Fuck Me Father

Blasphemy Phone SexWould you believe I actually went to church today. It normally isn’t where I like to hang out but my granny had some donations she wanted me to drop off. I entered in and saw the priest sitting in the front row. He turned to greet me and made a comment about not seeing me in a while. I sat down next to him and politely responded that I had been busy. He smirked and said he has heard of my business quite a bit. “Maybe you would like to do some confession time” he suggested as he began to stand up. I felt a bit miffed “I don’t need a dark box to confess to my sins. I’ll do it right here. I’ve been fucking everyone and pretty much everything. I show my pussy to strangers and enjoy it. I fuck myself in the middle of grocery stores, I first started masturbating by rubbing books against my clit. One of my favorite books to use was the bible itself Father. Want to know why? Cause it was big and thick! Judging by the bulge in your pants right now your not so high and mighty either are you?”. I reached forward and grabbed his cock tightly in my hand, unbuttoned my pants sliding them off. I bent over and rubbed my ass up against his hard cock. “Go ahead Father, let’s give you a reason to confess” I teased. He’s hands aggressively grabbed my hips and I felt a hard thrust of his head enter me. He turned me facing the cross, fucking me roughly he grabbed my head up by my hair and made me stare right at it. “You asked for this you godless whore!” he shouted as I felt a warm hot load shoot up inside me. Who knew fucking in the house of God would be so much fun.

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