Fetish Phone Sex with My Belushi Babes

fetish phone sexFetish phone sex with a Slut Mommy and her Belushi Babes.  What are Belushi Babes? I will tell you.  Belushi is the newest thing that I offer my girls up for.  I love that shit!  I mean, if you are going to do drugs do the fucking right kind.  Plus, since this is a combo of two of my favorites my girls have to put in that extra work to make sure Mommy gets it.  My dealer has decided that just fucking and sucking him off isn’t enough any more.  Not that I care, it’s not me who is getting bruised and abused over and over again.  Sure, they complain, cry, beg and say shit like, “OW Mommy, I can’t!” Guess what? I don’t care, I actually get off watching those little bodies doing things for Mommy’s new pleasure.  My dealer actually came up with that name, Belushi Babes, others now know about them too.  As long as they stay little I’m going to have what I want, for free, for a very long time. I’m such a great Mommy. 

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