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Mommy Needs a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fuckingSometimes a mommy needs a hardcore ass fucking. My munchkins love fucking mommy’s ass, but let’s face it, their dicks aren’t big enough to go hardcore like I need and want. I have been an anal slut for decades.  I get high as fuck, which makes me kinky as fuck. Last night the boys were with their grandma at the movies seeing that Deadpool movie. I called over a freaky coke buddy of mine to play. It was a mommy play date. I know what you are thinking. I invited over some bull cock. No. I invited over a lesbian friend of mine who likes to get kinky too. She brought her bag of tricks. We did lines for a bit. Once the coke kicked in, our nasty freak side came out. She loves ass play too. We rimmed each other’s pretty pink buttholes. I try to get my sons to eat my ass, but they aren’t into that yet. I’m working on them. Anyway, Lila has this huge double sided dildo that gives me a hot squirting pussy. Even though it goes deep in my ass, like 10 inches deep, it makes my pussy squirt every where. We spent a solid two hours ass fucking with her toys and getting high. My munchkins would be home soon, so we had to cut our anal fun short. Not that my boys wouldn’t enjoy the freak show; I just don’t want them knowing their little peckers don’t do to my ass what needs to be done! Fragile little egos on young boys. When they came home, I was horny for some loving. They commented on the smell of pussy in the air. “Mommy missed you boys so much, I played with my wet bald pussy until you came home,” was my answer. They smiled and pulled out their boy dicks for mommy, clueless about just how huge of a nasty freak I am.

Mommy Phone Sex Slut

mommy phone sexWhen your sons know you are a mommy phone sex slut, they try to listen into your calls. I don’t mind. As long as they are quiet, they can eat my cunt while I talk dirty with you. Last night, I was up later than usual partying with my callers. My boys were horny. They were also tired. They wanted to go to bed but they can’t sleep unless mommy fucks them first. I decided to fuck them while I was on a call. I told them they would have blue balls if they made a sound. I bent over my couch, spread my legs, held the phone under my left ear as they banged me from behind. They were amazingly quiet. They just wanted to bust a nut in mommy and crash. I could feel their boy jizz oozing out of me. Felt amazing. My caller thought I was simulating sex with him. You know, giving him the porn star phone sex experience. Little did he know I was really giving him the mommy experience. I played with wet mommy pussy the rest of the night. I woke up this morning and they filled me up again.  This job is perfect for me. Where else could I fuck my sons and get paid for it?


Incest Phone Sex with a P Mommy Whore

incest phone sexDo you have incest phone sex fantasies? I am the mom you wish you had. All my sons’ little friends tell me they wish I was their mom or that their mom was more like me. I a mommy whore. I don’t deny myself or my boys pleasure. I know it is illegal to fuck boys the age that I like, but is it wrong? I mean it is not like my sons and their friends are crying that I molested them. Quite the opposite.  They all brag about the old party milf they get to fuck, which brings more boys to my door. Yesterday, was the first day of summer break for some schools. My sons still have another week because of the weather this year. When I heard a knock at the door yesterday afternoon, I figured delivery or the Mormons. It was a group of young boys. They heard a rumor that I was the woman to come to for a blow job. They were so cute. They pooled their allowance money together to get head from the dirty milf on the corner. I told them to keep their money because the first one was one me. The expression on the faces was like they heard some one tell them they never have to go to school again. It was a joke because I never charge money to blow young boys or fuck them. I am a boy cock lover. I do it for free. I spent a few hours educating the young lads on the sensation of oral pleasure. Poor things never even had their dicks licked. Not once by anyone. Bad mommies.  They looked so relaxed afterwards, I almost offered them a cigarette. I told them their money is no good here. Just come by with your hard dicks and dirty mommy Blair will take care of them. There can never be enough boy dick for this P mommy.

