Surprise fuck from my brother

Brother/Sister Phone SexI was asleep in my bed wearing my cute little silky soft nightgown and sexy panties, a perfect sleeping slutty princess! In the middle of the night, my naughty brother snuck into my room, slid under the sheets with me and pressed his throbbing cock against my bubble butt from behind as he roughly nudged me to wake me out of my slumber. He was so thick and rock hard, it was a great surprise to wake up to, hehe! We love to play together and always tend to do it in the middle of the night so that we can keep it our dirty little secret. Mommy has walked in on us a quite a few times before while we have been having our yummy play time and I usually have to beg her to let my kinky big brother cum inside of me. She loves watching it drip out of my wet little cunny slit, but she also loves to put up a little bit of a fight about it, which we think is so hott! She enjoys making me beg! I love being taken advantage of by my sexy brother, he loves penetrating my slutty fuck holes and filling them up with his creamy jizz! It’s always such a wet and wild time whenever we have our kinky incest sex together!

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