Your Cuckolding Fetish Queen $$

fetish phone sex

I am that cuckolding fetish phone sex queen you dream of baby. My tits are perfect and my pussy tight. The only way you know my pussy is tight is because you see how good those men feel fucking my sweet holes. Speaking of pathetic my Cuckold Brian is late with his payment maybe I should use some of his sensitive information he loves to give out as a way to make him bend to my will.  My what a fun time it will be telling his students at his high school how he loves his creamy cup of cum infused coffee every morning. Maybe everyone will think he is a fag in disguise because he loves cum so much.   I love how naughty my cucky boy is and throws money at me whenever I contact him too. He has been my endless wallet for so long really would be a shame to have my boy toys cum on his sandwich and watch him eat it at work while I go buy myself something with his debit card later. 

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