This fucking hot, wet, juicy pussy that once was considered a MILF is exploring new and exciting things. I have been a single Mom for a while now. When my daughter first hit puberty all her little “boy” friends would eye me up one side and down the other. I couldn’t be in the same room with them without cuming all over myself knowing what they were thinking.

At that age they didn’t have the ability to mask the “I want to Fuck you” look. I would spend countless hours masturbating while thinking about that young cock and how it would feel to be fucked by one of them. A young guy with no real experience, driven by pure fucuking lust and need. I fantasized about how easy they would be to manipulate and mold into the perfect fuck buddy.

By the time she reached high school I was about to explode from years of masturbating and dreaming about young, hard cock.

And then the day finally came when the time was right and everything fell into place. I got fucked hard that day, after showing him what a real blow job was all about. Once he came in my mouth his dick was hard for hours. My pussy couldn’t stop cuming all over his cock and at one point he even asked me if I had peed on him.

But nothing compares to the recent turn of events. A friend of my daughters was kicked out of her house and she came to live with us. Not long ago I got up in the wee hours and heard noise cuming from their room. Instantly I thought they had opened the window for some boys. When I opened the door what I expected to see was not what I got.

There they were in a 69 position lapping up each others juices while pounding each other with a dildo. They didn’t even hear me cum in they were so into each other. I stood there watching and rubbing my cunt for a long time before joining in.

So now here I am no longer just a MILF but a full fledged Cougar, fucking the boys and the girls, sharing my daughter with them both. Or maybe it is the other way around and she is sharing me.

Either way I am loving every minute of it.

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