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Mommy was a Cocksucking Phone Sex Whore

It’s so funny when my brats get asked what mommy does. The oldest is a little fucking cunt whore! I say that in the most loving cunt whore kind of way. This young princess of mine *wink* told a few of the mother’s I had over that Mommy was a cocksucking phone sex whore! She said it so fucking proudly too! 😆👸🏻. I smiled and gave her that scolding look that makes her nearly wet herself. She apologized and ran off laughing about it.

Honestly, it’s super hard to be a young mommy. But as a Milf, if I am talking to any other mothers at my place, well, they aren’t your uptight soccer moms! I have a small circle of others like me. You know cock suckers working phone sex lines like whores *wink*. Hahahaha…. so you see things are always a riot at my place.

Cocksucking phone sex

Next thing you know my son comes running in the room. Well, he is wearing his sisters panties and 2 sizes too small pink princess tank t-shirt. He was also wearing make-up. He did a shimmy and ran out. All I could do is pour the ladies or rather other cock sucking mommy whores some fore punch with vodka. That was my afternoon, and maybe I need to be that good phone whore now and talk to some perverts!

Hot phonesex

Blowjob Phone Sex and a Tinkle

I was at a party the other night and was really throwing back the shots and beer chasers. I was enjoying it all so much. The attention from all these hot guys was exciting too. It’s been way too long since getting out to enjoy myself. Between having my brats and the whole pandemic life’s been lacking in the me time. Always about doing shit for the rugrats wears a young mommy down. I need to party, and let loose!.

Blowjobs Phone Sex

So I was in dire need of having a piss and this guy was fixated on my cocksucking. I was enjoying it but needed to peeee. It was like I was one of my brats bouncing around. I just kept sucking him and pulled my panties aside and let loose. I was pissing and sucking dick and it was hot.


Gang Bang Phone Sex Blasphemy

Gang Bang Phone Sex and Blasphemy is like a Long Island Ice Tea or some other decadent mixed cock -tail. *wink* Mixed types of cocks and some great wagging tails are for sure making things kinky. I get off so hard with these super taboo and kinky calls. I have a few favorites and we really get the mixed bag with a decadence that blasphemy provides. 

SO I get this one guy that loves to talk about the tight little holes of my pageant whores. He doesn’t care which sex, and I have three… a set of fraternal twins and a daughter. The fraternal twins (Boy and Girl) are the younger of the three brats. They are fun! My young man is truly a sissy in the making! I guess it’s all the female influence! Guys really seem to like it. Especially when it comes to decadence. A sweet young boy dressed all girly like his pageant whore sisters. How can the innocence of all this be wrong? *wink* 

We like to get them all intoxicated and giggly. Little ones are even more pliable when under the influence of mommy’s special cocktails. Some pharmaceuticals, some street drugs, and a splash of liquor makes the party with these brats a diabolical blast!

Gang Bang Phone Sex

Naughty Cock Choked Pageant Sluts

Naughty pageant sluts are meant for being cock choked sluts on big dick. My Princess phone sex slutkins are great pleasure for p-daddy’s. I have three in total. Two girls and a boy. The younger two are a set of twins girl/boy. This young man of mama’s is not quite being raised as a boy. I have a bias in making him a little sissy. You see he gets jealous of his sisters constant attention and the pageant fun. He wants that too. I make him pretty and take him with his sisters to the Judges to get the pre-judging admission to being in the pageants. I can’t exactly afford the fees and we make a deal, the judges and I. I bring them by the judges trailer and let them get a look at my girls and girly boy. This using of my sluts has made me a lot of money. I started making even ore when I took to adding little Timmy in the mix!

It’s true that rape phone sex fantasies involving tight little butts is on a rise and I have the goods. I am a sexy milf and my offspring are sexy ones also. We all love to please that p-daddy cock. There is one other side to my kinks. I enjoy being the mommy to sissy girls. I have come to enjoy ruining little men and making them a pageant slut too. My girls really get into. My girls have so much fun making their brother a pretty girl with mama, and they would love to help mama with making you the naughty sissy slut pageant whore too.

Pretty sun dresses, innocent white cotton panties with sweet prints on them, and pretty painted nails. Toes and fingers matching and prettiest little glossy lips make the best little sluts meant to tease mens wallets open. I am the Madame and my girls are the Princesses. You are either a sissy wannabe or one of the men interested in just what I have to offer!

Princess Phone Sex

Gang Bang Phone Sex Satanic Initiations

Some days are great for Gang Bang Phone Sex. These sessions are best with little cunts and predatory perverts. I like to incite these sessions with Satanic rituals. It’s great to Hail or Lord and Master of the Dark side. Lord Satan please enter me and allow me to be Satans Mistress as reign over Hell and bring upon the dark embrace of Beelzebub over these innocent and pure cunts. Oh please Devil take their virgin holes and plant your seed.

