Mistress Dana

mistress phone sex danaShut the fuck up! Do everything I say! You will be rewarded! Don’t and the consequences can be pure hell. Grabbing you by your hair and putting you in a cage is the least of your worries in my den of pain.

I am going to put a clamp on your cock and twist it so hard that you yell for mercy! After cracking my  whip across your back and hitting your balls, I am going to shove a  cattle tie in your ass! You had better learn to control your cum because if you don’t I will not only twist the clamps tighter on your cock I will use an electric Taser gun against your nut sack delivering waves of intense pain.
Oh you won’t shut up! Luckily I wore my 9 inch heels  to inflict the worse pain to your balls. Oh you still won’t shut up! Let me get my lighter and burn your cock and then use my whip to break open the flesh on your thighs. What’s my name? You had better remember when you come to my dungeon of pain. Mistress Dana you pathetic piece of worthless shit! You had better remember or the consequences could be more than your pathetic dick can stand!
What! You better do what I say! You sorry excuse for a man! What are you fucking with that little dick! Trying to put it in my pussy? Did I tell you to do that? No! Grab that pole and hold on because I am about to relinquish my world of pain on you! Are you strong enough to take it?

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