Nastiest prostitute around

Prostitution Phone SexWhen I advertise myself as the sexy prostitute that I am, I always get quite a plethora of replies from horny men that are dying to have their nasty way with me. The fact of the matter is, they’re paying customers so whatever the fuck they wanna do with me and to me, I have to do… whether I like it or not! I have no limits and no taboos, nothing is too extreme and some enjoy taking advantage of that a lot more than others. I always get eerily turned on the most by those who love using me for their rape fantasies. There’s something so fuckin forbidden about being tied up and held against my will as a throbbing cock is shoved down my tight little throat. When I have prostitution phone sex, shit always tends to get rough as fuck. I completely understand that my fuck holes are addicting as hell but goddamn I never feel more worthless, used up or abused as I do after i’m done doing an outcall for a pervert that rings my line. I have to admit though, I love it. I have quite the reputation for being the naughty whore that I am, always up for anything and everything! How many other hoes can truly say that they’ll do whatever your heart desires?! These others bitches think they’re better than me, nah they’re very wrong! Once these bastards get a taste of what I got, I have them going fuckin crazy and fiending for more!

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