I love my babies. They know just how to smile to make mommy’s day all better. I thought that would be enough for me. But it isn’t. I have needs. Needs I have to have met. And I can’t always get what I need by myself. But I learned early my babies can get me exactly what I need. They are so pretty and sweet. And mommy has trained them well. And for the right price you can see for yourself. That’s right. My babies give me exactly what I need. By giving you exactly what you need.
I remember the first time. I was hurting and needed a fix. I didn’t have any money but my dealer normally would trade for a blow job or a good fuck. But when he came over he didn’t want me. He saw my sweet little one playing on the floor with her dolls. And he wanted her. I said no at first. But he offered me so much. I just couldn’t pass it up. He took her right on the floor with me watching. And now we have a slandered deal. I get my stuff right on time every week. And he gets to pick which sweet young thing of mine he gets to take. Once I realized my babies were gold mines how could I pass it up. I never knew I would love it as much as I do. But it really fills me with pride to see my babies take a hard cock and milk it! They have really become experts. It makes mommy so happy. More than happy actually. It really turns me on see what my babies can do.

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