phone sexI decided to get back at this guy that owed me money. We did a video together and he never paid me! He thinks I’m young and dumb but I know exactly what I’m doing. I agreed to meet him at a hotel to do one more video and then he would pay me for both. I knew he wasn’t going to pay up. I reserved a room in a quiet area of the hotel and waited for him to meet me there. When he finally showed up, I offered him a drink. He had no idea that I had slipped him a little something and I was going to get my money! I started to set up the camera equipment as I waited for the drink mix to take effect. When he was nice and relaxed, I handcuffed him to the chair. Then I flipped it over so that he was face down. Being too drunk and high to fight back, I pulled his pants down and got behind him. As I slid my 10 inch strap on into his ass, he tried to fight but was too weak. I pounded his ass and fucked him like the little bitch he is. I took a break now and then, pulling it out and ramming it into his mouth, making him suck and lick it. When I got tired of him begging me to stop, I went through his wallet and took all the cash. Whatever else he owes me, he can pay when he pays me not to sell this tape.

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