Mm, I want a taste

Rim Jobs Phone Sex Rim jobs phone sex taste so good, make a grow man cry. It tastes better than sweet cherry pie. Come here boy and get you a lick. I love licking a sweet little puckered brown eye and having mine licked too. If you’ve never had your salad tossed, you’re missing out, boy. All my little queer men love to lick this glory hole of mine. They tell me it tastes better than cotton candy. We love to get into sploshing sometimes and see what kind of goodies we can find in the frig or cabinet. Whipped cream and strawberry always go good with asshole. The feel of a nice tight puckered rose bud on my tongue is always enjoyable also. And to slide my lady-boy cock into a nice wet asshole after I’ve licked it good, oh yes. It makes my balls tighten and my toes curl. If I licked that ass it makes my dick blow even harder. You should know if I licked that ass, I’m definitely shooting my load deep inside it too. And it’s going to be a hardcore ass fucking as while. Don’t worry baby I’ll kiss it and lick it all better for you. Call me and let me tasted that butt hole.

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