Shemale Suzi

Hi there, I am a hot tranny slut named Suzi. I have a sexy feminine body,a sweet sensual voice and a big fat cock for you to suck. I swear I must be a sex addict because I can’t go more than a few hours without fucking! I crave dick like a fat girl craves cake, I need it! I decided the best way to handle my addiction and pay my bills, was to become an escort. Now I work for a really high class service that caters to the rich and powerful. I get paid to go to the finest restaurants, the best parties, and fuck as many men as I want, you jealous yet?

I am very in demand as an escort because I have skills in and out of the bedroom. I can be a classy lady or a foul mouthed whore, I can dominate you or submit to your desires, any kinky fantasy you have I can make it cum to life. I have no taboos, no limits, there is no scenario too filthy for me to try. Lets party and get wild, have some fun and go home and fuck all night long! I’m ready, are you?

Kisses, Shemale Suzi


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  1. sissyboi

    i wanna taste ur cock Mistress please can i?

    1. Bob

      I love your cock picture and need for you to force me to do every nasty wicked evil thing that you can. I would love to suck the hell out of you, eat out your beautiful ass and swallow anything you put in my mouth, anything.

  2. Anonymous

    Would love to have a nice load of you in me. Kiss,kiss on that head

  3. John

    I can’t believe there isn’t a pair of lips on that beautiful cock at all times.

  4. Hayden

    I’ll do what ever you want

  5. mick doolin

    Hope you are available later. You have captured the essence of sensuous domination. I don’t need to be humiliated or abused. I can do that to myself very well. I like to be seduced and persuaded into doing perverse acts and practices by a beautiful women like you. Hope I can talk to you later.

  6. mick doolin

    You are one hot woman. I would love to sample all your wares.
    Taste all your flavors.

  7. Bob Brooks

    I would love to have a tranny gang bang tranny style with you. I will make you famous and proud. Please give me a chance. Bob

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