Slutty Side Piece

Cheating Phone SexI’m such a filthy, sexy little slut, the perfect dirty little secret for you to keep from your wife or girlfriend. No one has to know about the two of us and the kinky shit that we love to do with one another! You’re my sensual man and I love being your nasty whore of a mistress! It turns me on so fucking much to have to go about our sexual fetishes and fantasies in such a discreet manner. I love the thrill of possibly being caught and exposed, my adrenaline rushes just thinking about it! Man-handle me like you know how to do so well, my body is completely yours for the taking! Do all the dirty shit to me that you only wish your lady at home would do for you! The fact that it’s so off limits to get nasty with you makes it all the more better! Use those lips and wet tongue to make me sloppy wet, I want to be soaking and drenched in your saliva when you shove your throbbing cock up into my tight cunt! Unleash all of your gooey cock cream deep inside of me, I want you to know exactly what it feels like to bust your load inside of a cum slut’s dirty pussy! Cheating phone sex is so much fun!

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