I Was Bad Again

Fetish Phonesex

I have been bad again, this time real bad. I can’t believe how out of control I really can get. I am a slut and I secretly desire to be completely controlled by a strong man with nice, fat dick. The thought of it makes me moist. I can be a bratty girl, but in my room when I am alone I can’t get my mind off of how much I need to be bent over with bare ass showing and spanked.

Is there really no Master out there that can fuck me till my pussy is raw? Surely someone wants to take me on even though I need a lot of discipline. That should be the fun part for you, my punishments. I say I was bad because I have been doing a lot of anal with a juicy BBC. I will resist but someone, and I know you know who you are can break down my walls and make me that obedient subby slut you have always wanted.

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