Cash out on your mistress

Mistress Phone SexYour wife is out of town so it’s the perfect time for you to spoil your naughty little mistress. I love to do all of the freaky shit that your boring wife would never even think of doing to you, what a lame ass bitch! You love that I am your bratty teen girlfriend and I always know how to take care of my man, so long as you are keeping me happy with your cash! I’m a super slutty whore but you think I do this shit for free?! No baby, I don’t come cheap, hehe. I’m going to be wearing my sexy lingerie for you, which makes it perfect and easy access for you to shove money bills into my g-string and bra straps. It turns me on so fucking much to drain your wallet, especially when your wife has no idea about our dirty little secret! She is going to be wondering what the fuck happened to your joint bank accounts, i’m going to have you going bankrupt for this pussy, babe! I’m so fucking horny when you splurge on me, your sexy little princess that you love to cheat on your wife with!

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