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Hardcore Ass Fucking in the Morning

hardcore ass fuckingI needed a hardcore ass fucking this morning. I was fucking high as a kite. I had been partying all night while my sons and husband slept. When the boys woke up for school they were surprised to see me still awake. Most days, they are waking me up to feed them and drain their balls. They wake up every morning with hard dicks. I told them I wanted double penetration. They love when I am in that kind of mood because they struggle waiting their turn. Horny boys only have one thing on the brain and waiting for pussy seems like an eternity. They never fight when they can each take a hole. I sat on one boy’s cock while the other went in my pussy. My husband woke up as our boys were cumming inside their mommy. He knows I fuck the boys. I just usually fuck them when he is not around. He misses my pussy, but my pussy and my ass belong to the boys. They are my mother fuckers. How can I let another man, even daddy, cum before them? My husband was not angry. He was jealous, however. “Why didn’t you wake me up honey so I could watch,” he inquired? Me bad. I was just thinking about getting a double pounding from my boys. Now I know. When my boys get up ready to fuck tomorrow, I will get their daddy up too. If you were my husband, would you want to watch me with our boys too?

Milf Phone Sex with the Neighbor Boy

milf phone sexDo you like milf phone sex? I am not your typical milf. I don’t like guys just my age; I like them younger. I like them jail bait. Friday, the teen neighbor boy was home from school. He goes to private school, so my boys still had school. As soon as he saw my boys get on the school bus, he was over to spend the day with the trashy milf next door. Young boys jump at the chance to hang with a horny mature woman. My neighbor boy and I have a unique relationship. I took his cherry, gave him his man card. We have been banging for a year now. I even helped him have an incestous relationship with his mother. The problem is, she doesn’t fuck him as much as he needs to be fucked. A teen boy needs more than one mother to fuck. I am happy to help him out. Our relationship is mutually beneficial. His cock is bigger than either of my sons dicks. He is older by a few years. He knows how to eat pussy. He spent a few hours between my legs Friday while I talked dirty on the phone. He loved hearing me tell guys the story about the hot neighbor boy next door. He knew it wasn’t a story. We fucked in my marriage bed too. We fucked all day until I knew my boys would be back home. They get jealous because the boy next door can make me cum with his dick inside me. He is my dirty little secret.

Phone Sex Whore Blair

phone sex I love being a phone sex slut because I can share with you all my dirty exploits. You aren’t offended or appalled by my actions, like my husband, you are aroused. Did I ever tell you how I met my hubby of almost 20 years? I was in a dive bar about 21 years ago. I needed some coke, but I was new to town. I had no dealer yet. I met Marcus that night. He was a young black man with a horse cock. He had a penchant for white girls who party. I had a penchant for coke, however I could get it for free. All I had to do was suck some big black cock. Suck a huge cock and get coke for free? No brainer for me. Marcus enjoyed my mouth so much, he wanted to try my pussy out. I was very tight back then. It was before I had my sons. Plus, when I was a young 20 something, I had not yet fucked as many cocks as I have today. My husband was lost. He stopped into the bar when I was getting hammered on a pool table. I was being a total whore. He fell in love with me instantly. He loved the idea that I didn’t shy away from taboo fucking; that I didn’t deny myself pleasure. He asked me out that night. We were engaged a few months later. He told me on our first date, that he always wanted to fuck his own mother. He knew such a taboo confession would not offend a woman who took a black cock on the pool table of a bar. I promised him I would give him sons so he could watch me fuck our boys. It’s fucking mommy by proxy.  I came from an incest family, so I had no problem making good on my promise. Twenty years later, I am a total whore still; I fuck Marcus for my coke; I fuck my sons and I am happily married to the man who accepts me for the party girl incest loving taboo whore that I am.

