is ass licking. I love licking my mommy’s ass. I give a great rim job. Marcus’s hung teen nephew fucked my mommy’s ass first. So, when my tongue reached Nirvana, her ass was slightly prolapsed and full of cum from a ten-inch black cock fucking her for an hour. I was ready to give her worn out ass a little TLC. Marcus and his nephew watched, stroking their big black dicks as I tongued my old mommy’s asshole. It looked like a red rose. It was bright red, layered like petals and oozing cum. I sucked on it like it was a bottle of booze. I started sucking out the cum. I love the taste of black spunk when it has been brewing inside a warm asshole for a little while, especially my mommy’s asshole. I cleaned up every drop of cum like a good cum guzzler. Well, at least I did before Marcus fucked her ass again. I cock teased his anaconda with my kinky ass eating phone sex fetish.

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MILF Phone Sex Whore for Young Black Cock

milf phone sexMy drug dealer makes me jump through hoops to get some coke. I am not complaining because I don’t pay for my drugs. Well, I don’t pay with cash, but I do pay with my body. Marcus has lots of younger black boys he is grooming for his business, including his nephew. Like my milf phone sex callers, these younger boys enjoy some white milf pussy. Friday night, Marcus had me come to his place. He had a special surprise for me. He had about 10 young black boys for me to fuck before I could get my weekend party blow. These were all young teen boys, including his nephew who I have fucked many times before. His nephew bragged at school about the old white pussy he was getting, and his friends wanted in on the action. I was happy to be a gangbang whore for some black boys. I would have done it for no coke too. I love boy cock, black or white. I knew my mom would be jealous of all the young black cock I was getting, so I had Marcus film it. My boys would want to see what a nasty taboo mommy whore I was too. Those boys were hung and ready to tear up my MILF holes. They ran a train on me. One after another, they fucked my cunt or my ass and deposited a load of boy jizz in me. The next boy would leave his load and before long I was a total cum dumpster whore with tons of black boy seed running out my fuck holes. Marcus thinks I am a natural whore. He is right. I love phone sex, but it doesn’t replace being a dirty taboo whore. I went home covered in cum with the biggest bag of blow Marcus has given me yet. My mom was jealous. She spent the rest of the night cleaning me up with her tongue. Marcus said next time, I need to bring her, so those boys can have some gilf action too.

What is Your Phone Sex Fetish?

phone sex fetishWhat is your phone sex fetish? Mine is blowing young cocks and incest. Oh, and being a party druggy mommy. I guess you could say I have a few fetishes I l like to explore on calls. Mostly, I like to get fucked up and discuss taboo experiences or create some new ones! For example, last night I got fucked up and crashed my teen neighbor’s back to school party. He is older than my boys. I have been fucking him for about a year now. When I saw all the cars and heard the music, I knew there was a party. I was curious why I wasn’t invited. I mean who doesn’t want a hot, horny Milf at their party? I slipped on a slinky black dress and high heels, then I did a line and crashed the party. I brought a few cases of beer because no way high school boys would turn away a sexy mommy with free beer. I was right. They seemed more interested in me than the beer too. A few boys took a bottle of cold beer, but most of them swarmed me to find out who I was and if I was down to party with them. I gave my neighbor boy a wink and he nodded as a sign of approval to be my true whore self. I unzipped pants, pulled out cocks and showed off my cock sucking skills. I am more than a phone sex mommy. I am a real-life dirty mom and milf who crashes teen parties and gives out blowjobs and beer for free. My mouth and my ass were very popular. My pussy was too, but most of those boys had never fucked a woman in the ass. None of those boys can say they are ass virgins now. I am going to need to crash more teen boy parties.

Hardcore Ass Fucking with High School Boys

hardcore ass fuckingSometimes I am in a hardcore ass fucking mood. I was this weekend. My sons love fucking their mommy’s ass, but they are young and can’t go hardcore like I want. They want to fuck me like they love me. I want to be fucked like they hate me. They had the solution to my dilemma, however. My oldest boy had a brilliant idea. He invited some high school boys over to swim. He told them his parents had a stocked liquor cabinet.  Within an hour, four high school boys were at the house ready to party. They saw that a hot milf was there and they wanted to fuck before they drank. My holes are always open for young studs. I broke out the booze anyway and the cocaine. They wanted some party drugs too. Perfect.  I love coked up boys, they fuck you better and harder. My sons were on the sidelines for this milf gang bang. They didn’t mind because they got to watch and stroke their little willies as their older friends fucked the shit out of me. They rotated holes to make sure my pussy and my ass had equal loads of cum. They passed me around like I was candy. It made my wet bald pussy wetter to be used by high school boys. After they left, my sons enjoyed some sloppy seconds.

Phone Sex Dirty Mommy

phone sexPhone sex is the only job I have ever had. Unless you count being a stay at home mommy as being a job. Or being a whore as a job. I am not qualified for much else. I married young, started birthing boys and partying nonstop. Talking dirty seemed like a natural job for me. It was my drug dealer who suggested it. He was like if you are a druggy P mommy, your best option is as a dirty phone operator, a stripper or a porn star. He was right. I decided talking dirty was the best job because I didn’t want to fuck men my age much and I thought my boys might get jealous if I was being paid to fuck other men. They like that I get paid for being a mommy phone sex slut because not only do I talk about them, but I am working from home which means they still have access to my whore holes. They are insatiable little horn dogs too. Most boys their age can spend hours playing video games or watching TV. The only thing that keeps their attention for hours is their mommy’s pussy. They have been fucking me numerous times a day since summer started. I will have empty pussy syndrome when they go back to school next month. My mom thinks I should home school them, so we can fuck them whenever we want. She may have a great idea. Would you like to be home with your whore mother 24/7?

I Live for Drugs Phone Sex

drugs phone sexDrugs phone sex is something I know all about. I am high on every call. I love it when a caller gets high with me. I work from home. There is no one to drug test me. My husband loves that I am always high because that means I am going to be a naughty whore. Coke lessens my inhibitions. Not that I wouldn’t molest a young one now sober because I would. It is just more fun to get high and have taboo fun. It is summer, so my sons are home with me during the day while I work. My mother is a nanny of sorts to the boys when I am working, but she was out shopping yesterday when I got a long call. I was partying and talking dirty, neglecting the boys. They were horny. When a young boy is horny, he has no patience. He thinks his dick is going to fall off if he doesn’t get laid. Good thing I have a mute button. I would mute a few seconds here and there while I guzzled down boy dick. My caller wanted to hear me give head, so instead of sucking on a dildo, I sucked on a couple horny boy dicks. I thought I was going to need to duct tape their mouths, so my caller wouldn’t hear them moan and giggle. They are quick cummers when they are that horny. It did the trick. They came in my mouth then went to play video games. My mom was sorry she missed out on the fun. By the time she came back, however, they were horny again and I was still on the phone. Can you relate? Round two went to grandma. I played with my wet bald pussy as I watch my sons tag team their grandma.

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