The Slave of Disobedience

hot phone sex danaMy master was tearing into  my hole and I didn’t want to scream but I couldn’t help it. The pleasure was so good and the pain so satisfying that I just could not wait to release my lemon juice onto him. I would have to be patient and he would not want to hear my cries for mercy. I learned early that to please  I must be able to do and act as he wanted. One of the things I found that worked the best was him calling me a slut and just doing everything he said. What was worse if I was on the phone and  he called I had to get off  or rather please myself and make it sound real ,or the punishment in the room would be hell. I remember his cock pushing into  my throat and causing me to gag. My pleasure was seeing him happy but there was something different about the way he was treating me tonight I knew it was going to be either pleasurable or very naughty and painful.

I wanted that from him that sweet sensation of release that perplexed my soul and drained me of all energy. The orgasms that he would withhold for disobedience and the pain would go on for hours. I looked out of the window when he was rubbing my ass with his whip as the sting hit my ass with brutal force. It was one of those things that left me so hot and bothered but it was the sound of the blow torch that would cause my eyes to tear. He would use it today because I had been a bad little girl and I had looked at his face and he told me not too. He would turn it on and put it close to my flesh and I would hear the singe go next to my ear as he would cause the pain that I was growing accustomed too. It was this pain that let me know that the disobedience game had just started!

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