New Friends

Cum slut phone sexI love my rental mainly because my landlord doesn’t bother me that much. But he sent over these guys to paint in my house at fucking 7 am. Hell no am I getting up at 7 am. The little sluts were up and let the man in. Of course they were buck naked. I stayed comfy in bed till I heard some VERY familiar sounds. And there was NO fucking way I was letting my little ones fuck around with out my pay day. So I jumped up and busted the painter with his dick in my little one! He had his hand over her mouth and was fucking pounding her! I told him really fucking fast that pussy wasn’t free! And he had better pay the fuck up! He had to go to the bank before I let him finish because my whore don’t work on credit! And Who knew it was going such a lucrative day! My dealer is going to be so fucking surprised. I haven’t paid him in cash in YEARS! I love to branch out and make new friends!

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