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Mommy Gets a Hardcore Ass Fucking

hardcore ass fuckingI got a hardcore ass fucking last night. I am an anal sex whore, but my step-son made a rare visit. As soon as he turned 18, he left the house and rarely visits. He hates me because he thinks I broke up his parents’ marriage. My husband met me in a bar when he was still married, and he asked his wife for a divorce the next day. It’s not my fault. I am a nasty freak and his mother was a vanilla housewife. My stepson has hated me from the get-go and has never seen his father in the same light as he did when he was a little boy. When he came by last night, he was high and in a mood. He demanded money. I had none to give him. His father was not home, so he fucked my ass harder than anyone has, even harder than my drug dealer. He tied me up and made his half-brothers watch as he “put a whore in her place.” I was dismayed at how much my boys enjoyed watching me get anally tortured by their big brother. They thought it was some sort of sex game between us, but today I can barely walk. My stepson hates me and my ass is the proof.

Guided Masturbation with a Young Girl

guided masturbationGuided masturbation is something I am good at. Normally, I am telling young boys how to stroke their cocks for mommy. Last night, I got a surprise when this little girl who is staying next door found her way into my bedroom. She is the niece of my neighbor lady, Mary. She is a cute thing, younger than my sons. She was bored so she came over to see if my sons wanted to ride bikes with her. She walked right in my room as I was rubbing my pussy. It was just a rare me moment. The boys were still asleep, and I was horny. She didn’t ask me what I was doing. She knew what I was doing. In a cute young bubble voice, she told me to rub faster. Eventually, she wanted me to peel back my panties and show her my wet bald pussy. This young girl has seen some family action before. I let her tell me just how to rub my pussy. I let her tell me to show her my pretty pink cunt. She had such a dirty mouth on her that it made me wetter. I had her pull down her little panties and play with her cunnie for me. Before I realized what was happening, she was in bed with me eating my cunt calling me mommy. Damn, I wish I had a daughter.

Ring in the New Year with Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex rings in the new year with a bang. My boys are still off from school. They will go back Wednesday.  Until then, I can be a mommy whore. I hooked up with my dealer last night to ensure my family had enough blow to ring in the new year. I worked for that blow too. I had to get gangbanged by Marcus, his nephew and several of his nephew’s friends who wanted to fuck a suburban milf. I don’t say no to a gangbang with black teen boys, especially not when a big bag of coke is on the line. They fucked my ass and pussy, sometimes I had a few dicks in a hole at a time. Black boys fuck a druggy whore harder, I think. They wanted to make sure I could feel everything. I felt it. Boy did I feel it. I walked into my home a little wobbly from the ass pain. That was okay though. I did a few lines of coke and let my boys soothe my sore holes with their tongues. My mother joined in too. They wanted to party with me. I let them all do a bump while they cleaned the mess up left by Marcus, his nephew and friends. Once I was cleaned up and they were high, we started ringing in the New Year early with some family fucking. Happy New year my fellow party perverts.

Mommy Phone Sex Christmas

mommy phone sexAll this mommy phone sex slut wants for Christmas is young cock and coke.  Luckily, I have plenty of both. I have a home full of boy cock and thanks to my dealer, I have a huge bowl of coke to get through the holidays. My mom and I put a dent it in last night, however. With no school, the boys have no set bedtime. My mom and I did lines of coke off those boy dicks all night long. It was snowing outside. The Christmas lights were on. And mom and I were high and horny. No surprise there. We don’t need to be high to molest my sons and we don’t need the holidays to get high! We just amp up the fun on the holidays. I didn’t think it was possible to wear out my horny boys, but we did. They passed out about 4 am this morning. I put them to bed and my mom and I summed the teen boy next door over. He can last longer than they can because of his age. We let him party with us too and we were up fucking until my sons woke up hours later. Tis the season to fuck and party! Merry Christmas.

Phone Sex, Drugs and BBC, Oh My

phone sexPhone sex and getting high are two things I do well. I do them well simultaneously too. Most people who know me would say I am not a good multi-tasker, but when it comes to things I love, I think you will see how well I can juggle the balls. Last night, my dealer got sprung from jail. He came by to see his favorite MILF and to retrieve his stash. Now, there was still plenty left because he stashed a few kilos with me, but I had made a serious dent in his supply. Not that he minded, but I had to work off what I used. I was still working, taking calls, but that didn’t stop me from snorting lines of coke and getting fucked like a wild rabbit by Marcus’s big black dick. Any time I got a phone call, I begged for some drugs phone sex. I wanted callers to hear me doing lines of coke. They just didn’t know I was doing lines off black cock. I had a few callers who thought I was ramming my cunt with a big dildo when it was Marcus’s fat cock making me scream and squirt. I think I proved I can multi task well last night.

