New Seductive Hypnosis Client

Erotic Hypnosis Phone SexBeing a Seductive Hypnosis Queen is more than just my job. It is a way of life. This morning I had a client come to my house. He and I have been emailing each other for two weeks. He is a 30-year-old man who has never had sex. He told me he is frightened of inserting his large cock into a woman’s vagina. I was over the hills excited when he told me this. I have seen this man’s cock and knew right away I had to let my pussy juices melt all the way down to his smooth balls. I will admit I was on a mission to have this 30-year-old virgin fill every whole on my body. We started talking in my room, I turned in into an office for this meeting. As we were talking all I could think about was his big cock pumping in and out of my pussy. This man had no idea what he was in for. I told him to pull down his pants. I wanted to see why he thought his cock was to large for a woman’s sweet pussy. When he pulled down his pants to expose his thick hard cock, I couldn’t hold my composure any longer. I was quickly on my knees, his hard cock already in my mouth going deeper into my throat. With a mouthful of hard cock, I told him this is what I had planned for him the whole time. It didn’t take long until he started going along with this idea. He took a handful of my hair to help ease his cock farther down my throat. I was gagging, my saliva running out of my mouth like a leaking hose. I couldn’t have him cum yet that would defeat the purpose of my sweet warm wet pussy getting penetrated. I slowly took his cock out of my mouth. His balls were so smooth I couldn’t resist letting them marinate in my mouth for just a moment. I wanted to see if he was into ass play, while his balls were marinating in my humming mouth, I took my hand around to his tight smooth ass hole. I had some of my pussy juice on my finger, I rubbed the pussy juice around his asshole in a circular motion. He was getting deeper and deeper into his true horny sexual self. He then stepped back, his balls flopping out of my wet mouth. He told me to turn around with my ass up in the air and take his KING dick. We fucked for hours. Right before he exploded, he grabbed my face with both hands putting his cock on the tip of my nose. His cock was like a firehose squirting warm liquid all in my eyes.  My pussy was a throbbing hot cake by the time we were done. His cock was so drenched with my pussy juices it looked like a sea worm. This morning I took a 30-year-old man’s virginity and this 30-year-old man gave me the best Fuck of my life. I think this was a win, win situation.


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  1. ineedu

    How do I get with you?

  2. daddy

    you’re such a nasty whore!

  3. hunter

    you have the hottest tightest little body

  4. Beau

    Love your sexy body.

  5. Victor

    fucking hot

  6. Frankie

    HOt bitch

  7. Nathan

    My Queen You can take my dick anytime!

  8. Zeke

    I want to fuck you just like that.

  9. geraldine

    you are one talented slut

  10. Jonathan

    Hypnotize me sexy

  11. David

    Would love for you to hypnotize me.

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