Pay up for your foot fetish

Foot Fetish Phone SexYou love how worthless I make you feel, how I can so easily discard you without a single drop of remorse. It makes you so fucking horny to have a bitchy, bratty and young slut who fucks you over countlessly. You’re absolutely addicted and there’s nothing you can do about it besides to continue to keep indulging in your wild fetish! You’re a weak little bitch for me, especially the soles of my feet! Foot fetish phone sex is how you’re really able to pleasure yourself, don’t worry it will be our little secret you dirty motherfucker! I’m out of your league and out of your budget and you know it. I’m young enough to be your daughter you old pervert, now get down on your knees and send me funds immediately. I’m a sweet little reminder of why you work so hard. You would rather be spat on by me than to ever have sex with your cunt of a wife at home, that speaks volumes! It’s snack time you little foot bitch! Old pathetic losers like you deserve to pay for all of my wants and needs! Take me shopping for dozens of new pars of sexy heels and don’t even think about touching your cock as you pulsate while fantasizing about getting jacked off by my sexy feet! I have so much power over a puny loser like you, I can make you do anything for me, so long as the price is right.

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