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A Double Hardcore Ass Fucking in Mommy’s Ass

hardcore ass fuckingMy sons love to give their mommy a hardcore ass fucking. The problem is that they lack patience. When they are horny, they can’t take turns because they can’t wait. The first time they rammed both boy dicks in me it hurt. I have become accustomed to their brand of double penetration. They have grown a few inches since they first fucked their mommy in the ass. Last night luckily, I was high as fuck. They were in the mood to double team mommy’s ass. I let out a yelp at first because even with lube the friction of two cocks in my ass hurts. Good thing I am a pain slut. I don’t mind some pain, especially when I am high. I won’t feel anything until the next day anyway. We fucked for hours last night. It seemed they never went soft fucking my ass. They would cum and be hard again in no time. I think the friction of their cocks rubbing together kept them hard. The coke kept me up to get fucked for hours. This morning I woke up sore in the ass like I expected. My boys are on Spring Break. They felt bad when they saw me sitting on an innertube.  They made me feel better by licking my sore ass. Well, that got me horny again. No matter how sore my ass was, I wanted fucked again. Of course, my boys wanted to fuck me again because they woke up with hard dicks like they do every day. This time my pussy got double penetrated. My pussy sees a lot of cock, so two hard dicks up my wet bald pussy doesn’t cause any discomfort. It is nothing but pure pleasure. They made my mommy pussy feel so good, I forgot about my butt pain.

MILF Phone Sex with the High School Boy Next Door

milf phone sexI love being a dirty milf phone sex slut. It is no secret that I am a druggy whore and a boy jizz junkie. My boys were at school yesterday. The teen neighbor boy played hooky, however. We had snow, not enough to cancel school, but enough to make me want to stay inside. The only problem with that was I was horny. So was my mom who has been visiting. It was her idea to get the neighbor boy over for some fun. I am addicted to those young cocks because of my mom. She taught me that there is nothing better than a hard boy cock ramming your pussy full of boy jizz. Getting the neighbor boy over was easy. I walked upstairs to my bedroom, stood in front of my window that faces his window naked and winked. Before I was back downstairs, I heard the door slam. He was over in a heartbeat. My dirty mommy was on her knees blowing him before my foot hit the first floor. I rubbed my pussy and watched my mommy blow the teen boy. He was moaning like it was his first blowjob. My mommy can suck the chrome off a doorknob. I was too horny to just watch and rub my wet bald pussy. I started licking my mommy’s ass and tonguing her cunt. She was so wet too. I didn’t take credit for the wetness. That was all the neighbor boy. With his cock in her mouth and her daughter’s tongue in her cunt, she squirted on my face. I think we made the neighbor boy’s wet dreams cum true. He got to fuck a milf and a gilf. Mommy and I aren’t competitive. We share boy cock. We shared my brother first, then my sons and now a high school boy home sick from school.

Cock Worshiping Phone Sex with a Dirty Mommy

cock worshiping phone sexHe asked me if I was good at cock worshiping phone sex. He clearly has not read my blogs nor done a call with me. I can make a dead man cum with my blowjob skills. I am the cock sucking queen of my neighborhood. Boys and men know where to go to get their knobs polished. I can suck the chrome off a door knob. I don’t just suck cock. My tongue knows all the special spots to massage to achieve the maximum cum shot load. I use my hands and tits too. I am accustomed to sucking two cocks at once. I have two sons. They are at the age of impatience. That means they are so horny that they can’t wait for me to take care of their brother first. I have learned to accommodate two cocks in my mouth at once.  I do a lot of cocaine too, so that helps me be a better cock sucker. Coke dulls the pain and makes me feel invincible. My boys can ram both dicks down my throat and I do my best to make them pop off in my mouth at the same time. Last night, I had three boy dicks in my mouth because the boy next door came over to join the cock sucking games. He has a bigger cock as a teen boy, but this mommy whore still crammed their three dicks in her mouth at once. So, if I can suck three cocks at once, I think it is safe to say that I know how to give blowjobs phone sex effectively. Hell, sometimes my little horn dogs will lend their dicks to ensure the best sound effects on my BJ calls. They love their mommy making money almost as much as they love their mommy sucking dick.

