Dirty Grandma Rose

Well hi there, Im Rose. And can you believe I am a nasty perv grandmother? I bet not…….Not with a hot body like mine! But I do take my job as a P- granny VERY seriously. I have always liked younger men. And as I grew older…..the boys I wanted were even younger. I think it is very important to be fully involved in my little ones lives. I was the first one to suck their little dicks and lick their little pussy’s. I taught them how to lick and finger my pussy. And then I taught them how to fuck me like I need. And just like I always say, practice makes perfect. And I am a perfect p- perv granny. I even love to share my little sluts. I mean granny does like a strap on. But I think it is just as important for my little ones to learn how to handle a real cock! It just makes my heart so proud to watch them doing everything I have taught them. I know every grandma is proud. But I am sure my little ones can out fuck their little ones!

Grandma Rose

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  1. victor

    Your comments have me throbbing hard. You are the hottest woman on this site!

  2. Victor

    Im waiting for you to be available.

  3. Anonymous

    Awesome, Awesome, AWESOME!!!

    your voice is truly erotic rose…you’re the best.

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