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Prostitution Phone Sex for Drug Money

prostitution phone sexProstitution phone sex is the oldest kind! Not really, but prostitution is the oldest profession for women. Ian no stranger to hooking.  I know what I must do when I am out of drug money. I don’t ever have drug money. I just trade my body for coke. Normally that works; but when my black dealer is in jail or out of town and I run out of blow, I get my milf ass down to the red-light district and fuck for money to buy coke. Last night, I had to hustle too. It seemed like no one wanted to pay good money to fuck an old whore. One guy offered me $10 and a McDonald’s coupon for free fries to fuck. I talked him into a quick blowjob instead. I know I am not tight anymore, but come on, $10? It seemed to be a trend. Broke ass losers offering me pennies. I know I am not young or tight, but I am skilled. I have more skill in my tongue than any teen whore does in her entire body. I tried hard to sell my skills but the most I could make was $50 for a hardcore ass fucking. I took it of course. I took anything that was offered to me because I needed blow for the week. I sucked 4 cocks, gave a hand job, took two ass fuckings, let one guy piss in my mouth and another 11 me fuck my cunt. For all that, I made $485 and a coupon for free fries. It was enough to get my blow, but damn, I thought I could earn way more in a night. I guess sex doesn’t sell like it used to or men just don’t want to pay for a dirty druggy mommy with a high mileage pussy and ass.

Mommy Phone Sex Exlpoits

mommy phone sexI love being a naughty phone sex operator. This is the place where I can safely confess all my dirty sins. You can too. I have done many naughty things. I cheat on my husband. I get high. I fuck my sons. I fuck other people’s sons too. I fuck my mom. I fuck my brother. I fuck black men. Hell, I fuck anyone. I am a dirty whore. There is something extra taboo, however, about fucking younger guys, especially my sons and their friends. School started back this week and I am alone in the daytime now, but my two sons are making up for their absence during the day. They came home yesterday ready to fuck. And they brought a couple friends for a mommy gang bang. I love having more than one cock in me at a time, especially young teen cock. Those boys ravaged me inside and out. Molested my titties, finger banged my cunt, deep throated my mouth, fucked my ass and cunt and filled me with cum. I love being a cum dumpster for my sons and their friends. They love having a mommy whore to fuck too. But then what boy wouldn’t, right? I love being a phone sex mommy, so I can share my dirty exploits with you.

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Phone sex Druggy Whore

phone sexI am a phone sex druggy whore. I love to get high and get nasty. I was doing coke and pot long before I became a mommy. I was high when I got pregnant. One of my sons is clearly darker than my husband. We all know that my drug dealer is his baby daddy. Even my drug dealer knows that, but he doesn’t want to be a daddy. He just wants to fuck me. He does like fucking me in front of my sons, however. He makes house calls. I was jonesing for coke but the weather was bad. My husband was out of town and I texted Marcus. He came right over with a big bag of coke. Strings attached of course. I had to fuck him in front of the boys. They never mind. They know I am a mommy whore. They like that I will fuck for drugs. I only pay in pussy and ass. Marcus loves fucking an old mommy in front of her fuck trophies. They were pulling on their young white dicks while I was getting skull fucked and pussy fucked by big black cock. They were so proud that I took the biggest cum shot and got a big bag of coke for it.

Mommy Phone Sex Whore

mommy phone sexWhat boy does not like a mommy phone sex whore? My sons love that I am a whore. I was a superfreak last night too. So was my mommy. My sons had a pool party. My house was full of about 30 young boys. My dealer gave me some new coke to try. It is a much purer batch. I made the mistake of snorting my usual amount. I only needed a little. I turned into a fuck machine. The boys went crazy. They took advantage of my altered state and fucked the shit out of me. I was a gang bang mommy for 30 young boys. So was my mommy. It was a milf and a gilf train. Those young studs were so hard too. Many had never fucked a woman before. Several were well endowed for their age and all of them had big cum loads to get rid of. I am in love with that new coke. So are my mom and my boys and their friends. It took a nasty freak and supercharged her into a super nasty gang bang freak!

Hardcore Ass Fucking for Coke

hardcore ass fuckingHardcore ass fucking is what a druggy whore needs. That is what everyone tells me when I ask for free coke. Ass or grass no one rides for free. If I want a handout, I need to give up my fuck holes. Marcus my regular dealer is back in business. I prefer to get my coke from him because he is gentler on my fuck holes than his competitors. Last night, Marcus was feeling kinky. He likes to watch me with other people. Normally, he is watching me with other black men. Last night, however, he wanted me with women and men. I had never been with a black girl before. They were brutal to me. They fisted my pussy while their men fucked my ass. My pussy was gaping open. The black women just laughed at the druggy white whore willing to be humiliated for a bag of coke. They had me shit their man’s seed out on the floor and eat it up off the floor like a dog. It was a humiliation to the max but I got my coke. I came home to my family walking funny. But I had party supplies, so they were happy because coke brings out my inner freak.

