I Got what you NEED

Tranny phone sex MayYou know how some girls have Junk in the trunk? Well.. I am a little different. I got my junk for your trunk! That is right! I got a nice fat nigga cock just waiting to make you my whore! I know what you need! You need to be used like a little slut! You need me to slap you in the face with this cock. You need me to throw you down show you what a fucking slut you are MADE to be. I am going to stretch you out and pound you open! That is right bitch! I am going to GAPE you! I hope you can take it hard and fast for hours cause I plan on teaching you what a fucking cum whore is used for! You are going to love every fucking moment of it! And when I am good and fucking ready, I am going to cum so deep inside you! I want to watch my cum dripping out of you! You will never forget this big fat nigga cock!

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