All Girl Production

Sexy College Girl PornI had one film under my belt now so I felt like a real porn star but I had so much more to learn! My agent sent me to this audition for a sexy college girl porn film. I assumed that it would be the typical film, you know girl gets fucked by guy, maybe two guys, the average film. Well guess what! Apparently, this is an all girl school!

Well, I figured this would be the most boring movie ever! What are we going to do? Lick each others pussy for an hour! Again, I had a lot to learn!

We started out the normal way, kissing, undressing each other, Then one of the other girls brought out a dildo and rammed it in my snatch! I love sex, that is why I wanted to be a porn star in the first place. But sex with a fake cock is completely different than the real thing, especially when someone else has control over it!

She kept shoving it in my cunt as the other girl sat on me so I couldn’t move! I was really enjoying it… feeling her soft thighs straddling me and the moistness from her own cunt dripping on my back!

I was not sure how much more I could take and then I heard this loud machine! It was not the sound of a vibrator! One of the girls had taken the dildo out of my soaked pussy and shoved it hard in my ass tearing that tight fucking hole! But what the hell was that noise! I couldn’t see anything! Then I felt it….ramming my sore pussy like a jack hammer! Fucking me hard! Over and over and over!

Hot juices flew out of me, drenching everything with in 4 feet! I had never felt anything like that! If there was anyone else in the room, I wouldn’t have known!

It was the most explosive orgasm I had ever experienced! We fucked each other with those tools all afternoon! Showering each other with never ending orgasms! Squirting each other with intense force!

When we had finished, there was not a dry spot in the room, We were drenched from our hair to our shoes!

I was addicted! How could I ever go back to regular guy porn! I wonder if there is a man out there that could make me squirt like that?

Strap-on Phone Sex

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