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I Love Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sexI enjoy my mommy phone sex callers. I have a confession. I let my sons be in the room often when I am taking calls at night. They love to hear me telling tales of our exploits and me talking about being a subby whore for my drug dealer. They also enjoy hearing me roleplaying mommy for my callers. Last night, I was wired on coke. I had been partying all night long as we put up the Christmas decorations. It was busy too, so I was on the phone a lot. My sons were horny hearing me talk dirty so much. They couldn’t wait for me to get off this one phone sex mommy call. They started jacking their little dicks around me. When I had to simulate cock sucking, my boys tossed my dildo behind the couch and started fucking my mouth. Together!! I had two boy dicks crammed in my mouth. It turned my caller on so much. He complimented me on my cock sucking sounds. Little did he know I had some young dicks in my mouth. After the call, they rammed their boy dicks in my holes. Christmas shit was all over the floor, but they didn’t care. They could only take so much of my cock teasing them with my mommy calls. The nice thing about this job is that I can fuck my boys in between calls. Hell, I can even fuck them on a call. Best job ever.

Mommy Phone Sex Whore

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex is my favorite. Actually, anything taboo is what I enjoy talking about. I am a trashy MILF, not the PTA kind of soccer mom who makes cookies and attends sporting games. I do lines of coke and fuck boy cock. My mom was a trashy MILF too. I grew watching her snort lines of coke on a hand held mirror and fuck my brother until they both passed out. It is no wonder I am just like my mother. The only difference between us is that I have two sons, whereas she had one; and my husband likes to watch. My father was in the dark about my mother and my brother up until the day he died. If you ask me, she did my daddy a disservice by keeping it from him. My husband loves to watch me fuck our boys. He likes to watch me fuck other boys too. Last night, he came home early from work. He was not due home until today. He usually texts me when on the way home, but he was hoping to catch me being a whore. He did too. I was getting double stuffed by our boys, while the neighbor boy was skull fucking me. Maybe some men would be upset, but not my hubby. He dropped his bags, walked towards us and unzipped his pants. You would have jacked off too if you came home and saw your wife in a threesome with your sons and a neighbor boy. As long as you don’t ruin the fun, you can watch too, just like my husband.

Phone Sex Thanksgiving

phone sexHappy Thanksgiving from a phone sex whore! I have so many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. How about you? My entire family is under one roof for the week. My husband, my sons, my brother and my mother are all here. I have a big bowl of coke and lots of wine. My mom and I did most of the cooking last night, so we could have some dirty fun today before we stuff our faces. I like to have my pussy and ass stuffed. It has been awhile since my brother was at my place. He doesn’t mind sharing his sister’s fuck holes with his nephews either. He needs to share his mother’s fuck holes with them too. I am so thankful that I was raised in an incest family. It showed me at a young age how natural family fucking is and that it brings families closer together. My mother is in her 60s and fucks more young cock than me! She is my hero. My sons love fucking their granny too. My husband is very thankful this year because he gets to watch us all fuck. He has always harbored mommy fantasies, so watching my mom and my brother and watching me with our sons helps him with his mommy fantasies.  What are you thankful for? I bet you are thankful for incest phone sex!

incest phone sex

Mommy Phone Sex Cum & Coke Whore

mommy phone sexI love being a mommy phone sex whore. Guys often ask me what I am wearing while I work. Usually, just a robe so I have easy access to my whore holes. I love playing with myself while telling you stories about my boys or pretending to be your mommy. This morning, I was wearing cum on my face and white powder on my nose when I started work. I have not been to sleep yet. I stayed up all night doing lines of coke like an 80s hooker. My boys woke up found me passed out on the couch with coke on my nose. They decided to wake me up in their own special way. They jacked off on my face. When that hot boy batter hit my face, I was awake. I had only dosed in a party stupor. I thought about calling in sick to work so I could sleep, but my boys wanted a before school gang bang with their dirty whore mommy. They were aggressive this morning too. I was too tired and high to fight them, but I didn’t mind. I never mind a family orgy. Each boy took a mommy whore hole. I had a boy dick in my mouth, ass and pussy. Getting rammed hard by horny boys that early, perked me back up. I drank some boy sperm, did a few more lines of coke and got them off to school satisfied and happy. Now I am wide awake, doing more lines and ready to be a phone sex mommy whore.

Roleplay Phone Sex: Naughty Teacher Blair

roelplay phone sexDo you like roleplay phone sex? Men call me mostly for dirty mommy fantasies, but every now and then, a guy wants me to play another mature woman. I love fantasy fucking. I am fucking this teen neighbor boy as much as I can. He goes to private school, so my boys leave for school an hour before him. As soon as they leave for the bus, he is fucking the hot MILF next door. This morning, he wanted me to be his teacher. My young lover is hot for teacher. I dressed up like a sexy teacher ready to rock his cock. I had a ruler and everything. I mean, he does go to Catholic school. I told him he was a bad boy who needed some punishment. I had him pull his pants down so I could spank his bare ass with the ruler. As I had him on my lap for some old school corporal punishment, I felt his cock grow harder with every whack. He liked a dominant teacher; I liked his hard cock. I was set to bend over the desk and get fucked by the student, but he wanted to be the one bent over the desk. The naughty little boy wanted to be pegged. Pegged he got. I put on my strap-on and showed the student how seriously I take paying attention in class. What is your favorite phone sex roleplay?

