Punishment for Disobedience

hot phone sex danaNigger Bitch! You like this game and you know it! Yes Master ! I said as he put his powerful cock in my soar asshole. We had been playing this game for a while now and my pussy head was on fire. It was normal for me to feel this way during our sessions but today he had tested the limits of my little round ass. It was one of those things to shove ass plugs up my ass but today he told me grab his fat cock and take the head using metal rods inserted and jam it into my asshole. Blood was gushing out of holes before I knew what was happening but it felt so good and it was so dirty. Smearing the blood on my ass and standing up he would whack me again with the gun again. The I am disappointed gun whip that would leave me breathing with little energy. I looked at it on the table along with the surgical scissors that were used when I was a bad girl.
I knew what was coming with those he would take them to cut at my nipples where the rings were because I looked up and laughed at him. I didn’t mean to laugh but it was too late to regret as I felt the sting of the scissors against my perky nipple and the pull that would come next. I screamed as he commanded and felt the tip end of his cock against my asshole. The metal tip that was held there would try to keep me in place. But that was just the beginning of the control that he had over me. I felt the smell of leather from the mask he wore across his face. It was tight and controlled and fell right above his lips a mouth that was now smiling at the level of pain he would inflict. I closed my eyes and braced myself for whatever was to come.

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