The Devil Inside

The drugs were beginning to wear off, and as my vision started to clear and my hearing return, I began to feel their hands all over me. My head was spinning, and I ached all over, especially between my legs. I sensed at least two men groping my body and grabbing my tits so hard that I could feel sharp pain even in my altered state. I began to moan in agony, and their grip got harder on my naked body. I had no idea where I was or how I got there.

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I tried to focus and understand what was going on, and I reached my hands out trying to feel my surroundings. Yes, there were two men. I could feel their hot breath on my neck and chest. They were fondling my breasts and one has his hand down between my legs rubbing my raw pussy. It felt like fire as he kept grinding his fingers up inside me. It felt as if I had been fucked for hours already. They must have been fucking me while I was asleep.
I felt like I was outside of my body looking down, and I began to see them more clearly. They were very strong, and I was their plaything. Their cocks were hard as rocks and one of them even had blood on him. Judging from the fire between my legs, I knew the blood had come from there. My pussy ached and throbbed and felt so swollen that it could burst. My awakening had aroused them again, and they placed my reaching hands on their hard cocks. I saw one of their faces, and began to remember.

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He was the man from the party. The one who had been wearing the devil mask, and whispering in my ear that he was going to make me his satanic slave whore. His tongue had felt amazing on my neck, and I had let him grab my body in front of everyone that was watching. I don’t remember anything after that. I am certain he must have drugged me and brought me here. How long had him and this other man been taking my body? I have no idea, and before I could try to piece any more memories together, they put me on my hands an knees and made me take their cocks again.

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