Mommy Phone Sex Helper

mommy phone sexMy mother has been around all month helping me with mommy phone sex calls. She is retired now, so she can travel all she wants. She loves spending time with me and her grandsons. We enjoy having her too. When I am working on the weekends, she entertains the boys for me. It is no longer summer, so they don’t just go out to play or go to the pool. They get cabin fever in the colder months, which means they want to fuck more. I have them trained to not make noise when I am on the phone because they aren’t exactly legal age for phone sex. But one day, they will be able to fuck me while I talk dirty and be heard! My mother fucks them while I work. She doesn’t mind. That is why she visits us so often. She wants that boy cock as much as I do. She is a P mommy. She fucked my brother all through my youth. It is great that she can enjoy my sons in their peak. At their age, they can go all night long. So, can my mother with a little white powder. I love talking dirty on the phone, but doing it while watch my sons tag team their grandma makes it even hotter. I hate to see her go. Watching her in action gives me a glimpse of myself in the future!

Mommy Phone Sex Swingers

mommy phone sexI love mommy phone sex the most. As a dirty mom of two sons and one step son, I believe in incest. I have helped many a mother get over their inhibitions about incest. I have no idea why society says fucking members of your family is wrong. How can something that feels so good be wrong? Royal families have long histories of incest. In Biblical times, incest must have occurred as it is listed as sin. So, for centuries families have been fucking. I will keep touting incest as the best lifestyle because it is by far the best I have discovered. This week we had a swinger retreat at the house. Not just ordinary swingers, but family swingers were in attendance, including my mother and my brother. There were mostly mothers and sons, but a few daddy and daughter duos along with some swinging siblings. We had lots of coke. In fact, my drug dealer and his nephew were there. They don’t fuck each other, but they both fuck me. It was hot for other families to see some big black cock. There are all kinds of taboo sex. In my community, black cock is a big taboo. Nothing is more taboo, however, than mothers and sons fucking. My husband removed all the living room furniture and placed mattresses on the floor. I was so high, I barely remember the weekend, however, my husband recorded it for our family spank bank. I have been playing with my wet pussy, doing lines and watching the hot action on the big screen. My husband missed his calling. He should have been a porn director because he captured some fine footage of mothers and sons fucking. We have decided at least once a month to host a family orgy. Would you like to attend?

Incest Phone Sex: It Runs in My Family

incest phone sexI love incest phone sex calls. I am a family whore. My mother fucked my brother and my grandma fucked my uncle. Incest is a few generations deep in this family. It literally is in my genes to fuck my sons and my brother. It is also in my DNA to fuck my niece. I am her only aunt. I always wanted a daughter on top of my two sons, but it never happened. She likes to think of me as her mother more than her aunt. When she paid me a visit this week, she called me mommy. My mother is in town, so my brother and niece decided to visit for a few days too. It has been a big family orgy. While my mom was entertaining my boys and my brother, I helped myself to my niece’s sweet young pussy. She was in the bed I sleep with my husband rubbing her bald cunt listening to her grandma fuck her daddy. I started licking her sweet bald cunnie and before too long, she was squirting in my face. Her hot teen girl goo coated my face. Her mommy is no longer in the picture, so she needed to know how to eat pussy too. She sucks a great cock according to her daddy, but now she licks a mean pussy too. I sat on her face for hours while her grandma took care of her daddy and my boys. I had her lick the alphabet on my clit. I showed her how to use her fingers and tongue in unison to make her surrogate mommy have a hot squirting pussy. At the moment I was cumming, I realized the rest of the family was watching from the doorway. My mom had cum dripping all over her, but my brother and sons had hard dicks again. We let my mom rest a bit and my niece and I entertained the troops.

Hardcore Ass Fucking in the Morning

hardcore ass fuckingI needed a hardcore ass fucking this morning. I was fucking high as a kite. I had been partying all night while my sons and husband slept. When the boys woke up for school they were surprised to see me still awake. Most days, they are waking me up to feed them and drain their balls. They wake up every morning with hard dicks. I told them I wanted double penetration. They love when I am in that kind of mood because they struggle waiting their turn. Horny boys only have one thing on the brain and waiting for pussy seems like an eternity. They never fight when they can each take a hole. I sat on one boy’s cock while the other went in my pussy. My husband woke up as our boys were cumming inside their mommy. He knows I fuck the boys. I just usually fuck them when he is not around. He misses my pussy, but my pussy and my ass belong to the boys. They are my mother fuckers. How can I let another man, even daddy, cum before them? My husband was not angry. He was jealous, however. “Why didn’t you wake me up honey so I could watch,” he inquired? Me bad. I was just thinking about getting a double pounding from my boys. Now I know. When my boys get up ready to fuck tomorrow, I will get their daddy up too. If you were my husband, would you want to watch me with our boys too?

Milf Phone Sex with the Neighbor Boy

milf phone sexDo you like milf phone sex? I am not your typical milf. I don’t like guys just my age; I like them younger. I like them jail bait. Friday, the teen neighbor boy was home from school. He goes to private school, so my boys still had school. As soon as he saw my boys get on the school bus, he was over to spend the day with the trashy milf next door. Young boys jump at the chance to hang with a horny mature woman. My neighbor boy and I have a unique relationship. I took his cherry, gave him his man card. We have been banging for a year now. I even helped him have an incestous relationship with his mother. The problem is, she doesn’t fuck him as much as he needs to be fucked. A teen boy needs more than one mother to fuck. I am happy to help him out. Our relationship is mutually beneficial. His cock is bigger than either of my sons dicks. He is older by a few years. He knows how to eat pussy. He spent a few hours between my legs Friday while I talked dirty on the phone. He loved hearing me tell guys the story about the hot neighbor boy next door. He knew it wasn’t a story. We fucked in my marriage bed too. We fucked all day until I knew my boys would be back home. They get jealous because the boy next door can make me cum with his dick inside me. He is my dirty little secret.

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