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phone sex mommyI love being a phone sex mommy. I was born into incest. Grew up with it and now I live it. It is only appropriate that I be a phone mommy too. My boys are home for the summer now. If I was a good mommy, I would work around my sons being home. Only take calls when they are gone or sleeping, but I am not a good mommy. I am a bad mommy. I love talking dirty while my sons are in the room. I don’t need to masturbate while they are in the room. If they can hear me having incest phone sex, they get horny. Horny boys want to please mommy. They licked my pussy and rimmed my ass for hours last night while I was on a long call. I just spread my legs as I was sharing tales of family fun and they buried their faces between my legs. I was cumming over and over on their faces as my caller was snorting lines of coke and telling me about his mommy. I was doing coke too. I am always doing coke. After my call, my sons stockpiled me. They were so horny. They had to fuck me. How could I say no? I was cock teasing them on my call. They love hearing me talk to you about how I molested them when they were younger.

Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex with a Party Whore

mutual masturbation phone sexMutual masturbation phone sex calls are great. Most guys don’t care if I cum or not. I get that. They are paying for a service. I think many of you assume that we don’t get off. I am a dirty whore. I want to get high, talk about incest and play with my cunt while you stroke your cock. Don’t you want that too? I had a new caller this week. He wanted me to call him Daddy, which was hot because he was younger than me. I think it was more of a submissive thing. We talked about our sibling fucking experiences. Mine began as a schoolgirl watching my mother and brother fuck. His happened later in life when his twin sister caught him fucking her best friend and joined in. Incest happens at all stages of life. With me it happened when I was young and when my sons were young. But, just because you never got to fuck your mother or sister when you were a school boy doesn’t mean it is too late. Just give this phone sex mommy a call. Let’s get high, masturbate and talk about incest.

Hardcore Phone Sex for Drugs

hardcore phone sexHardcore phone sex was necessary to get my fix. Normally, I fuck this black dealer in exchange for coke. He has some legal woes now, so I have been exploring other options. I thought with a white boy dealing me coke, it would be less freaky and hardcore. I was wrong. I am usually wrong. Dwight is a college dope dealer. He also runs a group of coed escorts. He has a solid reputation among middle class dope fiends. He caters to coeds, frat boys and soccer moms with monkeys on their backs. I have heard his weed is primo and his coke is cheap. Cheap for cocaine at least. I arranged a meeting. I was surprised how young he looked. I told him I had underwear older than him and he just snickered. He knew about me. I am legendary for my coke habit and boy cock addiction. His coke was cheap enough I could afford to pay with cash, but why pay with cash when you can pay with pussy, right? I made it seem like my husband keeps a tight reign on my spending. He pulled out his cock, so I went to my knees to suck.  I was thinking in my head, “Damn, this is easy.” Then, I heard voices and was like, “Oh, shit. Too good to be true.” He had some frat boys who work with him and they wanted to gang bang the sexy red-headed milf. I wanted my coke, so I let them get nasty with my fuck holes. They were enjoying my ass. Coeds don’t take a hardcore ass fucking. At least not like a mommy whore like me does. They tagged teamed my ass for hours. There was more of them than Marcus ever shared me with. But I got my coke and they tossed in some of that primo weed as a thank you. Not a bad trade.

Incest Phone Sex: I Love Family Fun

incest phone sexI love incest phone sex calls. I was raised in an incest life. My mom and brother were lovers for years. They were fucking long before I was  even old enough to understand what was going on. I love that my mom groomed me to be a pervert mommy. My sons are very grateful too. Last night, I got wicked high. My drug dealer gave me some medical grade marijuana. It is not legal in my state yet and he was out of coke. That medical pot is much stronger than the street weed. Wow. I was relaxed, but super horny. My sons helped me out. They were happy to take care of their mommy. One for each hole. They pulled my hair, slapped my ass and rode my mommy fuck holes hard.  I was egging them on because I wanted their boy seed dripping out of my holes for my mommy to lick up. She loves my creampie phone sex holes. My sons nutted inside my pussy and ass, and my mommy got between my legs and licked me clean. That of course got the boys hard again and for round two of our family fuck fest, they fucked my mommy and I cleaned their cum out of her holes. I love my kinky family fun.

Raised on Incest Phone Sex

incest phone sexIncest phone sex fantasies consume me. I was raised in a home where my mother fucked my brother. It was inevitable that I would fuck my sons too. It is in my DNA. My mom groomed me to be a P mommy just like her. Now my mommy is enjoying her grandsons. She lives with my family, but even at 60, she still loves young cock. She tells me boy dick is her fountain of youth. It is mine too. Mommy and me kept the boys up late last night fucking. We had a big bag of coke and that always makes us horny. The boys didn’t mind. Why would they? They got to fuck a sexy granny and a sexy mommy. I have two boys, but on coke they fuck us like 4 boys. I would snort a line off one son’s cock while my other son fucked my ass. Mommy got fucked too. I sat in a chair snorting coke off a mirror watching my mommy get tag teamed by my sons. When they filled her up with cum, I licked it up. Mom did the same when it was my turn to get tag teamed. Mommy taught me so many things growing up. Incest sex is best and coke lets you fuck much better.

