Sadistic Teen Bitch Lydia

I am not your ordinary teen. I’m an evil teen accomplice bitch. I guess I’m a little fucked up cuz the things that turn me on are super evil. Goth chicks like me tend to dig things a little dark sure, but there’s no one quite like me {wicked grin}. I crave violence and blood. Maybe I was abused and molested too many times as a kid. Maybe I have Daddy issues, that’s what my shrink would say. Truth is? It doesn’t matter. Cuz working with you to do some really evil shit, makes my cunny wet. I can help you. I WANT to help you. We can work together. I have lots of little friends I think you’d be very interested in. Very young, sweet, innocent, hairless friends that will make your P-cock pop right out of your jeans!

There are so many ways for us to work our evil desires. I’m just the right age for babysitting. Once the parents are away the sickos can play. When I let you inside, the fun really begins. I can just see it. Cute tiny little faces looking up at us with great big eyes, tears streaming down their cheeks and those tiny little pink lips opened up in a surprised O. I can’t wait to peel back those cute little panties and show you the other set of fresh pink lips. I’ll taste test it for you and let you lick the sweetness off my lips before you have your way with her. In the end the thing I want most will be to take her last breath. I want to watch her little chest rise and fall one last time. I like the way her eyes look as the life dies out of them. Empty sweet little doll eyes staring back at me as that last little gasp escapes her sweet lips.

I want to help your P-cock get drenched in tiny pussy juice. Most teens are sweet little Barbie doll types. Dumb little blonde prissy bitches with no imagination. I’m a sick, nasty bitch that can give you what you really want and need. I can give you what gets us BOTH off. I have a dark, twisted imagination. I can’t wait to hear what sick shit you have in mind. Till then this sadistic little bitch will be on the prowl hunting down new victims for you to enjoy.

~ Dark Sadistic Teen Bitch Lydia

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