Mad Daddy

daddys girl phone sexWhen I came home from school today daddy was there waiting on the front porch. This wasn’t good because I did not have time to change into my regular clothes after school. At this moment I was in the tiniest white dress I could find, and of course I had no panties or bra on. As soon as I set foot on the porch daddy exploded. “So Janie, do you enjoy looking like a little fucking slut? Do you let all the little boys fuck you?” He was talking so loud I swear the neighbors heard. I started tearing up a bit because my daddy had never talked to me like that. That was when I noticed the shift in his body. His cock hardened in his pants and he was panting. “I’m sorry daddy.” I knew I could use this to my advantage, my daddy wanted to fuck me. And guess what I wanted him to just as bad, I have always wanted to feel daddy’s cock inside of me. I walked over and hugged him really hard, I knew the moment he felt my hard nipples because he took a very deep breath. “What am I going to do with you Janie?” He whispered in my hair. And I told him what I really wanted. “You should let me ride your cock daddy. Wouldn’t you just love to feel your baby girls tight cunt?”
He didn’t respond for a moment and then his tongue was deep in my mouth. He was kissing me so hard I thought he might bruise my lips. He sat down on the chair right there on the front porch and pulled me to straddle him. Daddy lifted my dress over my ass, buried his nose in my crotch and took a deep breath. “Damn baby your pussy smell so good. Later daddy wants to eat this pretty bare cunt but right now I need to be inside my girl. Ride daddy’s fat cock baby slut.” I sat down on that cock and gave him the ride of his life. We were both screaming and moaning right there on the front porch. Didn’t matter though. I honestly don’t care who sees me ride daddy. I just hope we do a lot more of this.

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