Tight Hole

Tranny Phone SexI know exactly what your body needs because we have the same needs. I know how to please you with my mouth, I’m a cock sucking professional. I’ll roll my tongue around your dick head before putting you in my throat. I can deep throat without gagging. I’ll suck your cock until your sweet nectar fills my mouth. And then it’ll be your turn to please me. I can’t wait for you to wrap your lips around my hard cock. I want eye contact as you slob on my dick. Can you hold my ass and suck my cock without using your hands, because that really turns me on. I don’t want to cum in your mouth, I want to cum in your ass. So bend over and give me that tight asshole. I’ll be very gentle at first and let you get use to my size. But I can’t promise you that I’ll be gentle the whole time. Feeling that tightness makes me go wild.

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