BlackMail Phone Sex

It is no secret to me that you like to fuck me. I mean let’s face it! I suck your hard white cock like no other woman has ever did in your entire life. I take pride in that. I want to be the only one to make your dick go limp in under let’s say…..5 minutes. I swallow all of those baby’s of yours in just one gulp. Then lick my lips afterwards and give you a sly smile. You know what’s next don’t you? I bend my sweet ass over and let you slide that nice hard cock and fuck me like no other. You even let me fuck you as well. I enjoy our time together. I love the way you lavish me with all the finer things in life. I could not ask for a better man. I know you are married and I am not trying to take your wife’s place. I take much pride in being your mistress. I get the expensive shopping sprees, cars, and exotic vacations. What more could a girl ask for? As long as you promise to always spoil me baby I will never tell anyone your dirty little secret. I will never tell your wife that you suck my dick on a regular basis. I will never expose you to your co workers by showing them a video of me fucking you in the ass. All of things are our little secret baby. Keep me happy and your secrets are safe with me. If you fail to do so then you know what’s next.

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