Babysitter Betty

Babysitter Phone SexI was watching my nephew for my sister cause she needed to go out of town. All I needed to do was wait around the house until her husband came home. I decided to slip into a shower while the brat was asleep. I heard Tim come home, he was looking for me. I called but to come into the bathroom. He walked in and quickly apologized for barging in, he thought I asked him too. I laughed and turned off the shower and stepped out in front of him. He froze with a stupid dumb smile on his face. I undid his pants, pulling them down slowly. I looked up at him taking his big swollen cock into my mouth. “We shouldn’t do this, your sister would be so pissed” he attempted to argue. I ignored him and deep throated his long monster. Finally he grabbed the back of my head and started to fuck my face. I was getting so turned on while I played with my clit. He throbbed a little pulling me up and bending me over the counter. He spit and licked my asshole just a little before shoving his cock inside my ass. He fucked me hard until he came deep inside my ass. Honestly I just don’t think I can help myself when an opportunity to fuck comes up.

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