Dirty Dan

Tranny phone sex

So I was out buying panties today when I was approached by “Dan”. I have seen Dan before always lurking around the sex shops I patron. I have often wondered how much of a freak he must be. I was looking at looking at some cute little panties when Dan introduced himself. He offered to buy me everything in the store I wanted. IF I tried them on for him. He didn’t want my address or phone number. JUST to look at me in the dressing room. Well a lady is always ready and willing to make new friends with someone who gives gifts. So I found ALL the things I wanted. And we went to the dressing room. I really liked how he got so hard watching me change into everything. I really loved how massive his cock was as well. After I tried on the very last thing I could tell he was close! And I was so fucking turned on I needed it as bad as he did! So I pushed Dan up against the wall and I started FUCKING him! I shoved my dick so deep in Dan he screamed out in joy! I knew everyone could hear us but I didn’t care! I fucked Dan like he was the last ass on earth! And we both came so fucking hard! We made such a mess! AND I got to keep everything I tried on! I will have to hit Dan up more often!


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