Hello My name Betty. I can see the way you have been watching me. I can see how you can’t take your eyes off me. You are staring at my long tone legs. And my round small perky titties. I can see the longing and want in your eyes. I wonder if you know how much it turns me on. How wet my panties get knowing you can’t look away. I don’t mind feeding your desire. Flashing you a big smile. Sitting so close to you. Whispering sweet nasty things in your ears. I like watching you blush, seeing you get so turned on. I love seeing you squirm. And when that bulge in your pants starts growing bigger and harder it makes me far more daring. More brazen. I will show you some of my secrets. Let you longingly gaze at the tops of my breast. I may even let you touch my hand, my arm… even my thigh. And if you beg and plead perhaps I will rub my full round breasts up against you. While I am teasing you. I may even let you smell my soft skin. While I am whispering how hot and wet my pussy is. Of course that doesn’t mean you will get to find out. You have to earn that! I wonder if you will even know how tight my pussy is? How wet I get when a hard cock slides in me? How I moan when I am getting fucked? I wonder if you will ever earn the privilege of watching me cum? Hmmmm I’m not sure. But I am sure it will be fun to find out……

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