Phone Sex Intoxication

phone sexPhone sex intoxication calls make my pussy wet. I enjoy being a wild party girl. My drug of choice is coke, but I drink too. Drinking games fuck me up quickly. I have several callers who love to make me drink, either chug from a bottle or shots. Last night I was on a super long forced intoxication call. We were sharing incest stories and doing shots. Anytime I would say boy cock, I had to do a shot. Let me tell you, I say boy cock a lot. I am addicted to young cocks. My caller loves that I am hooked on young dick. He is hooked on young pussy. Every time he said cunnie, slit or jail bait pussy, he did a shot. Needless to say, we were both royally drunk after 3 hours of talking. I was so drunk from my forced intoxication phone sex call; I couldn’t work after the call. I passed out on the couch. My sons woke me up this morning by shooting their cum all over my face. A hot shot of love to the face, woke me up right.

Guided Masturbation Techniques from a Hot MILF

guided masturbationI love guided masturbation calls. I taught my two boys how to masturbate to maximize their pleasure. I have taught a few other boys and men the same thing. Masturbation techniques vary greatly, but I think men need to learn not to just slap it and cum. Make your cock last like you were fucking a woman. I don’t like a minute man, so don’t be one with yourself either. Teddy is a friend of my oldest son. He has been sniffing around lately. He has MILF fever. He came over yesterday when I knew he knew my sons were at practice. I asked him why he came over, but he stammered. He was trying to tell me he needed help. I saw the bulge in his jeans. I knew he needed to cum. I gave him a blowjob. But I gave him more than just head. I taught him how to drain his balls. When boys are young, they just slap their dick, pull and tug until they spew their seed. When I play with my pussy, I make it last. I want to enjoy the sensation. I want that for young boys too. I made him watch some mutual masturbation porn with me, then we made our own. You are never too young or old too learn good masturbation techniques.

MILF Phone Sex Fever is in the Air

milf phone sexMILF phone sex fever is what my neighbor boy has bad for me. He is just a high school boy, but he reads my dirty blogs and jacks off to me daily. I fuck him of course. I mean, I am a dirty mommy with an addiction to boy cock and cum. Seriously, boy cum is the best way to stay healthy and youthful looking for a mature woman. This boy has a protective mother who doesn’t like me. I get it. I am a predator. I fuck the boy across the street with the blessing of his mother, but the new boy behind me, I have to sneak around with. Last night, I parked my car in the garage instead of the driveway like usual, so she would think I was gone. Worked like a charm, because she left her boy alone to run Saturday morning errands. As soon as she was gone, I summoned the lad over. He came running in the back door, to get to my backdoor. He loves anal sex as much as I do. He has a little pecker and it stays better in my ass than my well fucked cunt. I was bent over my couch with my ass naked, spread and ready for his hardcore ass fucking. He didn’t last long, but we didn’t have long. Who knew when momma bitch was coming home! When you are a boy cock junkie, you do what you have to get those boy dicks in your mommy holes.  

Phone Sex Mommy Whore

phone sexThis phone sex mommy whore had a wicked weekend. I had some premium blow. I was high as kite all weekend. My boys took advantage of my drug induced state too. They had some friends over to gang bang their  mommy. I am such a mommy whore. I was on my stomach doing lines with my ass up in the air for the taking. They took it too. One by one they fucked my ass. They fucked it hardcore too. Come to find out, my boys charged their friends admission. They were making money off my ass. They want new bikes and their daddy said only if they paid for them. Their friends are always telling them what a hot mommy they have and they know their mommy so well. I let them rent me out for a hardcore ass fucking. I thought it was hot that such young boys were willing to give up their allowance money just to fuck this sexy mommy in the ass.

Kinky Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sexI was feeling like a kinky mommy phone sex slut this weekend. I put on my crotchless spandex outfit I have not been in for years. My husband went through a phase when he liked me in spandex or latex. I always feel badass in that outfit. My sons had instant boners when they saw me in it. I know they just liked my easy access holes being readily available for them. Over the weekend, I lived in my crotchless outfit. I was doing lines of coke and showing off my mommy whore holes. My sons couldn’t help themselves. They inserted fingers, tongues, cocks and even my sex toys in my holes whenever they wanted, I got so wet. My mommy wet bald pussy was wetter than usual. That was because my boys were playing with my holes all weekend long. I was having so much fun being a dirty mommy whore that I left their boy jizz in my pussy for the weekend. It felt good to feel their boy cum drip down my legs. One of the best things about fucking my sons is that they never seem to go soft. They always have that happy to see you hard-on.  They were worn out come Sunday night. I slept well with a cum filled cunt and ass and they slept like angels being fucked dry.

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