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MILF Phone Sex with the Boy Next Door

milf phone sexI have a milf phone sex story for you. I was home alone last night. I am not the kind of woman that likes to be left alone. I get too horny. Sure, I masturbate and watch porn, but no toy is better than a cum shooting dick in my mommy pussy. My boys were at a sleep over and my husband was out of town. Even my favorite neighbor boy was with his father this weekend. But guess what? I have a new neighbor boy behind me. My back bedroom window faces his bedroom. Teen boys in front and behind me. I am one lucky milf. I did a line of coke for courage, then I went out my back door and over to the neighbor boy’s house. No car in the driveway, so I figured his parents were out. I thought I would say I locked myself out if they were home. They weren’t and within minutes of saying hello, I was in that cute boy’s room riding his cock like a dirty old whore. My sons would be jealous, but they would also enjoy jacking off listening to me talk about the teen boy that gave their mommy a hardcore ass fucking Friday night. That little stud is my latest addiction.

Hardcore Phone Sex Whore

hardcore phone sexHardcore phone sex, I am no stranger too. I am a mother, but I have a strong submissive side. It comes from my need for coke. I never have money to pay for coke. My husband doesn’t mind me being a cokehead, he does mine, however, when I spend all the money on my medicine. I was out of cash as usual. Marcus is in jail again, so I had to shop with a new guy. He knew my reputation and made me work for some snow. Marcus never fucks me that hard. I mean he fucks me, but I can usually still walk home after his hardcore ass fucking. I was crawling until I could stand. They fucked my back door for hours. No lube but their spit. I just kept thinking about how much my boys would have enjoyed watching me get used like a dirty porn star.  My ass is still sore. How sore? I am going to be sitting on a bag of frozen peas all day while I talk dirty. My boys tried rimming my sore ass, but so far the only thing that seems to take the edge off is the shit that got my ass fucked rough in the first place.

Mommy Phone Sex for the Winter Blues

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex is in high demand in the Winter. I think its because of cabin fever. My sons have it bad right now. Mother Nature has dumped on us week after week for almost two months. Snow, ice, cold rain makes boys cagey. They can’t go ride their bikes. They can easily go to a friend’s house. So many things they just can’t do and that results in a lot of pent up energy. But guess what? I have a cure for the winter blues. Lots of fucking. While mother nature rained on their parade this weekend, mommy entertained them. I got a hardcore ass fucking from both my boys. Not once, not twice, but all fucking weekend. They had a lot of energy to burn off. We didn’t just ass fuck. They dropped many loads in my wet mommy pussy too. I love having their cum inside me. Honestly, I want to get pregnant. I’m not past my prime yet. I really want a daughter. Not that I don’t love my boys because I do. But think of all the family fucking fun I can have with a daughter? My boys want to knock me up, but they don’t want to have a baby sister. I’m trying to convince them that a girl is better because another boy means they must share me with another cock. I think they are coming around.

Kinky Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sexDo you enjoy mommy phone sex? I love being mommy. I won’t lie. Being mommy to my two sons is the best, but I enjoy being mommy to other boys too. The neighbor boy loves to call me mommy too. He is a teen boy, a few years older than my oldest boy. His cock, however, is big. Big for his age, big as in porn star big. I never mind being his mommy. His own mother fucks him, but she is not the dirty seasoned mommy whore that I am. I will take his cock up my ass. His own mother won’t take his cock in her ass. I let him give me a hardcore ass fucking last night. My sons watched in amazement as he ravished my ass. They stroked their little dicks watching me get fucked in my ass. They said it was like watching a black man fuck me because his cock was big and thick like my drug dealer’s cock. My ass was gaped open just like that too. Cum was oozing out my ass. I showed off for my boys, pushing the cum out until it ran down the backs of my legs. That was too much cock teasing for them. They came over to me and got some sloppy ass seconds. I can barely sit today, but that is what cocaine is for.

Exhibitionist Phone Sex with a Trashy MILF

exhibitionist phone sex I love exhibitionist phone sex. I am such a naughty milf. I was high as a kite and super fucking horny. My sons and my husband are camping and fishing. Do I look like I do a tent? Of course, my pussy needed some boy dick. I decided to live life on the edge. That is much easier to do with shit ton of primo coke. It is not exactly warm here, but not sub zero either. I put on a sexy outfit more fit for the bedroom than the park, but I had a coat on like a dirty flashing pervert. I looked for the area where all the young ones were playing. Young as in school age, but not so young that they need adult supervision. I don’t think mothers would appreciate me flashing their young sons. I found a secluded part of the park where some school boys were playing kick ball. I took off my coat and flashed my hooker-like outfit. I was wearing a bustier which I lowered to expose my boobs and fishnet stockings. Most boys are too young for full-fledge stocking fetish phone sex, but they do appreciate a trashy milf in fishnets. They swarmed me likes bees to honey. I felt like a dirty whore. I am a dirty whore. I fucked a few school boys in a park. What can I say? I have an addiction to boy jizz. Those boys felt like they were addicted to my milf pussy. No one was complaining about being molested!