Mommy Phone Sex Confession: I’m Addicted to Boy Cock

mommy phone sexWould you like to have mommy phone sex with a real mom? When I am not busy fucking my sons, I am being a phone mommy. I guess you could call me a sex addict. I am addicted to a lot of things, but cock is number one. I prefer young cock. I am a dirty mommy and a P woman. I love all young boys. Once my boys are off to school, I am off to feed my addiction. I know where all the home schoolers live. There is this one teen boy who is on home suspension. He has an ankle bracelet too. He is the neighborhood bad boy. Got kicked out of school and arrested. I like bad boys, especially a young bad boy. I wore a short skirt with no panties when he was at his window. I heard pounding on the window. When I looked up, he was motioning me into his house. No car in the drive way, so I was sure his parental units were at work. He had MILF fever. Told me he has never seen a MILF as fine as me. He was a smooth talker. Complete player even with the ankle bracelet. He took control, which I like. He spanked my bare ass for being a cock tease. A teen boy in charge of my MILF pussy is hot. He forced me to choke down his thick cock. I couldn’t even get my hand all around it. It was amazing. I was getting skull fucked by a boy less than half my age. He had balls full of cum for me too. He said he spanks his meat to MILF porn all the time. He fucked me bent over the kitchen island. My ass got a hardcore ass fucking, so did my cunt. That teen bad boy had my holes begging for more. He made sure to tell me, my services would be needed daily.

Incest Phone Sex Orgy

incest phone sexIncest hone sex is what I love. Seriously, I love taboo fucking. My boys love it too. They would rather fuck me than any girl their age. I have ruined them for girls their own age. I like that. I want them fucking me for forever, like my brother who still fucks my mother. We had a family orgy last night. My brother, my mother and my sons were under the same roof. Anytime we are all together, we are fucking. In fact, we don’t wear clothes when we are all together. Why would we? I was in heaven fucking my brother again, especially since my mother was getting tag teamed by my boys at the same time. I love watching my mother with my boys. My boys love watching me with their uncle. My husband just enjoys watching it all. My mom and I were high, but we could feel every ounce of those cocks inside of us. Coke makes us sex machines. We make the men in our family sex machines with our insatiable appetites. I just wish my mom and my brother lived closer to me. We would be fucking 24/7. I’d love to hear your incest stories and family phone sex fantasies.

Mommy Phone Sex Confession: I Hate School

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex keeps me busy during the day. Mommy sex keeps me up all night! I know school is important, especially for boys. They need an education so they can get a decent job and provide for their women. School hours, however suck with a party mommy’s schedule. I came home Thursday night, drunk and high. I had been partying with a hot MILF friend of mine. We were making her son a man, together. It is amazing what a little coke does to a woman. Turns a good mother into a P mommy with a snort. Trust me, I know. I came back home and everyone was in bed. I was still up and horny as fuck. I started stripping my closes off as I danced down to my sons’ bedrooms. I knew they had to get up early for school the next day, but I needed boy cock. I pulled back the covers of my youngest son first. His cock was awake even if he was not. I think he sensed I was near, even in his sleep. I started blowing that hairless cock and sucking on those hairless balls. The rest of him woke up too. I rode his boy dick until he filled me up with his young sperm. I kissed him good night and he fell back asleep. I danced down to his older brother’s room with a pussy full of boy seed and did the same thing to him. Pulled back the covers and blew his boy dick until it was fully awake. He loves a late night booty call. I enjoyed fucking them both. I always sleep better with boy cum in my pussy. They woke up Friday morning so tired. Too tired for school, so I was a bad mommy. I called them in sick from school and we fucked all day long. That’s the way to start the weekend.

Prostate Milking Gives You the Biggest Cum Shot

biggest cum shotSometimes a woman just needs the biggest cum shot you can muster. We are getting a ton of rain. Backlash from Harvey. My dealer couldn’t get to me today. I still have some coke left, but not enough to get me through a holiday weekend. My boys are off today and Monday for a nice 4 day weekend. Or as I like to call it, a mini family fuckation. If I couldn’t have coke tonight, I could certainly have cum. Coke, cock and cum are all I need to be happy. I kept the boys up late last night so I could milk their cocks dry of cum. They are young. They never stay drained for long. They were getting tired around midnight last night, but I knew there was more cum in them balls. I just wasn’t going to be able to fuck it out of them. I had to milk them out of it. You are never too young for a good old fashioned prostate milking. This was their first time with any sort of back door fun. They have fucked mommy’s hot ass, but I have never violated their little buttholes. I waited until they were both head bobbing to slide a finger up their tight assholes. A prostate massage is the best way to drain balls of all their cum. I lubed my finger liberally with some KY warming jelly and worked a finger in my oldest son’s bum first. That woke him up. He fought me briefly. Once I found his special erogenous zone, he was cool. I put my martini glass under his dick to get his flow. He was surprised he had that much cum inside of him, especially after a few loads. His brother went next and had even more cum than his older brother. My boys gave me all the cum I could have hoped for. Right before they fell asleep, they told me they wanted more prostate milking in the future.

