Lover Geneva

I want to be your Busty British fucktoy. Where I grew up in the UK there was nothing too exciting to speak of. I went to school like a good little Brit, did well and learned that when I left school, I wanted to specialize in sex. There’s a quip in Britain that goes “No sex please, we’re British” So, I moved to California and began my new life. It didn’t take me long to become a connoisseur of men.

I work by day in a corporate office as a personal secretary. At night I enjoy the finer things in life. Men are my guilty pleasure, and I indulge myself every chance I get. I am single and dating a few different guys. I love to travel, enjoy fine wine, exquisite gastronomy and intelligent conversation. I love the sensuality of men that have a brain and know how to treat a lady. I love the feel of a gentle touch and a well placed hidden innuendo. I really appreciate a man who knows how to use what the good Lord gave him.

I have no desire to be tied down right now. Life has given me a smorgasbord of men and all I want to do is feast on the finest cuts of beef.
I love to be able to please my man and feel his throbbing cock gently slide between my warm wet lips. I love the feeling of his muscles tightening as I play his man hood like a well tuned instrument. If you long for a smart, beautiful woman with a sense of self, huge breasts and an inviting mouth all created for fun and pleasure, look no further. If you consider yourself Filet Mignon and not hamburger helper, call me and let’s have a good time together.

Longing for you, Geneva

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