Phone Sex Mommy Blair Loves Bad Influences

phone sexBeing a phone sex mommy has its perks. I love talking to perverts who love dirty party mommies. I talked to one of my favorite mommy lovers for hours yesterday morning. He caught me alone and partying. I had been up all night fucking my boys. I sent them to school, but got so worked up talking to my caller, I texted them to come home. I entertained the neighbor boy until they left school to fuck mommy. My mother was on her way to visit and I was so worked up, I couldn’t focus on much. My callers always encourage bad mommy behavior. My sons are grateful for that. They love bad mommy Blair. What son wouldn’t want a mommy who does coke, keeps them up late fucking and pulls them from school to fuck her some more? I was a hot mess before doing mommy phone sex, but this side gig only makes me less responsible as a mother. I love it. You encourage me to party more. You encourage me to fuck more. My sons love my callers. When I told them that it was a caller that suggested I bring them home early from school to play, they insisted I blog to thank them. According to them, anyone who can help me be a naughty mommy is a friend of theirs.

mommy phone sex

This Mommy Phone Sex Slut Wants Another Baby

mommy phone sexI love having mommy phone sex. Seriously, being a phone mommy is the next best thing to being a real mommy. My sons always want to listen in on my mommy sex calls. Its like foreplay for them. Last night, I was up a late talking dirty about family fun. I was getting high with my caller and sharing true life incest experiences. My caller admitted that when he was in high school, he got his mother pregnant. His brother is his son, but to this day only him and his mother know the truth. My sons went apeshit when they heard that. If one of them were to knock me up, daddy would know. He knows I fuck our sons. I have not fucked him in years. I am a slut wife and a fan of younger cock. My husband would love me to have a baby with one of our boys. Hell, he would love it if my black drug dealer knocked me up. After my call, my boys wanted to fuck. It was way past their bedtime, but I was horny too. I couldn’t be a good mother. I can never be a good mother. I enjoy fucking and partying too much for that. You should have heard them as they were fucking me. Telling me that they wanted to give mommy a baby gave me a hot squirting pussy. I was so wet at the idea of getting knocked up again. I crawled into bed with my husband. I had our sons’ cum oozing down my thighs as I snuggled up to him and told him I wanted to have another baby. His dick got hard. I let him stroke his dick as he talked about taking me to a fertility doctor to increase my odds. I’m 40. That’s not dead but it can be reproductively challenging. Clearly, everyone in my family wants me to have another baby. Do you think 40 is too old to be a mommy again?

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Roleplay Phone Sex: My Boys are Hot for Teacher

roleplay phone sexI enjoy roleplay phone sex. Do you? My sons enjoy hearing about all the different kinds of women I play for my callers. Their favorite lately has been naughty teacher. I know it is because they have a hot teacher. She is a sexy MILF. I have met her several times. I am surprised that she hasn’t seduced my munchkins already. I think she is old fashioned. When I am on a hot for teacher call, I see my boys taking mental notes on how to seduce their sexy teacher.  Last night, they overheard me playing teacher for a guy. After the call, they wanted to roleplay teacher with me as practice. Any roleplay that gets those boy dicks in my wet mommy pussy is fine by me.  I told “my students” that they needed to see me after school about extra credit. I wanted them to seduce the teacher. If she has not seduced them yet, then they need to take the initiative. I wanted to see if they had game.  They complimented me on my appearance; asked if I was married. When I told them I was divorced, they laid on the charm. They even said that if they were older, they would treat me properly. My boys were going in the right direction. Flattery gets a man or a boy everywhere with a single woman. I played into the flattery and before long they were banging my hot pussy and ass, not erasers. I fucked my sons and then put them to bed. I wanted them to have a good night’s sleep, so they could seduce their teacher after school today. If they don’t come home on time, I will know the teacher is having some fun with my horny toads. This phone sex slut isn’t jealous though. I love the thought of other mature women enjoying my boys.

Your Phone Sex Mommy Blair

phone sex This phone sex mommy is always waiting on her bed. Either I am waiting for my horny sons to come fuck me or I am waiting for my phone to ring, so I can masturbate with a caller. Sometimes, I get lucky and I have both at the same time. I was off Saturday, so I hung around home and played with my sons. It was a cold, snowy Saturday. They didn’t go anywhere, so I opted for family fun instead of phone fun. I wore them out. I had been doing lines of coke all day, so I was wired. I signed in to take some calls since my horny dogs were passed out. I got on a long call with a mommy phone sex lover. My boys woke up horny and ready to play some more. They know if mommy is on the phone they must be super quiet. They crawled on the bed with me. I was sitting up talking, but I spread my legs, so they could eat their mommy’s pussy. When my caller wanted to hear sucking sounds, I used my boys’ dicks instead of my dildo. Together in my mouth, they make one full size cock. Damn, it was like life imitating art because my caller was wanting to be a young boy who got molested by his sexy mommy and here I was being molested by my sons while I was pretending to be another man’s mommy. After my call was over, my sons fucked the shit out of me again, but this time we all fell asleep on my bed together since daddy is away. They are still asleep as I work. I am sure if they hear me on a hot incest phone sex call, they will wake up and want more mommy action.