Incest Phone Sex Mommy

incest phone sexIncest phone sex fills my days. Incest sex fills my nights. This weekend my boys and I spent making up for the lost time this week since they are back in school. I missed my mother fuckers being around all day. I had to go back to dildos during the day. Friday night, the boys stayed up late with me. We watched scary movies and fucked. I had them hyped up on caffeine and sugar so they could fuck me like the Energizer Bunny. I was doing lines of coke off a mirror while I was doggy style. That’s my fuck position. I call it my mating call. When I need cock, I put my ass in the air and shake it. All the boys know that means fuck the shit of me. When my boys are riled up on sugar and caffeine, they do some of their best fucking. They tag teamed me like porn stars. We decided to make a home movie. I set up the camera. I even introduced myself and the boys. They look young because they are young. In case anyone wants a home incest movie, I thought the viewer should know how we are all related. We fucked for hours. Even after the camera shut off. My drug dealer knows a guy who buys homemade dirty movies and sells them on the underground market. I guess he has been looking for mommy porn. I like the idea of being a phone sex mommy, a dirty mommy and now a porn star mommy. Want to make a movie with mommy?

Naughty Neighbor Phone Sex

naughty neighbor phone sexI wish I had more naughty neighbor phone sex calls. I am a naughty MILF next door to this teen boy. We are both loving it. At first, he was my dirty secret. His mother Mary had no clue. Neither did my sons or my husband, but now everyone knows. I like them knowing because I like them watching. I’m highly voyeuristic. Are you? Anyway, Friday night I invited my hunky neighbor boy toy over to service my mother who is visiting. If a boy gets a boner for a MILF, he will get a boner for a GILF too, right? I wanted to watch them fuck. I sometimes see him and his mother fucking from my bedroom window while fucking my sons.  I passed around some nose candy for everyone to help enhance the mood. My mom introduced me to coke when I was an age I can’t mention. My neighbor boy was hard instantly seeing my mom’s old hairy snatch. I have a smooth beaver, but my mom has the 70’s shag carpet. He clearly had never seen a hairy wet pussy. He went down on her quickly. Mama spread her legs wide and pushed his face into her hairy puss. She was moaning loudly. She even told my boys to take notes. My husband was jacking. My boys were jacking. I was fingering my wet bald pussy. The neighbor boy was stroking his cock as he ate out his first hairy pussy. Everyone got to eat mommy’s pussy, even me, but the neighbor boy was declared the winner of hairy pussy eating. My mom came like a dozen times. She was drenched in cum and sweat. Multiple orgasms can take a lot of out of a mature woman.  Would you go down on a granny with a full bush? I would and I do.

I Was Born for Incest Phone Sex

incest phone sexIncest phone sex stories are in abundance with me. I was raised in an open family. My mom fucked my brother 24/7 it seemed like. I was a raised believing that mothers fuck their sons. In fact, my mom told me it was my responsibility to make sure my boys were good lovers and sexually satisfied. She said young boys getting laid do better in school. She was right. My brother graduated top of his class and went on to graduate from Yale. My sons all do well in school too. They don’t have cum filled balls because I drain them before school so they can focus. Last night, I had some girlfriends over for wine and a movie. We have a small theater room that has 10 chairs. We were going to watch La La Land. My oldest son was running the projector for us. I was in shock when instead of Ryan Gosling singing and dancing, a homemade video of me snorting coke and blowing my boys showed up. Not everyone knows what I do with my boys behind closed doors. I mean, you should be careful who you tell when you are having incest sex all the time.  I do phone sex as a safe release. I couldn’t talk my way out of being on the big screen naked with a cock in my ass and pussy telling my mother fuckers to fuck me harder. Instead of calling the cops on me, my girlfriends started masturbating. I don’t know if it was the wine or the homemade movie, but my girl friends were hot and bothered watching me fuck my boys. My son was also aroused seeing sexy MILFs play with their pussies watching our home movie. I decided he should service my friends. Let them know the joys of boy fucking. He was worn out, but in a good way. My girl friends rushed home to fuck their own boys. Great movie night.

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