Shut Up And Swallow

You get nothing for free, that’s why you’re sucking off me

You always take what you want, now I just take what is mine

Do you want it in your ass, as I spit in your face?

Face down on the floor, hold you by the neck, do you feel like a wreck?

That’s life kiddo, now SHUT UP AND SWALLOW

Shut Up and Swallow – Combichrist

Yes, yes, yes! Cum through my backdoor, man! There is no better feeling on Planet Deviant than your slippery dick shooting spud up my asshole. When you jerk it out all slathered in my juicy shit, I’ll blow you until it’s down my throat and return your dick to you shiny as new. I like it rough, so give me my marching, firing, and banging orders, and we will hit it off–literally–with a ginormous explosion of globby sperm in my backside.

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