Being your fuckslave has been the best experience I have ever had. I know you have been using less and less drugs on me to keep me under control. The mindfuck you are laying on me is doing everything you planned. I am a filthy, worthless, dirty slut. I am nothing without a man like you. I cannot imagine ever having said that before being beaten down and taken by you. I used to think I was pretty, and now that seems a distant and ridiculous memory. Or was it all just a dream? I can’t even figure it out.

snuff phone sex
Laying on the dirt floor, tied to the pipes in your basement, all I think about is you. I used to get cold and weak, but now my pussy just throbs and I sweat all the time imagining your cruel hands and the pain they have inflicted on my body. The knives and needles puncturing my breasts, burning your superiority into my mind forever. You are the King and I am useless. Left here as your little fuckdoll. But there is no where else I want to be.

I see you coming towards me, my eyes trying to focus, and I see the point of your boot as you pull it back and then kick me right in the stomach. The pain makes me gag and cough, knocks the wind out of me. Thats when you grab me by the hair and make me look in your eyes. I try to focus, and then there you are. Those piercing eyes looking right through me. Nothing behind them. You tell me I am a piece of shit. I know you’re right. Then you unzip your jeans and shove your cock in my mouth. It tastes so good, and you have me so hungry, I just want to suck the sweet cum out of it. Please give it to me, my King.

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