Outdoor Sex

Before I was aspiring to be a porn star, I used to have a paper route.  Ya I know I was a paper girl, throwing newspapers out of my car, uggghhh.  The only thing that made it worth while was this guy I met that was throwing papers also.  He was like sooooo hot!!!  We started talking one day and found out we had a lot in common so we exchanged numbers and started talking on a daily basis. I found myself not being able to focus on anything but how HOT he was and how much I wanted to just rip his clothes off and fuck his brains out!  Every time we saw each other while we were picking up the papers it made my pussy dripping wet!  We always called each other on our routes just to keep each other company during those early morning hours.  Our route’s were kind of out in the middle of nowhere so it was always long and boring.

One day he calls me up, while I was in the middle of my route, and asked me where I was.  I told him I was on this long country road with all of these house’s on acres and lots of trees.  By this time it was starting to become daylight.  He said I know exactly where that is why don’t I meet you there.  I was like sure, I was tired and could definitely use the company especially from a HOT guy like him!  Oh the dirty thoughts I was having and my pussy was already starting to drip!  We finally met on this long gravel road that had about 4 rows of houses on it.  We met in front of my car and started talking when he just grabbed me and started passionately kissing me.  OMG my pussy was definitely dripping by that time, his lips felt so good on mine and his hand wandered down between my legs and started rubbing my already wet pussy.  Next thing I know is he pushed me down on the hood of my car and pulled my shorts off and pulled his sweats down exposing his throbbing hard cock.  He took me right there, he fucked me on top of my car in broad daylight in front of all of those houses.  That made it so much HOTTER!!!  My pussy got wetter and wetter with every thrust of his huge throbbing cock!  It was just building and building until I finally exploded and squirted all over his cock.  He couldn’t take it anymore and just shot his huge load deep inside of my pussy!

After that we met in that place every morning and fucked each others brains out!  I LOVE public sex, there is just something about fucking and knowing at any moment someone could catch you or even maybe someone is just watching you and jerking his cock!

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