Chocolate poonanny!


Passion is more than a name it’s an Attitude! Today I showed that off! I noticed a little white guy staring at me. So I went right up to him. I told him I know you want this luscious black beauty! I can feel your dick springing to action for me and it makes my poonanny flow!  I can see how bad you want to bury your cock in my fat ebony pussy. His white cock was bulging in his pants so I grabbed his hand and led him down the hall to a little room. I pulled him inside and he didn’t hesitate to grab me. He was stumbling to get his dick out so I had to help him pull that monster meat out and I shoved it deep in my throat! I could hear him saying ooh fuck .. oooh fuck. And it was really turning my cunt on! Finally I pulled my mouth off his dick and told him to FUCK ME! So he pushed my skirt up, pulled my panties to the side and slid that meat inside me!  Oooh fuck his cock felt good stretching my cunt open. He was slamming his meat in me when I heard him mumbling “ooh fuck that cunt is wet! O fuck that cunt is wet” I knew by how hard his fucking balls were he wasn’t going to last long, and I was right! He shot his fucking load in my cunt and was still shooting when he pulled out. He was so turned on he dropped to his knees and started licking my pussy and I squirted all over his eager white face!

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