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mommy phone sexMommy phone sex is what I am best at. My mother raised me to be a dirty mommy whore like her. When I would watch my mother and brother, she always told me to take notes and I did. I am a mommy whore just like she was when I was little. I have two sons though and as they grow, they get more and more demanding of my mommy fuck holes. I am not complaining. I am submissive to those boy cocks. I was talking on the phone last night with a friend of mine. My oldest shoved his cock in my mouth as I was talking on the phone. I mean it was aggressive too. My friend thought I was gagging on something I ate. I could hear her asking if I needed 911. My son pulled out of my mouth and told me to tell her I would call her back. I apologized to her, assured her I was okay. I hung up and suddenly, I had two cocks in my mouth. My boys were skull fucking mommy. I was slobbering on their dicks. They had never been that aggressive. Their balls were smothering my nose. I thought I might start turning blue, but they grew tired of my mouth and wanted my pussy and ass instead. I was ordered over the kitchen table. My legs were spread for me. One in my pussy and one in my ass. Before they double penetrated me, my oldest put a little coke on the table. I did a line as they hammered away at my mommy fuck holes. They were fucking me so hard I was sure they might leave a mark on my ass.  God, I love how age is making them more aggressive. Gives me a mommy wet bald pussy.

Incest Phone Sex

incest phone sexIncest phone sex is my favorite. I am a dirty mom and a naughty daughter and sister. Incest is in my genes. My horny boys are getting older by the day and increasingly more insatiable. They came home from school today around 3 pm and before they did anything, they pulled their cocks out of their pants and insisted on fucking. I was in the middle of something, but they didn’t care. They are walking hormones lately. They wanted fucked, so I dropped what I was doing and got naked. They couldn’t wait their turns, so they fucked me at the same time. They are getting more aggressive with their fucking. They rammed their cocks in and out of my ass and pussy. Their young balls even slapped against each other. Fucking them with one in my ass and one in my cunt is not hard but having them both in my ass at a time was difficult. Their cocks are growing now that they are young teen boys. They can give me a hardcore ass fucking together. They filled my ass up with cum but were still hard. I was an ass to mouth slut for my boys. I licked their cocks clean of my ass juice then let them nut in my mouth. I barely have time to write this blog, because they will want a third round soon.

Phone Sex Halloween: I Want a Treat

phone sexThis phone sex mommy was feeling wicked and kinky last night. It must have been Halloween in the air. My mom took the boys trick or treating at the mall. The city had the official trick or treating over the weekend because it was going to be super cold today. The temps plummeted about 40 degrees. The mall was doing a special trick or treat thing, so the boys wanted more candy of course. I wanted my own treat. I called up my drug dealer and told him I would do anything for a fix. He had me dress up for him. He loves to see me in sexy ass clothes. He made me work for my treat. He was in a BDSM mood. Not his typical hardcore ass fucking mood. He walked me into his basement. I had never been there before. I was surprised to see it was a BDSM house of horrors. I was feeling kinky, but he took kink to another level. He told me most of the shit was for folks who cross him or steal from him. I felt a little relived. I know I am his favorite milf pussy. He enjoys fucking a suburban housewife and hearing about my dirty family fun on his primo product. He escorted me over to his bondage horse. He tied me to it with my stomach down. Okay, he was in a hardcore anal fucking mood, he just wanted me restrained while he fucked my brown eye with his black cock. There was no lube used, so it was a brutal ass fucking. I was high as fuck, so it felt good at the time. Today, I am sitting on a bag of frozen peas. It was all worth it however because I got a big bag of coke. Happy Halloween to me.