Drugs Phone Sex with a Party Mom

drugs phone sexDrugs phone sex is what I excel at because I am the party mom. That is what my sons’ friends call me. They love to come over because not only do I fuck them, I let them smoke weed and drink too. The boys are off until the new year now. That means no bed time. I had them invite a few friends over last night, so we could party. I got them high on some primo weed. Then I let them have some beer. I love being the mom that all the teen boys want to hang out with. My mom joined us. Teen cock is her kryptonite. Who are we kidding, mine too. Once everyone was in party mode, my tits came flying out of my dress. I have average boobs, but boobs are boobs to young boys. Hell, to any age boys! Once my boobs made an appearance, their cocks made an appearance too. I did a few lines off boy cocks. The coke residue left on those cocks makes them fuck me like Energizer bunnies. My mom wanted in on the boy orgy. A milf, a gilf and 6 teen boys. Now, that is the best Christmas present ever. We fucked most of the night. My mom and I love snowballing boy cum.

Dirty Mommy Phone Sex

mommy phone sexI love being a dirty mommy. It was a rare night for me last night. I found myself home alone. My sons were with their dad hunting this weekend. My mom was with my brother in Chicago. My drug dealer was in jail again too. Lucky for me, he gave me a huge supply to hide for him until he gets out. He won’t mind if I use a little in the meantime. I got high and started texting young boys through Instant Message on FB. Friends of my sons. I know it was risky, but boys don’t rat out P women. I got lucky. There were a few teen boys with nothing to on a Saturday night. They wanted nothing more than to come over and fuck a sexy milf. Before I knew what I had started, I had a party at my house. About 15 boys came over expecting to get drunk and fuck a sexy milf. One milf and 15 teen boys? That was my idea of a party. Hell yes. I did lines of coke and took cock all night long.  My ass and cunt are still sore. There was no hiding my dirty deeds from my sons when they cam home this morning. I smelled and looked like a cum dumpster. They weren’t upset though. They know I am a mommy whore.

Incest Phone Sex with a Mommy Whore

incest phone sexIncest phone sex fantasies I have discovered get stronger with the holidays. Guys lament on the missed chances they had with their mommy. I might not me your real mommy, but I can pretend to be. Trust me, I am a great mommy. Just ask my two sons. They love that they can fuck me whenever they want. Last night, I was fucking the teen boy next door when they came home earlier than expected. Now, they know I am a mommy whore. They enjoy the fact that while they are away, I am fucking other boys, my drug dealer and anyone else I want to fuck. Last night, however, they were super horny and feeling extra nasty, so they didn’t want to wait. They tried to scare off the young lad I was fucking, but he was older than them and he put them in their place quickly. I am the peace maker. I have three holes and there were three boy cocks. I suggested a game of musical mommy holes. I got on all fours and let the boys fuck a hole and rotate. One in my mouth, one in my pussy, one in my ass then they rotated until every boy dumped a load in my three mommy holes. I was one hell of a cum dumpster last night. But it all worked out. Every boy got a hole. No one had to wait their turn. And, I got three loads of cum in every hole. I can be a very amenable phone sex mommy and mommy whore.

Mommy Phone Sex for Naughty Boys

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex boys love the holidays. My boys too. They always get hornier as Christmas approaches. I think it for two reasons. The first being its colder now. That means they can’t be outside as much burning off energy. Indoor fun means fucking mommy. I also think it has to do with wanting to get good presents. If they fuck mommy better, more often, Santa will be better to them. That is what I told them when they were younger just to get fucked more. They get spoiled at Christmas, so it’s not a lie. Just something to motivate them to be good mother fuckers. Whatever works, right?  We put the Christmas tree up Sunday night. That lead to fucking, lots of family fucking. It was snowing outside. My husband made us a fire and even gave me some snow for my nose. He pulled out his cock, so he could stroke while he watched me fuck our boys. My mom joined us too. I told them that Santa only brings video games to little boys who take care of mommy and granny! They out fucked themselves. They are motivated by my pussy, but they want presents too. My husband always spends a ton of money on us all over the holidays. There is no harm in motivating them to fuck me harder, right? From now until Christmas it is more than 12 days of fucking!

Mommy Phone Sex with the New Neighbor

mommy phone sexMommy phone sex is the next best thing when boys can’t fuck their own mothers. Not every boy is as lucky as my sons. We know this. My sons meet boys all the time that have hard-ons for mommy but can’t do anything about it. It makes me so very sad. My youngest son told me there was a new boy in the neighborhood. No mom in the picture. He is being raised by his father. I had to go check him out, right? He lives behind us, so I put on a sexy lingerie outfit to seduce him and maybe even his father too. I played dumb when daddy came out into the back yard. I was like I didn’t know someone had moved in yet. I apologized but flirted shamelessly. I am not above using daddy to get to junior. Men do it all the time to women with pretty little daughters, right? He invited me over for coffee. I suggested I get a robe and he said it wasn’t necessary. I wasn’t sure if his son was home or not, but I wanted to check things out. Daddy was all over me. He knew I was married with three sons, but he didn’t care. I fucked him on his dining room table. Right as he was pulling his cock out of my wet bald pussy, in came junior. The son high fived his son and said, “I told you she was a whore.” I was confused about what was going on. Then junior pulled out his cock and said it was his turn. I didn’t overthink what was going on. I spread my legs and let junior fuck my mommy pussy. Apparently, my reputation as a mommy whore travels fast because the new neighbors knew about me and they had only moved in last week. I am going to love my new neighbors. Now I have a hot teen boy across the street and a daddy and his young son behind me, not to mention the two horny boys living under my own roof.

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