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Bondage Phone Sex slave octoberSo I recently joined a few of those online match maker sites, just to see what all of the fuss was about. I would have to say in my opinion they are dull as fuck. Just a bunch of cock suckers thinking they are something in a world full of no ones. That is where I met Him though, DOMdude6969. He caught my eyes instantly his presence was so strong even through a computer screen. Immediately I wanted him to put me in my place. I thirst for his cock and I had never even seen it. Our e-mail correspondence back and forth was always enticing. I wanted to meet him so bad, I told him of the bad things I had done, how I needed to be put in line. He was so suave and cool about the situation. I was nothing to him, and I knew it. I just wanted to be something.
I messaged him and said I wanted to meet outside of the internet. It showed he was from the same place I was so I was super eager and knew he could meet me. He replied back with a ‘No thank you little girl, you are a waste of time.’ I was hurt. I knew what to do to get his attention. I posted my status ‘DOMdude6969 is a wash up. Anyone wanna pound my tight pussy?’ I waited and watched for a reply from him hoping I struck a nerve with him. I got tons of messages full of all kinds of kinks and perversions. Nothing from him however, nothing from the one I wanted to hear from.
I gave up, my belly was growling and I needed something to eat. I posted ‘Going to grab me some munchies at Five Guy…yummy!’ and then got dressed and ready to get some yummy food. I decided to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and walk since it was only a mile or so from where I lived. The sun was already going down; I did not realize how late it had gotten.  I went to turn on the street the ally was super dark. A vehicle pulled behind me, the headlights were so bright. I stopped to let them pass when they stopped also. I was confused to if this was a friend of mine or some random.
“Come here.”
“Excuse me?”
I questioned the voice or more or less the broad figure that now stood by the vehicle. I was intrigued to say the least. Who was this figure and how does he know me?
“I said get your little whore self over here right the fuck now skank!”
My heart sank and the muscles in my back tightened at the commanding voice. I walked towards him with speed.
“On your knees twat.”
I plopped down onto them hard. The gravel stung as it dug into my knees. Little droplets of tears built up in the wells of my eyes.
“Look at me little cum bucket; I want to see your face.”
With my knees dug into the gravel I looked up at him, still slightly averting my eyes from locking on his. My back was upright and my shoulder straight. I recognized him instantly, he was DOMdude6969. As soon as I realized who he was this mysterious voice who could dominate me my puss began to pulse for him. My heart raced like a humming bird and a tear ran down the side of my cheek.Submissive Phone Sex slut October
“Good, cry you little bitch. You are in for it now.”
Swiftly he stuck a bag over my head and lifted me with force to my knees. He forced me into his vehicle. I could not see what it was when the headlights shone me in the eyes but with the heave ho he had to use I knew it was some sort of truck or SUV. Not knowing made me anxious. ‘Was I being kidnapped? Would I come home injured? Would I make it home at all?’ The drive took forever. I couldn’t keep track of the turns or curves but man did I try. We stopped and my heart began to beat so fast I could feel it in my ears. My mind was running wild as he opened the car door and  yanked my arm with force and no words. I stumbled into the house and was drug down stairs. I could feel a smooth concrete beneath my tennis shoes. I was shoved back to my knees; still no words had been exchanged between the two of us. He hoisted me up tying my wrists tight and my ankles were tied to a spreader bar. I could feel it holding them tightly apart I was unable to see and now unable to move. I could hear his footsteps get further away from me.
“Hello? Domdude?”
I called out for a voice. The silence pierced through my ear drums allowing my mind to race again with thoughts that would be done to me. I could hardly take it. It felt like hours. I longed for a voice to answer and I really did not care what voice. Finally, someone stood in front of me. I never heard him walk towards me but I could smell his scent. I sniffed through the bag trying to pull more of him through my nostrils. That was when he removed the bag from my head.
“So I am a wash up, skank?”
He slapped hard in between my legs causing my pussy to throb for more. I whimpered out. He ripped the front of my white t shirt exposing my breast. He took my nipples into his fingers and pinched them roughly, I whimpered out. He continued to pinch and punch and slap me. Every hit stung and every single one I enjoyed. My cunny drooled for the taste of his cock; I whimpered and moaned. He untied my wrist from the vice that was holding them when he ordered me to kiss his feet.
“Yes Sir.”
I appreciated him letting me taste his feet on my worthless lips. He finished cutting off my clothing, and even removed my knee highs and shoes. He shoved me back and walked away. Coming back with rope he bound my legs asked if I wanted to taste his dick.
“Please Sir, I want to taste your dick.”
I begged him to let me taste it. I wanted him to fill my mouth with his greatness and I wanted to taste his pre-cum. He told me how I was not worthy how I did not deserve to taste his dick yet. I had not earned it. He wrapped his giant hand around my throat and got close to my face telling me how big of a useless whore I was before shoving me back onto the concrete. Walking away he came back with a large rod with something on the end. It made a humming noise. When he thrust it at me I squealed like a little piggy. The appendage at the end was a dildo that went straight into my pussy. Accompanying it was a vibrating want the satisfied my clitty. My legs shook and arched my neck.
“You better not cum you little slut bag whore. You better not cum till I give you permission.”
“Ye Ye Yes Sir.”
I groaned out to him my voice echoing in his dungeon of a basement. My bottom lip was quivering it was so hard to hold back. I fought against my leg spreader it was cutting into my ankles. It felt so good, I couldn’t hold it any longer when he grabbed me by my hair and shoved me onto his throbbing member. I gagged as he forced me onto it. He held the back of my head and fucked my face hole with force; I struggled to breath in between pounds. He let me off of his cock and I gasped for air to fill my lungs.
“You think you deserve to breath your face is just for fucking. You are my fuck face.”
“Yes Sir”
I whimpered and he paced as he placed a spider gag into my mouth holding it wide. He branded it his fuck hole and used it however he wanted. My eyes were full of tears, and wet streams ran down my cheeks. He leaned me over and fucked my face more. When he was done he filled my belly with his little swimming sperm. It tasted fantastic. He removed the gag from my mouth and told me that even though I was allowed to taste his sweet release I was still a useless whore. The only difference was I was his whore. I was to refer to him as Master.
He brought me up to his garden on the roof and tied me to the bench. My naked pussy was there for anyone to see and glance at. My fuck hole was wide open for him.  He placed a gentle kiss onto my forehead. I trusted him, he was my Master and I was his subby. He drove my mind wild. I had no idea if this was a onetime thing or should I expect to do this more often. 20 minutes later he untied me and I thanked him. I put on my clothes and he drove me home.  That night I dreamed of him and the way he was willing to let me feel his pain. I hope I run into more Dominating men like him, or maybe he would let me be his little subby slut again.
Can I be your subby slut?Teen Phone Sex fantasy roleplay's october

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