I will always be daddy’s favorite girl, but now I am a phone sex whore so you can be my daddy too. Daddy raised me as a nudist, so I have become quite the exhibitionist slut. Any chance I get, I love to expose my little titties and bald cunnie to strangers. I like to go to public parks and expose myself. I even flash guys at the grocery store. Actually the setting doesn’t matter, I like exhibitionist sex. The greater the risk of getting caught, the hotter it is for me. If I am in the car, I always flash the truckers. I was doing that as a little girl to get them to honk at me. I got a lot of honks as you can imagine. Now that I am all grown up, when I flash a trucker it is often followed by an invitation to pull over and fuck. If I am lucky, there is more than one trucker! I never say no to fucking multiple men at once. The more the merrier. I’m in college now, so I cock tease all my professors by sitting in the front row of the classroom with no panties. I think I like older men because they remind me of daddy. He was my first fuck and a girl never forgets her first! When you call, I will even expose myself to my neighbors or passersby on the street. Maybe we will both get lucky and a random dude will come fuck me so you can listen!

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