Trannies Do It Better

lTranny Phone SexWhen you see me walking down the street you can’t see my secret. All you see is a beautiful woman full of confidence. But I have a big secret and it’s between my legs… my cock. I only let a select few know about the real me, special men that know how to treat special girls like myself. Get on your on your knees and worship at my feet. Wrap those soft lips around my hard cock and try to suck the skin off my dick. And always remember to look up into my eyes while pleasing me. Treat me good and I’ll treat you like a king. I’ll let you bend me over and fuck my tight boy-pussy. You can be rough because I like a little pain with my pleasure. Fuck me long and hard until you fill me with sticky semen. Let’s stay in bed all day and fuck until we’re all sweaty. I have so many things to teach you and so many ways to please you. You’ll love our time together because I’m a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets.

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