Mommy Phone Sex Witch

mommy phone sexThis mommy phone sex slut was a nasty naughty witch last night. Trick or Treating in my neighborhood was held last night since Halloween falls on a weeknight this year. My sons were trick or treating with their grandma, leaving me alone to pass out candy to little ones. Towards the end of the night, a group of teen boys came to my door. They weren’t even really in costume, at least they didn’t put much effort into it. They weren’t there for candy, unless you consider my pussy candy. They were horny teen boys who heard rumors about a horny MILF living at my house. They were right. Two horny old women live here, but only one was home. I invited them in and asked for a trick. They made their pants fall down and their young cocks dance. These boys had cum filled young balls that needed draining. That was my treat. I got on my knees and let those young boys punish my mouth with their cocks. I felt like such a bad witch guzzling down teen dick. Not so much bad about the teen part, but the fact that they weren’t my own sons. They get jealous. They love that I am a mommy whore, but sometimes they want me all to themselves too. My boys came home with my mom and they were horny seeing all the hot milfs dressed up like sluts. Those mommies should be like me and just give into their desires for boy cock. They were so horny, they didn’t even realize I had other cum up inside my pussy.

My Family Loves That I am a Mommy Phone Sex Whore

mommy phone sexA caller last night asked me how I do mommy phone sex calls without my husband and boys finding out. I laughed because my sons and husband know what I do. They love that I am a mommy whore, my sons especially. They love hearing about my calls. When they woke up this morning, they asked about my late night calls as I was still working when they crashed. They had their peckers in their hands, stroking as they listened to my stories of helping other men fuck their mommies. I even told them about my submissive calls and my accomplice calls where I help daddies molest their baby girls. They love that I am a phone sex mommy, but I think they like that I am their dirty mommy the most. They had hard dicks and I would be a bad mommy if I sent them to school like that. I was tired because I had been up most of the night. I did a line of coke and I was ready to be a fuck machine for my boys. They wham bam thank you ma’amed my pussy, which just means they fucked me hard and nutted quickly.  While they showered and dressed for school, I made them breakfast. They got hard again seeing me in my black lacey nightie. Hand jobs as they ate breakfast, so they wouldn’t miss the bus. Once they left for school, I took a power nap, then signed on to work to be a mommy whore for callers. When they come home from school, they are going to want to know the juiciest parts of my work day. I must admit that I love the fact that my boys get horny knowing I am satisfying men from all over the world. I am their slut mommy and I am your mommy whore.

Roleplay Phone Sex: Naughty P Witches

roleplay phone sexMy sons and callers alike enjoy roleplay phone sex. We had a Halloween party over the weekend.  My sons invited their school friends. My mom and I dressed as naughty sexy witches. We were hoping to put a spell on the young studs in attendance. We spiked the punch with some Spanish Fly my mom got when she was in Mexico a few months ago. She brought back all sorts of fun party favors. So many drugs that require prescriptions here like pain pills and sleep aids are in the drugstores there. She got some sexual enhancement drugs too. Little boys fucking like horny old men is what every mature woman like my mom and me need. I think the boys at the party would have enjoyed fucking us with or without the enhancements, but on it, OMG. They were little fucking sex machines. My mom and I were struggling to keep up with them and we are seasoned whores. My pussy was getting pumped full of boy cum. The Halloween party turned into an orgy with a few drops of magic potion into the punch. This naughty witch and her mommy were enjoying the effects on the young boys. It was like they all had 4-hour erections. A few days later, and my pussy is still sore from all the action. I thought Spanish Fly was urban legend but turns out it turns boys into insatiable sex machines. I wonder what it could do to a full grown man?

Gang Bang Phone Sex with Teen Boys

gang bang phone sexWhen you are a dirty druggy whore, you have plenty of gang bang phone sex stories. The other night I needed a fix. My mom and I went through all my blow. Like I had zero left and I was in dire need. Marcus, my regular dealer was spending the night in jail again and his operation was shut down. My mom is a genius. She asked my oldest son who was the dealer at school. He knew exactly who his classmates go to for coke, weed and anything else. I sent him a cryptic text, but it is a text any dealer would understand.  He knew who I was by reputation. He said he could hook me up with my medicine if I did something for him and his friends.  He wanted something all boys want, to fuck a milf. I am always down for a teen gang bang. I love boy cock. This was not my first gang bang in the basement of a boy’s house. The boy had some great blow for a teen. Normally school dealers have pills and pot, but he had anything I could want. All I wanted was coke and boy cock. I got both in spades. An entire football team fucked me for hours. I came home walking funny, high and with cum running down my thighs like a dirty whore. All in the name for mommy’s medicine.

