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Perverted p-daddy’s with a desire for forbidden fruit are everywhere. I raised my three brats to be Cocksucking Phone Sex whores. I use them, I let men use them, and it’s hot when we use them together. It’s true, my twins are fraternal, one male, one female. But these days you could barely believe that one is a boy. *wink* You se he is raised with all females around and has loved dressing up with his sisters and me. He started getting jealous of the girls getting to look so pretty and get the attention always.

They are my pageant whores. The men come by to inspect them and have them audition before the official pageant auditions. This is how mommy can afford to have the sluts in pageants. One day a pageant judge was curious about the third girly looking offspring of mine. So the Fantasy Phone Sex sissy was born. I laughed and said he’s a boy. Oh! He got excited! My son was wearing sissy panties, makeup and clip on earrings that were so sparkly with many rhinestones. His eye’s were bright and shiny, his lips painted bright red, rouge on his cheeks and blue sparkly eye shadow on his eyes. His sisters did his makeup and he was just wearing the pink satiny panties with ribbons on them and looking ridiculously sissified.

Mr. p-daddy pervert wanted to fondle his penis and have my sissy suck his daddy dick. He paid me extra to have some fun with her. That was the eye opener on how mama could make even more money off these sluts of mine. So now I have 3 pageant whores and one has a special little package in those sissy panties. I bet you would love to taste that soft sweet penis and balls, wouldn’t you? I’ll even let you have your way with sissy, it’s ok to enjoy some Come Slut Phone Sex fun with all three.

Cocksucking Phone Sex

Party Girls Phone Sex Specials

Party Girls Phone Sex

He loves to visit me and enjoy the three munchkin cum sluts of mine. He loves the party girls phone sex specials we always have waiting for him. I make my little boy into a little girl. I dress the twins the same, even though they are different sexes. A young boy growing up with all of us sexy females is bound to make him one of us too. A mommy like me that gets off on enticing men with her pageant whores, is bound to make the best of it. Making the best off being a breeder is making the male twin female. His sisters love to play dress-up with him. They enjoy their boy dolly and making her a sexy girl like them.

It was kind of a fluke thing really that sort of tramp stamped him into being a her. I had a guy that was paying us a visit for a pageant interview to be our sponsor. He saw the girls and loved how cute they were. Then he saw the third girl and questioned me. We all laughed and my youngest went to him and whispered in his ear: *Timmy isn’t a girl! He’s my twin brother, but isn’t he pretty?* I was beaming about how much joy she got telling him this. I really do have a great little set of dolls. It’s ok if you want to use my son as a girl. He has been doing pageants as a ladyboy for a year now!

Whatever kind of fun you enjoy, it’s going to get me hot also. I lick and play with all of my girls. I love to play with my special twin daughter’s extra big clitty. She calls it her little squirt, she is so silly and cute. Dressed in pink lacey panties with that special bulge is exciting for a few of my p daddy’s. But most want to fuck mommy it’s hot MILF phone sex they crave. However these sluts are always curious and come in and watch!

It’s A Cocksucking Phone Sex New Year!

Cocksucking phone sex New Year was the way I brought in 2021! As the clock hit Midnight I was on my knees and a fat juicy cock was buried in my mouth. I was sucking dick like a whore in need of cum. I didn’t even stop for air until the fat fuck stick in my face blew his New Years load. I was gasping and kissed my slutkins all with my mommy whore cock lips covered in jizz. They do love cock as much as I do and the taste of cum. We were all up past our bedtimes and pleasing a couple of more cocks that were cumming like the bottle of champagne that sprayed all over me. This was the best way to bring in 2021 and I expect to be a bigger whore this year that last! Let’s not confuse things though I was quite a filthy whore in 2020 as well as the years prior! *Smiles*

Cocksucking phone sex

Blasphemy Phone Sex Is Immorally Sexy

We all have a darker side in us. I look plain and tame on the outside, but on the inside, I’m a freak. It’s hot to get off with Blasphemy phone sex. I fucking love it. I had an Uncle that was a Preacher and yes, he did molest me. I was a cute little girl with budding breasts and a juicy plump bum. I was a very bratty little tease too. I wore these really short skirts and was always flashing my panties. I had a thing for not giving up my panties when they were getting too small. When I was sprouting and growing out of the little girl clothes there was no giving them up for me. I liked the way the skirts got shorter and the panties tighter. I loved my small pert tits pushing out the tight little girl shirts. I got wet with how the panties rubbed me.

I was sitting on my Preachers Uncles lap wearing just the sort of thing, little girl panties on my teen cunt. I liked being a tease and Mr. Preacherman committed so many sins with me when he put his hand in my panties. I wiggled on his cock that was throbbing against my butt and it wasn’t but a minute before he thrust inside me and burst his nut deep in my incest phone sex whore to be cunt. In a way I kinda wished the seed was what made my first born, but I think it was my neighbor’s.

Incest Phone Sex

Blasphemy Phone Sex Mommy of Sin

Blasphemy Phone Sex neighborhood whore is an acquired taste. It’s no surprise that taste is becoming more popular for me. I have pageant princesses and most moms in the neighborhood are jealous of my little whores and whore son too. I have invited one mother over and helped her to the darkside with a little wine she was fine and mine. She is the head of the nosy old bags home association. I have had then men in the HOA wrapped around my fingers already. I needed a little of that estrogen added to my minions. I had her over and she was sucking my sons pee pee like it was some holy fucking cock of Jesus’ that was going to solve every one of her problems. But it was my sons and that put her in my hands to because blackmailing a Preachers wife is the sweetest thing ever. I’ve already corrupted the preacher.

