Vivaciously Chubby Viv

I am large and lovely and proud of it. My huge tits are perfect for fucking and big enough that I can lean up and playfully lick the head of your dick with every stroke, waiting for my pearl neckless to be my thirst quenching reward.

My nice round curves are perfect for snuggling and getting jizzed all over and trust me when I tell you i don’t waist one drop of your precious cum. I love scooping it all up with my fingers so I can suck them clean and taste the sweetness of your juice. I am voluptuous and soft and ready to take your big huge cock in what ever hot wet hole you choose to take while grabbing by body and pounding my ass.

But my specialty is sucking your dick.Oh yes, this is an art I have perfected. I can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch and will gladly show you what a real blow job is all about. I know just how to tease the head of your cock and make you want to feel the hot warmth of my mouth and throat. I know how to gently caress your balls while working your shaft until you ache with the need to explode for me. And you already know by now, I am a sallower, not one drop goes to waste.

I love the joys of mutual masturbation, self gratification, role play, bondage, and even swinging. I am always looking for new kinks and pervs to scratch my endless itch. There are no limits to what I will try or do.I will be your perfect little whore, your cum slut. So if you like them large and lovely with a sense of adventure and a craving for wonderful new sexual pleasures, then let me show you the ways of the nasty, sensual big and beautiful woman. We can have so much fun together you and I.

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    • kevin cancio on October 19, 2013 at 1:36 PM
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    Large and lovely babe, keep up the good work, that was a hell of a call, thanks so much

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