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sexDo you like mommy phone sex? I have a double life. To the women in my community, I look like the typical soccer mom. I have a mini van and I attend the PTA. I like being active in my sons’ lives. I am very active as you all know, but my fellow suburban mommies have no clue I am a dirty party P mom. I drop the boys off at school, then go fuck my drug dealer to get some free coke. My sons come home from school and fuck their mommy before doing their homework. The funny thing is that most mothers judge me for being a dirty mom who loves coke, yet they are popping pills like tic tacs. I am self aware. I don’t claim to be the perfect housewife. The perfect housewife is an illusion. Behind every soccer mom, is a dirty whore wanting to come out. I let mine come out with the help of cocaine. Friday, I dropped them off at school. fucked my dealer for 6 hours instead of a Pilates instructor like other suburban wives.  I picked up the boys from school; snorted lines of coke then fucked my boys. I think my life is better than the repressed mommies popping pills, fucking their trainers and denying their son’s little dicks. Don’t you?

Anal Phone Sex Whore

anal phone sexI love anal phone sex calls. Anyone who talks to me knows I am an anal sex whore. When I get high, my anal whore emerges. My usual drug dealer is in jail for 30 days. The funny thing is that he didn’t get into trouble for drugs. He got busted hiring a hooker. Thirty days seems long for paying a girl to suck your dick but guess this is the second time Marcus has been busted. He has a huge black dick. Most women can’t handle his monster cock. I get free coke because I can handle it plus I let him watch me fuck my sons. Marcus is a drug dealer, but he is a sex addict too. That is what gets him in trouble. Anyway, I had to hook up with Gabriel, an Italian Stallion and weekend dealer. He wasn’t interested in anything other than giving me a hardcore ass fucking. I rode his cock up and down for hours. He was on some Viagra which gave him a four hour erection. My ass was sore. It has been awhile since I had a sore ass from being fucked in my back door more than my pussy. Well, I get grown man dick in my ass more than my pussy. My sons love my pussy, which is not what you would expect because they have smaller dicks than you. I have some over fucked holes. I am a slut. My ass is my tightest hole. Gabriel loved fucking my back door. It was tight enough for his 4 hour erection. I got my bag of coke and went home. I was tired and sore, but there were my sons waiting to fuck their mommy’s pussy. They loved hearing about what an anal sex whore I was for a new dealer.

Drugs Phone Sex Makes My Freak Flag Fly

drugs phone sexI love drugs phone sex calls because my inner freak comes to the forefront when I party. I am off on Mondays, so last night I stayed up late doing lines of coke with my mother and masturbating. We started talking about when I was younger.  I would watch her and my brother fuck. She never realized I was masturbating with some of her sex toys as young as I was. She thought I was a teen when I first realized she was fucking my brother. When I told her, I use to take her pony tail dildo and put it in my ass as a young school girl, she got so wet. She had me eat her pussy. I gave my mommy a hot squirting pussy telling her how I was a nasty little freak before she realized I was a nasty little freak. I love my mommy. She taught me to get high and let my freak flag fly. We were making a lot of noise fucking my double sided dildo. It woke the boys. It was a school night, so they crashed early. I wanted to keep them up to play, but if they miss one more day of school, they won’t advance to the next grade. Well, my attempts to be a good mommy failed. They heard their granny and me moaning loudly and wanted to join the fun naturally. I bet you would have wanted the same thing. Boy dicks feel better than rubber cocks any day. My mommy and I did lines of blow off the dildo, then tossed it aside in favor of boy cock. We blew their dicks then took turns with those young dicks in our old fuck holes. My boys were sleepy this morning, but they went to school with sore dicks and smiles on their faces.

A Foot Fetish Phone Sex Call Turns into Kinky Fetish Family Fun

foot fetish phone sexMy boys overheard a foot fetish phone sex call earlier in the week. They are used to hearing me having mommy sex, so a fetish call was out of my wheelhouse. I had to explain to them why guys find feet sexy. After I explained a foot job, they wanted to try one. I piqued their curiosity when I told them about cum flowing between my toes. They asked if I was ticklish. My feet are very ticklish. Ever since I was a little girl, my feet have been sensitive. My brother used to tickle me until I peed my panties. I drank some wine and stuck my feet out to my boys. They enjoyed tickling me until I peed my cotton panties. They laughed and giggled. I embarrassed myself. My boys loved it, however. They wanted me to pee my panties again. I thought they would want a foot job like they asked, but they seemed more interested in me pissing my mommy panties for them than cumming on my feet. It was rather liberating and naughty. I do a lot of phone sex fetish calls, but I rarely get them for bathroom play. Turns out, I may be a natural pissing whore. I peed my panties all night for my sons while they jacked their little dicks. What is your kinky fetish?