Blasphemy Phone Sex

My Trophies Are Satan’s Fuck Dolls

The brats are often called trophies. But ya know any bitch that spreads her legs can fucking earn a damned trophy. I happen to have a set of twins Boy/ Girl and another daughter. They were lucky to be allowed to grow in my womb and be brought into this world. I’d have aborted the whole shebang, but then I learned. I learned that I could earn some cash on this misfortune. The misfortune was 18 fucking months of hell in the southern heat. I was not ready to be a breading whore but it happened. I am now enjoying the fruits of my loins and allowing other loinal integrations with the cum suckers I bred. It’s just a thing. One thing for sure is that the twisted fantasy of yours can be played out in the most sexually charged hot ways with my guidance. Hahaha… But one thing to remember…. is that Satan is the man and we worship at midnight.

Fantasy Phone Sex

Pregnant Pageant Whores and Mama

He was willing to pay, and pay good. So what is a young p mommy to do when a lucrative offer comes about? Well, I took this doctor up on his offer. He was actually a scientist, a biologist that specializes in fertility. I answered an ad in a medical research call for participants that was a private sector. Like where doctors and other scientists were the target audience and they would have the personal recommendation of the most fitting subjects. My gyno sent him my way. My lady parts doctor and I have a history. He very much enjoys the very packages he delivered and has enjoyed my delivery portal plenty of times. So, he knows me best.

It was a naughty experiment in having me and my two little pageant whores impregnated together. They are so young and will be given special hormones. Then when we are all fertile, my two daughters and me get to fuck. We will be sharing some big daddy cocks with potent sperm. The three of us will enjoy the load but only I get to enjoy that big fat cock. My girls will be the cum hungry little whores they are and fight over the potent daddy sperm. They will take their little fists in my mommy cunt and start pulling the cum out. They love to fist each other and to fist mommy. They are sperm hungry whores and are excited to be impregnated. 

There was a stipulation in the rules that the girls hated. They aren’t allowed to be fucked by the sperm donor due to legalities. So, we were thinking you could be the perfect on to assist my sluts. They need to feel that daddy dick inside of them and the doctor knew I would come up with a way.

Impregnation Phone Sex

Biggest Cum Shot Techniques

What do you do to make the biggest fucking nut? Really, I want to know your process for making a fat gooey load. Is there a diet you follow, or hold off on cumming? Are you one to play with controlling your ejaculation? I am so curious! I had a couple of lovers I was getting double penetrated when they decided to tag team me. They went forever before cumming and damn it was tons! They would fuck me hard and crazy then pull out and go down on my juicy fucked cunt and make me squirt before ramming his hard rod back in. He just pile drove me for another good 30 minutes and they were hot the way they switched off. I was getting pounded and oral at the same time and two massive loads as the final 3 hours later!.

Biggest Cum Shot

Hot Ass Sex With Mommy

I know you’re always looking at my hot milf ass and hot ass sex is on your mind. Well that was true for a teen neighbor boy who seems extremely fixated on my ass. He is always helping me out with my yard and all summer he would be over. He constantly stared at my ass and tits. I admit it. I did like to tease him and wore my bikini around and these daisy dukes. You know the kind where you cut those old jeans so fucking short the pockets hang out, and other things too. My juicy milf ass was hanging out and my thong panties barely covered this shaved bald cunt. I had him going hard. He was staring so indiscreetly that day and his cock reacted. He was embarrassed and worked up. I grabbed him by the hand and led him inside. I had no shame and knelt down removing the bulg from his shorts and stroked it briefly as he tried to proclaim something but as soon as my lips wrapped around that cock he was moaning and cumming. I explained that he shouldn’t be embarrassed and took him upstairs. I slipped out of my shorts and halter top and he was rock hard again. I asked if he liked this milf ass that he has been staring at all summer. He silently shook his head. I laid him down and got on that throbbing teen boy dick and slid this milf cunt down on it and rode him a few moments. I slid off before he could cum and got on all fours. I directed him and his cock and had him pounding my juicy ass good and hard. He pumped my ass full of jizz and rushed home. It’s always fun seducing young guys.

Hot Ass Sex

Panty Pissing Cuckolded Sissy

Sissy phone sex

Looking at your pathetic peewee in a pretty pair of panties makes me giggle. I love to be your sissy phone sex mommy. I am a pageant mommy and love dressing up dolls and making them cock sucking faggot fluffer boys. A ladyboy sissy cock sucker? That’s ok also! I love sucking and fucking big fat manly cocks while my sissy and panty boy’s watch. They love to watch mama suck a nice fat dick and hope to get a chance with it also. It’s really big and I am not sure if you are ready for such a manly dick. I will bring my little boy out for you. You can practice on my sissy son. You get to suck a little peewee maybe smaller than yours even. You will wear those pretty sissy panties and suck his little sissy dicky and see how good you do. Next I will have you pee your panties while my pageant whore daughters wear their little bikini’s and two different sized strap-ons. You will be nervous and pee your panties while they fuck your sissy faggot mouth and you watch this big black dick penetrate and fuck my pussy.

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