Mature Phone Sex Babes

mature phone sexMature phone sex is what every boy craves. Honestly, it kills me to turn a young voice away on the phone because he is not old enough to do a call or deny him because he is trying to use mommy’s credit card. I do have the satisfaction, however, of knowing they can read my blogs and jackoff to my pictures. Sometimes, my sons’ friends catch my webpage too. Braxton found me looking for a hot milf. Like many boys his age, his dick aches for mommy. The problem is, his mommy is in prison for fraud. He is being raise by his hot daddy. He is one man my age, I would fuck in a heartbeat. He is a total DILF. My sons invited Braxton to spend the night last night and he was all up in my grill. He was like a little shadow. Wherever I was, he was too. He even followed me into the bathroom. How could I turn him away? There he was in the bathroom with his fat little chubby aching for a mature touch. He needed some tender, loving care from mommy. I am sure if his mom wasn’t in lock up, she would take care of him properly. I told him it had to be our secret because I don’t like to take another woman’s son, but I am weak. When those little boys flaunt their hard stumps, I can’t say no. I got on my knees and blew his little stump. I didn’t think he jizzed because he was so young. But I walked out into the living room with his boy crème on my chin. My boys just gave me that look I know so well. Even they know I am powerless over horny boy cock. I am just so lucky their friends all have milf phone sex fever.

MILF Phone Sex with the Boy Next Door

milf phone sexMy neighbor boy can’t get enough milf phone sex. I can’t get enough of his teen cock. His mom is fucking him, but I fucked him first and a boy never forgets his first. He is a senior this year and he doesn’t have a full schedule. That means while his mother is at work and my sons are at school, we are both home alone in the afternoons. I can’t get enough of his cock. I love fucking my sons, but they are not home 24/7 with me. I would home school them, but I know myself. I will only teach them human sexuality all day. Sadly, a boy needs more skills in life than just cunnilingus. The neighbor boy has already mastered that. My mom was home yesterday afternoon when I was fucking the neighborhood boy. I was in the middle of a hardcore ass fucking from the boy next door when she walked in and wanted to play too. I started licking her hairy pussy while he rabbit fucked my ass from behind. He had my hands pinned behind my back, but I didn’t need my hands, I had my tongue. I rabbited my mommy’s hairy play space while my ass was getting pounded. Every thrust in my ass, pushed my tongue deeper in my mommy’s pussy. She was so juicy. She taught me and my brother how to worship her cunt when I was a school girl. I taught her grandsons how to worship my mommy cunt when they were the same age. My mom shares my love for boy cock. Once the neighbor boy was done with my ass, he gave my mother the biggest cum shot up her gilf pussy. We wore the neighbor boy out. He thought it was the other way around, but he had no clue how long we can fuck.

Hardcore Ass Fucking for Coke

hardcore ass fuckingI got a hardcore ass fucking last night. It was what I had to do to get my drugs. My dealer doesn’t take cash from me. He only wants my pussy and ass. Last night, he didn’t want either hole. He was in the mood for watching. He had two guys he owed some drug money to for his stash, so he offered them a trade which included me. He knows I am down for taboo fucking. I don’t say no to much, especially when cocaine is involved. The nastier I am, the more coke I score. His drug buddies had been waiting a while to meet a trashy milf like me. They were surprised I was a cock whore. I do look upper middle class with clothes on. It is when I am naked and coked up that I turn into a total incest whore. My dealer wanted to see me fisted. No one expected me to bed over and spread my ass. I needed a lot more coke than usual, so I had my eye on the prize. I got double fisted. One in my ass and one in my cunt. Instead of moaning or crying like most women would, I came. Yep, two fists gave me a hot squirting pussy. I am such a dirty whore. I even shocked three drug dealers.

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