I will toss these little baby doll brats to the watchers of the gateway. These four legged ones are hungry for the bratty little imbeciles. Yes Dark Master lead you hellions into knotting within their bratty little cunts and assholes. Rip these bratkins to pieces once they have served their will. Only those worthy will survive and become Satan’s Succubus!

Gang Bang Phone Sex

Hot phonesex Fighting Sluts

You know where there are a group of girls together it turns into some kind of Hot phonesex fantasy. My girls have a slumber party and they get into all kinds of naughty things together. These girls get ruthless and it’s so much fun. I like to give them all a little taste of being big girls. I like to get them all coked up and see what happens.

So as it was just such a thing both of my girls had a few of their girlfriends over. I get them geeked up and have them start competing in some mini pageants. They all dress up and fight over make-up and lingerie. It’s always so much fun. I have my lover over and he is a hunk. These girls are trying to win his attention. This gets his cock so hard. I love it! 

I tell the girls the winner gets to sit on his lap. Oh the fun that unfolds!

Hot phonesex

Mommy Teaching Littles To Fuck

I’m a naughty mommy, it’s true. I love nothing better than Accomplice Phone Sex to teach young brats to fuck. So when my dirty neighbor came by to show me just how worked up my girls and I got him, it was inevitable what needed to be done. Yes, I felt completely responsible. My girls where running around in their little bikini’s and getting all wet in the sprinkler. They were even untying each other’s bikini’s making them fall off and laughing. It was terrible.

You see they know what they do to the perverted men that live around us. There is an apartment building that overlooks our backyard. I have no idea who all gets a view of these girls or myself laying out in the back tanning. Well, until now. I met one guy and he has it bad for young bald pussy. He demanded my girls take care of his throbbing hard fuck stick. I could not agree more. What is a mother to do with such slutty girls in the Summer? Make money off of them, that’s what!.

Accomplice Phone Sex

Mommy Phone Sex Appreciation

Sunday is one of my favorite days for mommy phone sex calls. I have my sweet little cock sluts in bed with me. It was Mother’s Day this past Sunday and my days was special. My girls licked mommy’s cunt and made me cum while my sweet little angel son put his little sissy peepee inside of me. He is such a sweet boy. I had all three little whores being angels for mommy’s pleasure.

Then while my sweet things were pleasing me came a visitor. I don’t like folks coming by unexpected and started to get irritated. Little Mandy jumped up and was excited. She jumped off the bed and ran to the door. She was just in her panties. She squealed in delight as I heard a mans voice. I just needed to go see but the other two would not let mommy up. They kept telling me it’s a surprise. Next thing I knew I had Father David coming in the room with his priests collar and all on and bringing me a beautiful bouquet of flowers. He was carrying my little Mandy in with him and she was so excited.

Like the good Angels I raised, the three of them immediately put their attention to mommy’s visitor and had his pants off and cock hard for mama Rita. I got that taboo fuck I have been wanting for some time. This was a young new priest to my area that I just had to get a piece of. My pageant whores are good!

Mommy phone sex

Hot Ass Sex for My Princess Sheboy

It’s a proud mommy moment when my sheboy gets that sweet little ass cherry popped with some Hot Ass Sex. I love my pervs and they love my three little princesses. My mini me clan of pageant whores is the greatest gift for a hot young mommy. My brats make me money I get to play dolly dress up with my princesses and let perverts watch them dance and strip.

Last night I had a special date for my sheboy. He is such a sweet little princess wearing those pretty frilly panties and a sweet little unicorn tank top. His sisters even did his lips nice and red. We dressed our little pretty boy in something special for a pervert. My pervert client was so enthralled by my young man girl that he paid me extra to take his sweet little bum hole. I really was a proud mama as his two sisters helped prep and prime the newest deflowered princess. They are mommy’s special little whores and the best cock teases luring in the perverts.

Hot ass sex

Family Fun Phone Sex Milf

Nothing makes mommy happy like Family Fun Phone Sex. The only thing I am missing is a big daddy to join the family in bed. Well, ok, maybe I did have two daddy types over last night and we all awoke in bed together. By all, I am of course talking about mommy’s 3 little mini sluts and the two daddies. It was great!

My girls had so much joy and my son got to experience a big hard daddy cock in his little girl pantied ass. Mmm! It was delightful assisting these men with my little pageant sluts. I have taught these brat all to suck cock and be good little teases. Things get pretty naughty in my house. Truth is I rarely decline any topic as being too taboo for me, or us!

If you crave to share that taboo story of young vagina’s, tight puckered assholes, or little penis’s, then I am excited to hear about them! I have my share also.

Family Fun Phone Sex

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