Fetish Phone Sex for Latex

fetish phone sexFetish phone sex calls explore all kinds of things. Fetishes can be common and not so common. I am discovering that younger guys are developing kinky fetishes younger and younger these days. I have a teen neighbor boy I fuck often. He is a jack rabbit. He revealed to me that he found latex hot. Latex is sexy, so I get it. It’s not a common fetish for boys his age, but there are plenty of fetish sites dedicated to women in tight shiny latex clothes. I have a few kinky outfits, so I put one on for him. He almost came in his boxers just seeing me dressed up like a sexy bad ass latex queen. He fell to his knees and started kissing all over my latex boots. This was a new side to him. He became submissive to this sexy milf phone sex slut. I felt bad ass too.  I am a far cry from a dominant bitch, but the latex made me feel powerful. I had him worship my sexy boots. I made him beg to lick my sexy mommy pussy. I made him worship my sweaty ass. That was foreplay before he banged the shit out of me. He is in for a treat because I have lots of bad ass latex outfits to get his dick super hard. What is your fetish?

Prostitution Phone Sex for Coke, Lots of Coke

prostitution phone sexProstitution phone sex is something I am getting better at. My drug dealer has me turning tricks for my coke now. I was just fucking him and his nephew, but I am using a lot more coke now that my mother lives with us. She is the only one I know who is a bigger coke whore than me. Coke is expensive according to Marcus, so I need to do more than just fuck him. I need to fuck some of his clients and associates too. Men who need a dirty whore to do the things to they can’t do to their wives. Normally, I have only fucked one or two men for him. The other night, he had 12 men lined up for me to fuck. Not all at once either. His house was my whore quarters. He had all the equipment I needed to clean up in between fucks. He bought a case of Summer’s Eve douche for me to rinse my cunt in between fucks. He said I was fucking mostly black men and they don’t do creampies like loser white men. Every guy had 45 mins to do what they wanted to me with 15 minutes for me to clean up. I will do anything for my coke. I have never douched that much in my life, but if his clients wanted a fresh pussy, a fresh pussy they would get. I swear with every fuck, came the biggest cum shot inside me. I got fucked in the ass too. Never douched my asshole, but I did for coke. I got pissed on and spanked too. But like I said, I will do anything for a nice big bag of coke. I am a mommy whore, so why not be a gang bang whore too? I got a good workout, but I got the biggest bag of coke ever. I earned that shit.

Incest Phone Sex with Drugs is Hotter

incest phone sexIncest phone sex is more fun when mommy is high. I am not like other mommies. I never have been nor will I ever be thankfully. I don’t need to be high to molest my sons, but it makes me kinkier for sure. I thought my boys were gone for the night at a sleep over. I was getting high and having fun with the teen boy next door. They came home with no warning and busted us. It is not like I was fucking behind their backs. They know their mother is a whore. They left the sleep over because some one got sick with what was thought to be the flu. Their friend’s mother dropped them off. Luckily, she didn’t come in with them or she would have busted me with a teen boy’s dick up my ass. My boys just dropped their backpacks and joined in. I am a three hole mommy after all. I got on all fours, so I could better accommodate 3 young cocks. My neighbor boy was in my cunt. My youngest son was in my mouth and my oldest boy took my ass. They had great timing too. All three boys were pumping in unison. They came in unison too. I love being a mommy whore, but when you combine boy cock with drugs phone sex, it is just much more fun.

Prostitution Phone Sex Pays for My Drugs


prostitution phone sexProstitution phone sex? Don’t knock it until you try it, I always say. I am a mommy whore and a druggy slut. I do anything for coke and anything for my boys, so when I find myself in a cash flow situation, I will sell my body for money. My regular drug dealer is down in Mexico. He left with me with a huge stash to get through a couple weeks while he was on a smuggling expedition. The problem was that he underestimated me and mother nature. We had sub arctic temps and my mom, and I went through more coke than usual. The boys were home from school for most of the week because of the weather and we needed our medicine to keep up. When the coke ran out, I went to a few back up dealers but none of them wanted to trade their medicine for my whore pussy. My sons love me coked up. Everyone does. They dressed me in a sluttier than usual outfit and encouraged me to go down town and make some money the old-fashioned way, so I did. I thought I looked hot. I stood out among the other whores. I was older and a red head. I always was a suburban housewife, not a lot lizard skank. I was fucking for coke not smack. I looked better, fresher than the other whores. I was feeling confident. Turns out, I was right to be confident. I fucked 8 guys at $150 a pop. They other whores were jelly. I had the money I needed, no need to push the envelope. If I had stayed much longer, they may have killed me. I went to another dealer covered in cum and bought my first bag of coke with money in ions. Everyone was happy to see me come home with Superbowl supplies. Sex sells, even for a mommy phone sex whore like me.

Drugs Phone Sex with the Catering Help

drugs phone sexWhen you are known as a drugs phone sex whore, you know how to have fun, even at the most boring of events. I had to go to this retirement party the other night. My husband’s boss is retiring and giving the business to my husband.  If it wasn’t for that fact, I would have skipped the party. It is not a party unless I can get high and fuck. I guess this is one of those things you do for love, right? My husband asked me not to bring any coke. He knows how wild I get. I promised I wouldn’t bring any, but I never promised I wouldn’t do any. That was a different think completely. I played the nice wife for about an hour before I went to slum with the catering crew. Mostly young Latino boys. I figured one of them would at the least have some weed on him. I hit the jackpot. All of them had something on them. Coke, weed, pills, molly…. Whatever I wanted. They were happy to party with a hot MILF. I did some lines of coke and then I turned from nice suburban wife into gangbang whore. I was in the kitchen getting fucked by 5 Mexican caterers. I don’t think any of them were over 25. I knew my husband would be pissed, but I didn’t break my promise. I let the help cum inside me, did another line, then went back to the boring party with a creampie and a smile. Surefire way to make a party fun is coke and cum.

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