Solo Anal Fun

anal phone sexI was feeling so horny earlier tonight i did everything i could to find some good hot cock to satisfy me and no luck.  I tried to ignore it, hoping the next night i’d be able to satisfy the craving. I did my best to distract myself, watched some tv, exercised for a little bit but nothing was working.  Than suddenly i remembered i had gotten a package from a friend of mine that was labeled “XXX” and i had meant to open it quite sometime ago but kept forgetting about it, so i decided to open the box.. I got a knife and started to open the box trying not to get too excited because usually these were just gag gifts with just some old porns on VHS. But i was pleased to see along with the usual porn there was a large 10 inch dildo i took out it out of the packaging as quick as i could, and than i slid up my ass and fucked myself moaning in pleasure.. “finally!” i exclaimed as i rammed all 10 inches up my tight puckered asshole. I came almost immediately, it felt so good!

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