He Loves Mommy’s Feet

Fetish phone sex

My sweet boy always knows how to make his hot p-mommy feel good. Every night he comes into my room l, climbs into my bed, and rubs my feet. His huge hands caress the soles of my feet, sending chills down my spine and into my pussy. He takes my pretty toes into his mouth and swirls his tongue in between them. I love it when he tongue fucks my toes like they’re a pussy. He knows it drives my mommy cunt insane. Massaging my tiny feet and watching my reactions makes my sonshine so horny. I rub his massive cock with my opposite foot while we lock eyes. He’s the male version of me I think to myself. He’s giving, gentle, caring, and absolutely adores feet play. I raised such an amazing man. I can feel his cock getting harder as I increase the pace and pressure of my foot. I can feel his soft moans while my other foot is still in his warm, wet mouth. I rub my clitty while he watches with, mouth full of toes. The sight and smell of my sweet juicy slit and the taste of my manicured toes has my sonshine hard as a rock and leaking creamy pre-cum. I can tell he’s enjoying this sexy cock/ foot massage. His moans are getting louder, making my own push start to drip and leak. Sharing such an erotic, intimate moment with my sweet boy is making my tight pussy quiver. I can feel myself getting ready to orgasm from my son’s tongue action. We’re so in sync I know he feels it too. His throbbing dick let’s me know that he’s close to a cock explosion. As my pussy starts to squirt and vibrate I push my foot deeper into my son’s hot mouth, gagging his throat as I cum. “I love you, my sweet, sweet boy!” I moaned and squirted. My sonshine inhaled my luscious foot as he filled his shorts with thick, creamy cum. 

“Love you, mommy!” He whispered.

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