Mommy Needs a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fuckingSometimes a sexy MILF just needs a hardcore ass fucking. I have long been an anal sex whore. When I was pregnant with my first son, I was horny as fuck in my last term. My big old belly made it hard to fuck, even for a guy with a big dick. My drug dealer suggested ass fucking. I had never fucked in the ass sober, but I wasn’t doing coke when I was about to push out a future little mother fucker. I just replaced fucking with doing lines. My dealer had a pregnant fetish, so he fucked my ass. He had a cock that could ruin asses less ample than mine. It is his fault I love anal sex so much. My sons’ cocks solo don’t do much for my ass, but together they give me a nice stuffing. I woke up this morning wanting my ass stuffed. I summoned them into my bedroom, told them to get ready to double stuff mommy’s ass. I blew them first to pump them up. Once they had short fatties, they spit in my ass and gave me what I needed. They love the friction their dicks make when together in one of my holes. It doesn’t make them last long, but it does make them pound the fuck out of their whore mommy. They had to leave for school, but I could use some more ass fucking. My dealer is on his way over with his big black cock and some blow.

Mommy Phone Sex Roleplays

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex perverts love me. I am a kinky mommy. My real life and my fantasy life are different.  We all have fantasies. In real life, I am a middle-class mom, married to an older man. I have two boys I fuck and a stepson who hates me. I love coke and I fuck my boys. I also fuck the occasional neighborhood boy and my son’s friends. I come from a family of mother son incest. My mother fucked my older brother all through my youth. There isn’t much I have not done or seen. That is why I am so good at being a phone sex mommy; however, I do have some rather extreme fantasies I like to play out with callers. I think the idea of a young boy taking charge of his mother; making mommy his slut regardless if she wants it or not, is hot. I also think rape fantasies are hot. Callers ask me all the time if I have been force fucked in real life. It’s hard to take what is given freely if you know what I mean. I had a caller yesterday who combined two of my hottest fantasies. In our fantasy role play, he broke into the house and assaulted me in front of my son who was tied up. Then he made my son do things to me that I didn’t want done. I was a good mommy. I had to do quite a bit of acting to be a mommy who dresses normally and has no thoughts of incest. My attacker got off on teaching my son to man up and take what he wanted. Acting like a pious mother was a stretch for me, but the thought of being force fucked by my son made my pussy wet. I like the idea of sons making mommies their bitches. I think I might explore rape fantasies with my sons, see how they like it. Sexual roleplays are healthy and fun. That is why I am such a good phone whore.

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

naughty neighbor phone sexNaughty Neighbor Phone Sex is extra hot if I am your neighbor! That is what the neighbor boy I am fucking always says. He comes over every morning after his mom goes to work and every night after she goes to bed. It is not that she doesn’t know I fuck her son, because she does. I have fucked him in front of her to show her how hot fucking a young boy is.  He is just that horny! He fucks his mom before school and before bed, but he still wants more pussy; especially milf pussy. My little boys keep me busy, but I am just as horny as that teen neighbor boy. I think that our sexual peaks are synched. Today, his mother was home from work and he was home from school. My sons were with their daddy at the zoo, but I had to work, so I assured them it was fine to leave me alone. I just didn’t know how horny I would get. I didn’t want to interfere with mommy son time, but my pussy needed boy cock. No surprise, right? I wanted him to come to me so I would feel less intrusive. I flaunted my naked body in front of his bedroom window. Our windows face each other. I masturbated while on calls all morning in front of his eyes Eventually, he could not take it anymore and he showed up at my place when his mom went to the store. We had a quickie fuck, which took the edge off.  He was back home with my cunt juices glistening from his cock before his mother returned. I went back to talking dirty and playing with my pusy. As soon as his mother came home, I could see she sucked his dick. I wonder if she realized it was my pussy juice and not her pussy juice she was tasting!


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