The Gift

You dressed me up in lingerie and let me put on some makeup – just enough to make me look pretty and cover the bruises on my face. You kept looking at me like something was missing. You kept mumbling under your breath about a special night for your friend, Matt. My head was spinning as you sprayed perfume all over my body. Then you grabbed me by the cheeks and put your angry face right up to mine. You told me I would do as you tell me to and that tonight I was to be a gift for a friend of yours.
A gift? You let go of my face and continued to stare at me like you were puzzled. Then I saw a light bulb go off behind your eyes and you went to the drawer and pulled out some ribbon. You came back to me and tied it around my neck – in a beautiful bow. You smiled, pleased at yourself for making me the perfect “gift”. You told me to put my heels on and get in the bed to wait for Matt. I always do as I am told, so I climbed up on the bed and laid back, dressed and ready for whatever came next.

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You opened the door, and in came a boy, so young I thought. You hugged him and told him Happy Birthday. He glanced over at me on the bed and his grin became evil. Suddenly he didn’t look so innocent anymore. You told me that today is Matt’s 18th birthday and that I am his present. Matt will be my Master tonight, and I could see his cock grow in his pants. You stepped aside and Matt climbed on top of me in the bed. His hard cock brushed my legs as he immediately spread my legs and began fingering me with fury.
You stood and watched as Matt fucked me mercilessly for hours. He was young, but ruthless with his hands and cock. He fucked me raw in my ass and pussy and came all over my face. My makeup was ruined, and my lingerie ripped to shreds by the time he was finished. The only thing left intact was the pretty bow around my neck. Matt thanked you and left the room. You climbed on top of my cum soaked body, and grabbed a hold of the ribbon. You began to pull it tight and I couldn’t breathe. Your use for me was over, and as my vision blurred and I choked for air, the last thing I ever saw was that evil grin of yours.  

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