Rape Phone Sex Fantasies

rape phone sex fantasiesMany men call to explore their rape phone sex fantasies. They will call a submissive slut like me when they have the urge to roleplay a force fuck scenario. I am no stranger to being force fucked. I am a druggy whore and a party mom. That gets me in trouble often. I was chaperoning a teen party over the weekend. I didn’t want to be there. Teens don’t need chaperoning. My neighbor called in a favor. After I was there for about an hour, I saw why she needed me there. She was out of town and her son runs with the bad boys. Some one brought a keg to a teen party. I didn’t mind them drinking. I mean who am I to say someone can’t party, right?  I just told them no driving. I collected the keys and locked them up. I let them have their fun while I watched TV in one of the bedrooms. One of the boys walked into the bedroom unannounced and pulled his dick out. My friend doesn’t know what a dirty whore I am, so I tried to get the boy to leave. He snapped. He had heard I was a whore, so he expected me to fuck him. He grabbed me by the hair, slammed me on the bed and fucked me. This was not a gentle, romantic fuck either. This was a hardcore ass fucking. Not that I mind those, I just didn’t want this drunk prick fucking me. He overpowered me. Honestly, as drunk as he was, I was impressed he didn’t have drunk dick. Once he was done with me, he left. I was not alone again for the rest of the night. He sent every other boy at the party in one at a time to fuck the dirty whore chaperone.

Cum Slut Phone Sex Whore

cum slut phone sexI am a cum slut perfect for cum slut phone sex. My drug dealer loves giving me his cum. I owe him some money. It wasn’t for my drugs because I fuck for that. He gave me a package to deliver and I was a bad girl. I kept it for myself. I had the intention of giving him money for it, but my husband cut my allowance off and I had already put the parcel of coke up my nose. I have been working off my indiscretion for weeks now. Last night I was his subby cum dumpster. He invited several of his black friends over. That meant there was a ton of cum for me because black cocks cum like volcanoes. Marcus and his friends jacked off on the floor then used me like a mop. I had to lick all their seed off a dirty kitchen floor. It was humiliating but I deserved to be punished. I gobbled all that seed off the floor. I spit shined his linoleum floors like I had Spic and Span in my mouth. Marcus and his friends were impressed with how well I licked up all the cum. I told them I am a good submissive phone sex whore, so I can be a subby whore off the phone too, especially if coke is on the line. I didn’t verbalize that part. The reason I took all the humiliation they gave me was because my coke supply was in jeopardy.  Only Marcus will let me trade sex for coke. With no coke, I can’t be the nasty mommy I love being.

submissive phone sex

Phone Sex MILF

phone sexI love phone sex. I don’t exactly have the kind of life I can tell just anyone about, you know? I can’t exactly introduce myself to some one and say, “My name is Blair. I like yoga, scary movies, doing coke and fucking my young sons.” However, I can say that to you! I don’t have a real girlfriend. I have incest mommies that I swap sons with sometimes. I have my mother, but I have no female friends I can do girl things with. That all changed this week. I met Julie at a movie. She went alone too. We were the only ones in the matinee of Annabelle on Wednesday. She asked if she could sit next to me. We gabbed a drink after the movie. She is a single mom, new to town and shares custody of her teen boy with her ex-husband. After a bottle of wine, we spilled our dirty secrets. We have a lot in common, including being raised in an incest family. Her mother fucked her brother too. She plays with her son. She was my soulmate! She came back home with me and we fucked. She is fond of coke too. My son was home and he fucked the shit out of my new friend. He loves playing with a MILF. He was excited as I was for me to have a sexy mommy friend!

Mommy Phone Sex Makes My Sons Horny

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex turns my sons on. It makes them even more sex machines than they already are! Seriously though, when they hear me being mommy for some one else, they get jealous. Your calls fuel them. It is like foreplay for mommy sex. I was super busy last night. I mean it was a weekend night. The party boys come out to play with the party mom. My sons were eavesdropping on my part of the calls. They watched me rub my pussy. They watched me snort lines of coke and they listened to me talk about fucking my sons and my drug dealer. After my last call, I was tired. I was ready to head to bed, but my boys had other plans They were not tired. They were horny. I did a line of powder to pick me up, then I was a good mommy whore for my boys. I mean it is hardly fair to talk incest phone sex for hours with other men then neglect your own boys, right? I perked up and let them tag team me until they nutted all their cum. Boys need to fuck before bed. Releasing that cum helps them sleep better. Of course, they woke up still horny and I had to take care of their hard cocks again this morning. I never mind.

Encouraging Panty Boy Phone Sex Fetish in Young Boys

panty boy phone sexDo you enjoy panty boy phone sex? Most boys have a sexual awakening of some sorts with mommy’s panties. I know my boys did. Of course, I encouraged it by leaving my dirty panties all around for them to smell and jack off in. I even wore short skirts so they could look up and see my pretty cotton panties. We are well past the stage of them being curious about panties. We fuck now. Why jack off in mommy’s panties when you can cum in mommy’s pussy? My new neighbor boy is still at the fascination with my panties stage, however. He is much younger than my sons. He was over this weekend because his father was out of town. The nanny fell through, and sexy neighbor Blair came to the rescue. The first night he was here, I caught him going through my dirty hamper. He was embarrassed, stammered when caught and lied about looking for a towel. Not my first rodeo. I knew what he was doing, so I kept a close eye on him. I also encouraged his panty fetish. Just like I encourage any phone sex fetish my callers have. While Jeremy was here, I made sure he found my dirty panties all around the house. I wanted him smelling my scent. I wanted him jacking off his little dick in my panties. I am grooming this boy. I am a P woman and a P mommy. Sometimes young boys don’t know they want to fuck you yet, so you must groom them to think about you in naughty ways. Jeremy is a very young boy still. The kind with not even a hint of peach fuzz on his balls yet. But, if he is my neighbor boy, he is going to be groomed by this P milf and mommy.

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