Drugs Phone SexI was expecting to be flying high. Parting hard. But my stupid little bitch fucked that up. She knows what she is suppose to do. She is suppose to take that cock and fucking beg for more! I don’t care that she was tired. I don’t care they were hurting her. Katelyn just laid there like a lump. She didn’t move or participate. And then my dealer just fucking gave up. He took his shit back. And I am stuck… fiending. I need a fix fucking BAD. This little bitch got me into this… And this little bitch is going to get me out of it. I had my last chance dealer left to try. I don’t like to use him since he bruises up the little whores so bad they cant work. BUT FUCK her. It is EXACTLY what she deserves.. fucking around and not being a good whore. I even asked him to make it hurt MORE. The little slut is going to learn to beg for that cock one way or the other! And training starts NOW!

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