A bird in the hand….

Mutual masturbation porn

I had a fun photo shoot a few weeks ago and I finally got a few copies of the different pictures that were taken. I picked my favorite one to put on my blog here. Obviously, I had to grow out my bush, but I think the picture and the painting turned out great. A bird in the Hand is worth two in the bush right? So at the end of the shoot, the photographer was helping wash the paint off and it started to get really hot. The warm soapy water running down my legs and the gentle scrubbing happening right by my pussy got me a little turned on. As I was being washed off the photographer took a hand and put it between my legs and on my ass to keep me steady while the paint was being scrubbed off. I felt the hand moving and then there was a thumb in my pussy. I heard a groan and I assume it was from how wet I was. I was lead to the bedroom where I was laid down and my pussy was licked like it was dinner for a starving person. Tongue circling my clit, fingers pushing into my little fuckhole. I couldn’t stop my legs from needing to spread wider and wider as I came all over her face.

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