Shaved Snatch or Beaver Pelt? Which Do You Prefer?

mature phone sex big tit MILFNormally I have a bald beaver. I like a smooth pussy. I think it looks prettier and makes a better eating surface. But, my stepsons think mature women should have a little fur to show that they are all woman. What do you think? Anyway, to appease them, I grew a winter coat. I call it my beaver pelt.  I think it’s actually sort of pretty. They came over to today to check out my new look. They fought like siblings do for first dibs at eating my pussy. If I knew a little pussy hair would make boys fight to eat me out, I would have grown out my beaver years ago. I had them flip for the honor of first licks.

My oldest stepson won the coin toss. I was happy about that because his baby brother is a pussy eating extraordinaire, so this way I knew I was finishing with a good hard cum, and likely a squirt that would drown them both.  Maybe it was having a hairy snatch, that brought out the pussy eating skills in the younger boy. OMG. You could have peeled me off the ceiling he licked my puss so good. Even buried his tongue in my asshole too. When he came up for air, he looked like a glazed donut.

I thought he drained my pussy of all its juice, but when his brother took his turn, I soon discovered just how much pussy cream I have inside me. They ended up both worshiping my hairy pussy together and it was what I dream heaven is all about. I squirted over both their faces, drowning them in a mother’s love.  I loved when they kissed me afterwards; I could taste my pussy on them. A few hours later, I could still smell myself. Pussy fur traps my aroma much longer. I like that.

I like my beaver pelt. So where do you stand on the issue? Fur or no fur?

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