Drugs Phone Sex, BBC and Incest

drugs phone sexIt is no secret that I enjoy drugs phone sex. I am a party mom. I like to get high and talk dirty. I like to get high and fuck my sons and their friends.  I live in a gated community. My dealer is a black man. When a thug looking black man comes to my neighborhood, he is there to fuck a white woman or sell drugs to her husband. It’s not being racist. It’s just fact. In my case, a gang banger looking black man is selling drugs to me and fucking my slut wife pussy. When you are a woman, you don’t have to pay with cash for coke or weed. You can pay with pussy, especially when your dealer is black. Black men love white pussy. They like it for many reasons. It’s taboo. It’s forbidden, and it is a way to cuckold white men who have try to keep them down for centuries. I am convinced that slavery existed because white men wanted to keep their wives from knowing how big black men’s dicks were.  My husband likes that I am a taboo whore. He likes that I am a coke whore too. When I am high, I get naughtier with our boys. Marcus my dealer loves fucking me because he can call me mommy and watch me fuck my sons.  If I let my phone sex callers call me mommy, you better believe I will let a black drug dealer call me mommy too. I will do anything for free coke. In fact, last night I did. Marcus brought over about 10 of his friends to gang bang a white MILF. I got a big bag of coke in return. The looks my neighbors gave me this morning when I walked the dogs was priceless. Of course, I was walking funny and I reeked of cum.

Mommy Phone Sex Family Fun

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex is so much fun when you are a dirty family fun slut. My entire family was under this roof this weekend. My brother visited, and my husband was not travelling for work. My mother lives with me now. I called my brother a couple weeks ago. We got to talking and we agreed he was long over due for a visit. He surprised my mother Friday night. My incest life began watching my mother and brother fuck. She groomed me to be the P mommy I am today. My sons are so grateful for that too. They have friends from school who don’t have mommies like me.  It has been a family fucking weekend. Party weekend too. My mom and I love to do lines. It liberates us to be the dirty incest whores that we are. My husband loved watching all the incest sex. He is like most of my callers, a mother fucker wannabe. His mommy never gave up her pussy to her only son; why I have no clue. She missed out on some taboo family fun. My husband called phone sex mommies until he met me. He knew I was the right freak to who would have sons just to fuck them. He was right too. My sons wore my mommy pussy out this weekend, grandma’s pussy too. Well, my brother helped wear out our mother’s pussy. My brother must come visit more often. I have not been fucked this much or this well in too long.

Hardcore Ass Fucking is Better Than Camping

hardcore ass fuckingSometimes a sexy milf just needs a hardcore ass fucking. We had fucking snow this weekend. In April, snow? Seriously, what the fuck. Our family plans changed. We were going camping. Old fashioned style too with tents and sleeping bags. I just planned to be high the entire weekend, so I wouldn’t realize I was sleeping on dirt and peeing in the woods. In hindsight, I was glad it snowed. It gave me an excuse to call off camping. The boys were bummed. That was until I got high and suggested we have some family anal fun. I don’t know about you, but when I party, my freak flag flies.  I wanted some hot ass sex with my boys. With my boys, that just means double stuff mommy’s ass. My sons are still growing where it counts. They are not yet the size that can do damaged to my well fucked holes. However, both of their cocks in my ass feels like one big fat cock. For brothers, they are cool with sharing mommy’s holes together. I remember some threesomes in college where guys freaked out just seeing each other’s junk. I am raising my boys to be more progressive thinkers. I like the feel of their cocks against each other while they are crammed up my ass. I think we all agreed that family anal fun was better than camping in the cold.

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